Why Florida Won’t Be As Good As Everyone Thinks

Let me first start by saying that I’m writing this because somebody challenged me to come up with a reason (or reasons) why Florida shouldn’t be ranked number one in the preseason polls. I hope Michael agrees that is a fair way to word it. The real reason I didn’t rank Florida higher in these rankings is because I’m stubborn, I’m biased, and I hate Florida. This sounded like a fun and challenging undertaking though so I put together my argument.

I get it. Everyone is talking about how Florida is returning all 11 defensive starters. “Nobody will be able to score on their defense.” Well I’ve got news for you.

It’s all about offense. Yeah, yeah, yeah “defense wins championships.” Whatever. I don’t buy it. That’s bull. I’m a Tennessee fan. I know that without offense you aren’t going to win a prize in a cracker jack box. The 2008 Tennessee Volunteers. The worst season in school history. In school history! You know what the crazy part is? We had arguably the best defense in the country. Statistically we had the third best defense in the country, but when you factor in that our offense couldn’t stay on the field for more than three plays, and we had an extremely difficult schedule, the argument could be made that Tennessee had the best defense in the country. You can read all about how great our defense was by clicking here.

And you know what? We sucked! Defense wins championships? We certainly didn’t win any championships. We didn’t ever get to play in any championships. Or even any bowls. We couldn’t beat sand with a shovel. We couldn’t beat Florida. We couldn’t beat Alabama. We couldn’t beat Georgia. Hell, we couldn’t beat Wyoming! Wyoming? WYOMING! – AT HOME! So don’t tell me defense is what wins championships when it won’t even get you a win against at home against a team that was in ESPN’s bottom 10 the week before.

Alright, so now that I have made that point, I realize that you’re still probably sitting there thinking “ok, well even if I buy into that rubbish (which I do appreciate you granting me) the Gators still have Tim Tebow.” Which I will say is an excellent point… IF you could finish that sentence with “and Percy Harvin and Louis Murphy” but you can’t.

Pop quiz #1: Who was Florida’s leading receiver last year? Do you know? It was Louis Murphy. Okay, and who was Florida’s second leading receiver last year? Percy Harvin. The Gators also lost the best tight end they had on the roster in Cornelius Ingram, who was drafted by the Eagles and could be catching some passes from Michael Vick.

Now what makes Tim Tebow so dangerous? I’ll tell you what makes him dangerous. He can throw a bomb to deep-threat receivers, but you can provide too much cushion because he’ll take off and run with it. Well if he doesn’t have proven threats at wide receiver then he won’t have as much of an opportunity to run, and without a running game it’s harder to keep the defense honest and for your unproven receivers to get open.

Pop quiz #2: Who was Florida’s leading rusher last year? Take a guess and you’ll probably be right. Yep, it was Tim Tebow, who is returning but I just explained why he won’t be able to run as much this year. That’s okay though right? Surely it’ll be okay. Well, let’s take a look. Who was Florida’s second leading rusher last year? It can’t be Percy Harvin, can it? Well, yes. Yes it can. So let me get this straight, Florida’s top two rushers last year were the quarterback and a wide receiver? What does that say about their stable of running backs? I dunno, you tell me.

So that’s the top two receivers and the top two rushers eliminated from the offense right there. That’s not a good thing. But because I brought up Percy Harvin, let’s go down that path real quick. This guy was such a huge part of the offense that I really just don’t see Tim Tebow being anywhere near as effective without him. Percy Harvin had 1,303 yards rushing and receiving last year for 17 touchdowns. Anytime you lose a guy with that much productivity it’s going to hurt your team a lot. Unfortunately for Florida, he is now a Viking and will likely be catching some passes from Brett Favre. But he won’t be able to help out Tebow and the rest of the offense and will be leaving Tebow without and receivers that he’s as familiar with, and we all now how important it is for a quarterback and his receivers to be on the same page, to have their timing down and to be comfortable with each other.

