College Football Time!

Last year at this time, I was in St. Louis watching my Missouri Tigers win a shootout against Illinois and Weller was at home keeping you updated with some notes on the early action.   This year, the roles are reversed as I’m sitting in my living room waiting for the Tennessee-Western Kentucky game to start while Weller is at Neyland Stadium.  Apparently he already has a Lane Kiffin bobblehead, but I won’t steal all of his thunder.

We’ve already had a few games on Thursday night; both of them were bitterly disappointing.  I’m hoping the Oklahoma St.-Georgia game and the Virginia Tech-Alabama games will live up to the hype.  I’m going to take both SEC teams in those matchups.

I have Tennessee on my computer and Kentucky-Miami (OH) on my TV.  It’s going to be a good day.

Jonathan Crompton has thrown three passes for UT.  Two of them have been screen passes behind the line of scrimmage.  The other was intercepted.  There’s a reason he’s my least favorite Vol of all time.

Eric Berry nearly picked off the first pass of the game, though.  He’s better than anyone on your favorite team.

(11:41) Kentucky just lost their starting center.  His leg got rolled over and they had to bring out the cart and the air cast.  I’d imagine he’s going to be done for the year.  Potentially crushing blow to the Wildcats.

(11:43) Tennessee has now turned the ball over twice in two possessions.  This one wasn’t Crompton’s fault, which is a shock.  Montario Hardesty coughed up the ball after a good UT drive.  I will say that Tennessee will be very difficult to score on.  Florida won’t be scoring a 70 or whatever people seem to think.

(11:52) I just took my first scan around the other scores.  Ohio State isn’t exactly running away from Navy in the 2nd quarter.  They have a 10-7 lead.  Weller’s new favorite team Iowa is tied with Northern Iowa 3-3 in the 2nd.  Noel Devine has 43 yards on five carries but Liberty is hanging tough with West Vriginia, 10-10.

(11:57) Greg Paulus is 5/8 for 49 yards and a TD in his debut for Syracuse.  They’re losing to Minnesota 14-10.  I still think he looks like Martin Short.

Greg Paulus

Greg Paulus



(12:03) Bryce Brown has scored his first collegiate TD.  7-0 Tennessee.

(12:16) After a quarter and a half of play from Knoxville, Western Kentucky has amassed negative 17 yards of offense.  That’s unbelievable.

(12:23) Northern Iowa is ahead of Iowa 10-3 at halftime.  Weller is cringing.  Crompton doesn’t look inept anymore.  Tennessee is up 21-0. Ohio State has started to pull away and it’s 20-7 at halftime in Columbus.

(1:16) After a quick lunch break, it appears that the only drama we may have from the early games is in Iowa, where the Hawkeyes are still down 13-10 in the third.  Think Iowa misses Shonn Greene and Jewel Hampton now?

(1:20)  I lied.  Navy has closed the gap on Ohio St. to 20-14.  The Midshipmen could pull off a huge early season upset.

(1:49) If Navy can hold OSU here, they’ll have a chance for a tie with 4 minutes left.  Iowa has now taken the lead against N. Iowa, 17-13, but Panthers have the ball with 8:30 left.  As I type, Terrelle Pryor just threw a pick, so the Midshipmen have a short field and a chance to tie.

(1:55) Navy scored a TD and then had a chance to tie with a 2-point conversion.  The Buckeyes picked it off and returned it for two points of their own.  Looks like Navy will fall just short.  Jonathan Crompton now has 5 TD passes as Tennessee is romping, 49-7.  Freshman WR Marsalis Teague looks like he’s going to be a force.

(2:01) Ohio State is going to win.  It seems like they do this every year, play a mediocre team close and win it in the end.  They were not impressive at all.  It could be a long night next week against USC.   Impressive effort by Navy, though.  Northern Iowa has kicked a field goal to cut the deficit to one with four minutes left.

