WaB Joins The One-Hundred-Thousand-Aire Club

Bryan and I just reached a total of 100,000 views. It’s like raising a little kid and seeing him come home from school with with a glowing smile on their face to show you their first report card saying that they got an A+ in recess. It’s a proud moment. One that I’ve been waiting on for quite some time. Back when we were around the 30,000 view mark, Bryan discovered that we could add a view counter to the side bar on our site. I was all for it. He said “nah, I don’t want that up until we have like a hundred thousand.” So I waited and waited and waited. And the time has come! We can finally put the view counter that I have wanted so bad for all these months on the side bar of our site!

Unfortunately I have no idea how to add it… So I guess I’ll have to wait just a little bit longer for Bryan to do it.

Either way, thanks to all of the people who have ever viewed our site, especially to our moms, who have probably accounted for about 99,973 of the 100,000 views… That’s a joke… I hope. Seriously though, thanks to everybody for reading, and please feel free to come back whenever you want. You’re always welcome on our site… unless you’re a florida fan, in which case the exit is right over there. Don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.


One Response

  1. Well, congratulations. And just so you know, I love to watch golf!

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