Now that we’ve addressed the skill positions, let’s take a look at what every offense must have to be successful. The offensive line must perform well to provide a sturdy foundation for the rest of the offense to build on. So what’s the most important position on the offensive line? I would say, and most would agree that it’s the left tackle. This player protects the quarterback’s blind side from the defensive ends that are trying to rip his head off. Florida had a great left tackle in Phil Trauwein, he was named First-Team All-SEC by both the Associated Press and the Coaches. Unfortunately for Tim Tebow he was a senior and is now gone… Oh, what’s that? Tebow’s left handed, so it’s the right tackle that protects his blind side? Ah, well that changes everything… Oh wait. No it doesn’t. The Gators lost their starting right tackle, Jason Watkins, as well.  Too bad, Tebow, but BOTH of your starting offensive tackles this year are going to be fresh meat for the SEC defensive ends that will be looking to crush your soul.

That’s the passing game, the running game and the offensive line that I’ve addressed. What other parts of the offense are there? Oh  yeah, that’s it. Well, good luck, Tim.

And, Florida fans, even if your Gators are just as good or better than they were last year at least we can all laugh at you for having a player who calls somebody a bozo (really, a bozo? That’s all you got?), you have this guy as your quarterback, you have opposing fans that have these feelings toward you, and even though he’s dead Steve Irwin will still kick your ass.

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  2. Oh my. Weller. That was very interesting. Let the games begin…

  3. Two words – Weak. Schedule. Florida’s gonna roll.

  4. And where is my frickin Blues logo?

  5. Amazingly the biggest arguments I’ve gotten about this are from Vandy fans…

  6. HA! HA! HA! I love it!! Nothin’ better than the passion felt among college rivals. Your article has me fired up for football season!

  7. Ha ha! Put this on the Florida bulletin board and they will probably forfeit their season.

  8. Weller Ross: I hope you realize that you are attempting to argue with somebody who gets paid to talk sports (tnbud62)…he’s got his information right and has likely done a hell of a lot more research than you.

    Also, so what if you beat us last year? We went to a bowl, which proves that we were the better team through the course of the season…we had a few bad games, but at least we were consistently able to find a way to win football games (as is evidenced anytime a team has above a .500 record). Florida has weaknesses, but so does every team in the world. Florida’s weaknesses are far less than anybody else in the country’s. I don’t think that either VU not UT have a snowball’s chance in hell against Florida this year, but I don’t think that saying you’re not gonna go for Florida as number 1 because you are a UT fan is terrible, terrible logic. With that logic, you have lost all credibility as far as I am concerned. BTW, I’m copying and pasting this onto your little blog.

  9. that should be “do think that saying you’re not gonna go for Florida as number 1 because you are a UT fan is terrible, terrible logic. With that logic, you have lost all credibility as far as I am concerned. BTW, I’m copying and pasting this onto your little blog.

  10. He gets paid to talk about sports? Oh well damn, I guess I should just roll over and concede then. For someone who gets paid to talk about sports he sure doesn’t know a damn thing about his in-state rival…

    So what if we beat you last year? That means we beat you. Thus, we were better. Also, do you not even remember your own team’s season from last year? “we were consistently able to find a way to win football games”… Umm, what?! You ended the regular season last year 1-6. Nothing about that is consistently finding ways to win games. And I’m so glad that you’re proud of having and above .500 record… You had a .538 at the end of the year. Wow! Now I’m impressed! I’ve already admitted Tennessee sucked last year… And I didn’t say either team has a good chance at winning. Actually, I’m pretty sure I said I specifically said they don’t. Also, I’m glad you can recognize being biased and making florida not number one because I hate them is bad logic. Of course it’s bad logic. There is not logic to it. That’s what bias is! And I’ve admitted many, many times already that I’m biased. BUT that’s what that entire post was about, was coming up with actual logic to support florida not being number one… and what credibility did I have with you in the first place? So how could i have lost all of it? If you’d like to find some credibility for me to lose you are more than welcome to read the rest of that site, or the other site I write for. Then you are free to take away all the credibility that I had with you… but thank you for actually commenting on the site itself, the first person willing to do so, and for that I tip my hat to you.

