My Take On Rick Pitino

pitinoThis is my second semi-basketball related post in a row, which has to be a record.

Anyway, I had planned on letting this slide but then Louisville head basketball coach Rick Pitino had to go off on a rant against the media.

If you don’t know the story by now, you can read about it and watch his rant here.  Basically, the way I understand it is that sometime in 2003, Pitino had an extra-marital affair with a woman named Karen Sypher at a restaurant in Louisville.  That’s pretty much where the facts end and the speculation begins.  From there, Sypher married Louisville equipment manager, Tim Sypher.  She was then accused of trying to extort millions from Pitino.  In turn, she accused Pitino of raping her.  Pitino admitted to the sexual contact and insists that it was consensual.

And from here, it gets even more weird.

Sypher became pregnant after the encounter and wanted to have an abortion, but she didn’t have money for the insurance.  Pitino gave her $3,000 to have the abortion.  Now Sypher claims that her husband was paid to marry her.  (what?)   Pitino admitted to the “unfortunate incident” but has never really shown a whole lot of remorse.

Then on Wednesday, he delivered the impromptu press conference to denounce the media for “putting his family through hell.”  Yes, Rick, it was the media who did that.  It was Jason Whitlock who forced you to drop your drawers with Ms. Sypher six years ago.  It was Will Graves who forced you to write that check for an abortion.  And you, Jack Carey, you should be ashamed.  You made Rick Pitino’s family go through pure hell.

Really, Rick?

And did you really expect the town of Louisville to open their news program with anything other than their basketball coach’s sex scandal?  He goes on to say, “let’s move on to crucial things like basketball.”  Odd.  Let’s move on from the non-crucial abortion and scandal to the crucial game of basketball that isn’t in season?  Something doesn’t add up here, Rick.

Now, I’m no newspaper reporter, but I’m pretty sure that their job is to report the news to the public.  Right now, no one except Rick Pitino and Karen Sypher know the truth about all of this.  Rick Pitino has decided to tell the media that they should not have reported anything that Ms. Sypher has said because it is a lie.  That’s not how it works, Rick.  What if Ms. Sypher had held a press conference and said the exact same thing you did?

You had better hope that “all those lies” truly prove to be lies or this press conference will supplant Rafael Palmeiro’s as the worst lying in the history of sports.

Everyone now knows that you’re a sleezeball.  Quit compounding it.  Just take the the thing to trial and prove that you’re not as big of a sleezeball as we all think.

And then: shut your mouth.


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