It’s About That Time Again…

linehan13flashThe NFL Season is just around the corner and that means another season of epic failure for my St. Louis Rams. Last year it took an injury to a back up guard to prompt this post, this year it’s the fact that the 2006 draft has officially been labeled one of the worst in NFL history. The Scott Linehan may have done Matt Millen-esque harm to the Rams franchise. The guy is an idiot.

When Linehan was hired back in 2006, I thought he couldn’t be any worse than the Mad Scientist, Mike Martz. While he was an idiot, too…Linehan made him look like Einstein.

Earlier today, the Rams traded 2006 first round draft pick, Tye Hill, to the Atlanta Falcons for…wait for it…a 7th round pick in the 2010 draft. Look out world. The Rams are Super Bowl bound after this blockbuster.

But wait, it gets even better. That year’s second round draft pick, Tight End Joe Klopfenstein, was cut. We couldn’t even con someone into giving up a 7th round pick for this waste of space. Awesome. After three years of being terrible, this is what we have to show for our 2006 draft. The Cornerback that I remember wanting the Rams to pick was none other than Antonio Cromartie. He’s decent. The next Tight End taken off the board? None other than Anthony Fasano who is playing well with the Miami Dolphins. For the record, I told anyone who would listen that I wanted the Rams to draft Devin Hester just for his return skills. I wish I had written that down.

Anyway, the third round bust was Jon Alston. I don’t remember Jon Alston at all. He may have never played for us. Apparently he’s on the Raiders now. Who knew?

Our second third rounder is one of my favorites: Claude Wroten. Mr. Wroten was the only prospect who tested positive for marijuana at the Combine. He was also arrested during a traffic stop for possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. So which team was in such a great position that they could take a druggie and try to reform him? The Rams, of course! So what happened to Mr. Wroten? He violated the league’s substance abuse policy three times. Awesome.

Fourth rounder Victor Adeyanju has been a pretty good backup for us. He’s the biggest catch so far.

Other than a backup guard, the rest of the guys are gone.

The problem extends past 2006. This next season will be a make or break year for 2007 first rounder Adam Carriker. That bust tag is looming. The second round pick that year? Fullback Brian Leonard. What? Leonard has been parlayed into disgruntled Wide Receiver Ronald Curry. Great.

So now I have this renewed hope that Steven Spagnuolo will turn this team around and take this team back to the glory year of 1999. Will he do that? I don’t know. But at this point, anyone is better than Scott Linehan, right?


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