(2:28) Iowa escapes 17-16.  Northern Iowa had a chance to win it twice with 40+ yard field goals, but both were blocked.  We’ll see if Weller still has them at #8 next week.  Not a good showing for the Big 10.  Indiana, Iowa, and Ohio State have all struggled against inferior opponents and Minnesota is trying to send their game with Syracuse into overtime.

I’m going to take a break to watch Mizzou take on Illinois, but I’m sure I’ll be back for the late games, plus the USA-El Salvador soccer game.

(6:02) Huuuuge day for the Big 12.  Oklahoma State knocked off Georgia 24-10, Missouri rolled Illinois 37-9, and Baylor topped Wake Forest 24-21.  If Oklahoma beats BYU, it will be a great weekend barring any late upsets.

I told people that Missouri’s new QB, Blaine Gabbert, was the real deal and he proved it today.  In his first collegiate start he put up 313 yards and 3 TDs while rushing for 54 yards and a score against a good Illinois team.  That’s exactly what the Big 12 North did not want to see.

I’m interested to see how OU does against the upstart BYU Cougars.  I think they’ll put up 40.

(7:56)  Well, I was wrong about the 40 part, unless something happens soon.  I missed the play where Bradford got hurt, I was eating Oreo pudding (if you have not tried this, I’d recommend that you stop reading and go get some right now.)  The sideline reporter just said it was a sprain of the AC joint, which typically puts a player out for a couple weeks.  At least it isn’t a broken collar bone.  That would have been devastating.

(8:25) From the WTF Category, William & Mary defeated Virginia 26-14.  Al Groh has got to be clinging to his job at this point.  How embarrassing.

(9:23) What an upset. #20 BYU has beaten #3 Oklahoma.  Sam Bradford is hurt and the Sooners are in disarray.  What a win for BYU, they looked phenomenal.  I must say, I really, really, wanted Bronco Mendenhall to coach Tennessee after Phil Fulmer’s departure.  Tonight pretty much shows why.  He’s a cool customer, for sure.  What a day.

I’ll update throughout the day as things happen.

8 Responses

  1. So where is the post about Florida?

  2. Also did no one else expect Bradford to ever get hurt and if he did, was everyone expecting Oklahoma to just keep on marching? This is the exact reason I didn’t think Bradford should not have gone pro last year is be cause he is delicate like a flower. He didn’t get hit last year that much and if would have went to the Lions, chances are he would have never had a NFL career because of being pancaked like David Carr was the first year the Texans were around. Personally I am happy Oklahoma lost as long as they lose to Texas when they play.
    Why am I happy?
    1) I hate the Big 12. Period. End of Story. I grew up in the SEC. I like teams that can play D. I tend to find that the Big 12 is overrated year in and year out and the competition in the league is not quite the same as the SEC.

    2) Providing Oklahoma loses to Texas, the stage should be set for another Big 12 – SEC national championship. Hopefully we see the same results as last year but personally I hope Florida blows Texas out. Ever since Mack Brown went on national television crying about his team was being screwed and the southwest leaving Tebow off the ballet for Heisman last year, I crave nothing more than watching the Big 12 suffer, esp. Texas.

    Wow, I feel like Weller with all the bias I just used in my writing.

    • I think Texas would have beat florida last year, and this year as well.

    • I think last year they had a better shot than they do this year.

    • I’m not going to argue that the Big 12 is better than the SEC; it’s not. But in games with good competition last night, OSU held Georgia to 10 points, Mizzou held Illinois to 9, OU held BYU to 14 (they averaged 34+ last year). It’s one week, I know, but the Big 12 matched the SEC in defense yesterday in games that weren’t against Charleston Southern or Northern Colorado.

      As for the last part…aren’t you complaining that tebow was left off the ballots and then saying you hate Mack Brown for complaining about the National Championsip game? Isn’t that sort of the same thing? Plus, it wouldn’t have mattered if they all listed tebow anyway, he wouldn’t have had enough points to overtake Bradford.

      Also, if Mack Brown was crying, then that makes tebow equivalent to the Britney Spears kid, doesn’t it?

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