Fixing the Baseball Draft

Former Vanderbilt pitcher Mike Minor

Former Vanderbilt pitcher Mike Minor

Yesterday my Atlanta Braves inked their first round pick, Mike Minor, to a contract that contained a $2.42 million signing bonus.  This is the largest bonus ever given out to a Brave, besting Jeff Francoeur’s $2.2 million in 2002.  This got me thinking, which is generally a bad thing.

I can’t claim to have ever seen Mike Minor in person, so everything I know about him is based off of internet reports and his college stats.  Most everyone seems to agree, however, that Minor’s ceiling as a prospect is a number three or four starter.  I don’t know about you, but when one of my teams has a top 10 pick in any draft, I’d like to see them try and find a superstar.  Some examples of #7 picks from past years:  Prince Fielder – 2002, Nick Markakis – 2003,  Troy Tulowitzki – 2005, Clayton Kershaw – 2006.

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