USA Falls In Mexico

This isn’t going to be a very long post because I had to watch this game on a grainy internet feed at work.  Fail, ESPN.  Epic fail.  By now you know that the Americans fell to 0-23-1 all time in Mexico with today’s 2-1 loss.

The question coming into the game was which US team would show up to Azteca Stadium.  Unfortunately, it was the team who showed up for the second half of the Confederation’s Cup Championship against Brazil.  Other than the goal, which was nice, the US side never threatened.  The defense, which was so strong in the wins over Spain and Egypt earlier this summer, allowed the Mexicans to run amok in the penalty area.  No one player really stood out as having a good game.

I’m a little disappointed with the strategy that the US employed.  It seemed that once Charlie Davies got the opening goal, they dropped back and packed the penalty area in the soccer form of the Prevent Defense.  As we all know, the only thing it prevents is the win.

Once again I was disappointed in the Mexicans’ sportsmanship.  At one point, Landon Donovan went to take a corner and was pelted with trash.  At another Davies went down with an injury and Mexican players starter trying to pull him to his feet as if he was faking.  Davies was carted off the field and subbed out.  Ironically, as soon as they took the lead, a stiff breeze sent the Mexicans to the ground as if they had been shot.  As much as I enjoy the game between the US and Mexico, I just can’t stand their blatant dirty play.  It’s typical of them.

Anyway, that’s about all I want to say about it.  We were dominated in every aspect of this game and it was frustrating to watch.  The next game will be against El Salvador in Salt Lake City on September 5th.  It isn’t exactly a must win, but it won’t be pretty if they lose.

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  1. ESPN should be flogged for showing the pregame then switching to some talk garbage instead of showing the game! That is just wrong. Pundants on sports are a dime a dozen. Let us watch the game! I was very disappointed in our sports channel. No wonder they are no longer seen as the best. Boo!

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