NFL Preview: AFC West

This will be the first of eight NFL previews that I plan on writing in the next three weeks before the first Sunday of the NFL season. I will write one about each division, this one is obviously about the AFC West. I’m choosing to start with this division because it should be, by far, the easiest. In a division that consists of the Denver Broncos, Kansas City Chiefs, Oakland Raiders nobody with and educated and unbiased opinion will disagree that the Chargers are far and away the favorites to win the division and earn the automatic bid to the playoffs. It’s so much of a margin that I will be quite surprised if any of the other teams even come close to making the playoffs. I however wouldn’t be surprised if all three of the other teams end up with top ten picks in the draft next year and it’s definitely a possibility for all three teams to end up with top 5 picks. Though the Broncos pick would actually end up going to the Seattle Seahawks, but that is beside the point.

This year the AFC West will be facing off against the AFC North and the NFC East. So each of the teams in the division will be playing all four of the teams from those other two divisions. This is the worst division in football and having to face these two divisions won’t help their cause, especially with the NFC East. Continue reading

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