A Non-Sports Post…

…but arguably more important.

I just went out and got engaged.  This is the same girlfriend who was featured in the Kiss Cam Story.  Now I have to set a date quickly before she sobers up.


6 Responses

  1. the time stamp on this better not be BEFORE i got my text message. i might get mad again.

    seriously though.


  2. I hope this won’t soften your resolve any.

  3. You better not go on one of those honeymoon things! We can’t afford to take the hit of you going on vacation! We all know that I’m the only one around here that is allowed any vacation time, and I use enough of it for the two of us, so too bad for you! Haha

    I’m kidding of course. Congratulations to both of you. Though I’m not real sure why I’m congratulating her when in reality I just feel bad for her, lol. Kidding again.

    Tell the soon-to-be-Mrs. Classic17 I say hi and I will be seeing you guys here in just a few days!

  4. Congrats, Classic!!!

  5. Thanks guys, we’re pretty excited about it…I never realized that there was so much planning involved in this!

  6. […] posts around here and it’s going to get worse before it gets better.  As you may remember, I’m engaged.  Luckily, Jen hasn’t kicked me to the curb yet so we’re getting married on […]

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