  11. For anyone who is confused by the previous few comments, that was spawned from a discussion board thread, that you can view by clicking on the link below:


  12. If you are using stupid logic to write your pieces, why would I want to read them? You holler at the people on this board because they do not get their facts straight, but you completely ignore most facts in regards to your ranking of Florida. No, I take that back, you don’t ignore the facts, you just let your bias overpower them, which is worse than ignoring the facts in the first place. Anytime that I have read/written an article for publication, my first question is “does this make sense?” If its not, then I change the article to make it make sense (if writing), or stop reading the article (if reading). Your logic is flawed, so why did you write the article, knowing your logic is flawed? You just make yourself look like a ut fan who, because ut is powerless to stop Florida (and vu is too), is trying to stretch the envelope farther than it will go in order that your sweet dream of having Florida’s national championship run end might actually be accomplished, even if only in the confines of your blog. If that’s what you want to do, and if you can find people who are as desperate as you appear to be to read it, more props to you.

  13. ah vunik, you just don’t get it, do you?

    Not all of my articles have bias. The one we’re currently commenting on for example. There is no bias here. I presented facts. A lot of facts for that matter. The only other thing that you’ve seen on here. The consolidated rankings, like 99% of that is without bias… and how is it worse that I choose to let me bias overpower the facts? Would it be better if inside I truly believed that florida wasn’t worthy of the number one ranking? No, because that would just be stupid… Having the knowledge of the facts and the truth, but still having bias over that is a CHOICE.

    This means that when I want to, I can step back and look at something objectively. But I don’t want to. That’s no fun. I’m a fan. I’m a fan first, before being a blogger/journalist (whatever you want to call this) because I want to be. I like being recklessly optimistic, letting myself get carried away and making outrageous claims and hating on the teams I hate. And the best part about it is the challenge behind then finding ways to defend what I say. I could go with the grain and say all the obvious stuff and what everybody wants to hear, but what’s the fun in that? Where’s the challenge?

    It’s easy to argue why florida will be good, so why not take the untraveled route and see what you can find? And if there is one thing that tops the challenge of defending myself, it’s getting to see the reactions of people (like you) who get all caught up in what I say and freak out because what I’m saying goes against what everybody has disregarded as fact because it is such a widely accepted and agreed upon opinion. It’s hilarious. I genuinely find it funny… as for writing something that makes sense… everything I have written makes sense, it may be easily argued or countered, but that doesn’t mean it makes no sense. Just because somebody doesn’t agree with something doesn’t mean it doesn’t make sense.

    “why did you write the article, knowing your logic is flawed?” well, my logic isn’t flawed at all, this article makes perfect sense and is completely logical. It may be an argument with gaping holes, but it is logical. So if you’re asking why I wrote it, then simply go re-read the first paragraph of it. Somebody wanted me to, so I did, that and all the other reasons I’ve mentioned in this comment… so is that the way I write everything? No. Not at all. I believe this is the only straight out anti-florida post I’ve written. A lot of times I simply write what’s going on and share what I think about it, without any sort of objective to fire people up and provoke strong opinions from people and to spark debate.

    It’s fine if you want to argue the points that are easy to argue, and make statements that are easy to defend. There’s nothing wrong with that. I just prefer to not be one of the sheep… on the discussion board thread, I admitted that I don’t think Tennessee will beat florida, that I know I’m biased (aka: wrong) by putting florida not as preseason number one, and even said that me arguing with you guys was “to get you guys fired up to see what kind of responses I could get” and yet you still carry on, which I was I find the most entertaining part of it, because I don’t even know what point you’re arguing anymore.

    The only point I’ve been seriously arguing is that I believe Tennessee is better than Vanderbilt and that we will do better against Florida than you guys will… which I’ve been arguing with your hero, tnbud62, who by the way has already said “I am really starting to like you alot” and went on to say that he was glad I found your guys’ discussion board. So I’ve gained his respect, and he is by far the one who has presented the best arguments and debates to me on that board, so that’s good enough for me. If you continue to think I’m crazy, and an idiot, and illogical and whatever else. I’m perfectly fine with that… but if you’re going to continue arguing with me, please at least present a point to debate.

  14. Weller, I like the way you think. All teams should have such great fans. It is what makes sports fun. Carry on my friend!!

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  16. I was right.

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