As many of you know, and probably saw, the ESPYs were on last night. For those of you that don’t know, the ESPYs is an annual awards show hosted by ESPN. This year Samuel L. Jackson hosted the show and did a pretty good job. There were funny parts and on the whole it went well but I think there have definitely been better ESPY nights in the past. We did get a small glimpse at what a day in the life of Peyton Manning is like, which was obviously my favorite part of the night. We also had some eye-candy on hand with two of my top three favorite super models being in attendance; Miranda Kerr and Marisa Miller. I would also like to add that Marisa Miller is a Vols fan, just to throw that out there.

On to the results:

Best Championship Performance: Michael Phelps

Best Upset: USA beating Spain in soccer

Breakthrough Player of the Year: Matt Ryan

Best Game: Cardinals vs Steelers (Super Bowl)

Best Record Breaking Performance: Michael Phelps

Best Female Olympian: Shawn Johnson

Best MLS Player: Landon Donovan

Best Female Tennis Player: Serena Williams

Best Comeback Athlete: Dana Torres

Best Male College Athlete: Idiot boy

At this point in the night we learned that Samuel L. Jackson is a Volunteer fan.

Arthur Ashe Courage Award: Nelson Mandela

Best Moment: Olympic men’s 4X100 free style swimming relay team

Best Female Athlete: Nastia Lukin

Best Play: Santonio Holmes Super Bowl catch

Best Male Athlete: Michael Phelps

Jimmy V Award for Perseverance: Coach Don Meyer, Northern State University Basketball Coach

Best Team: Los Angeles Lakers

There are only three awards that I have a problem with who won them. The first one is the Best Game award. I think that it should hands down go to the 6 overtime game between Syracuse and Connecticut in the Big East tournament quarterfinals. I don’t think I have ever seen anything like that. The only think I can think of off the top of my head is when Tennessee and Arkansas went six overtimes in football back in 2002. The second one I had a problem with was Best Male College Athlete, but that’s solely because of bias. The third I had a problem with was Best Team. I think the Steelers should have won it. Football is the ultimate team sport and they were the best team in football. It makes sense. But the ESPYs are decided based solely on fan voting and the voting in Pittsburgh was divided between the Steelers and Penguins while the Lakers got all of LA voting for them. Bigger fan base gets you more votes. That’s just how the cookie crumbles. Let me know what you think in a comment.

9 Responses

  1. You already know where I disagree but I’ll throw them out there for the WaB fans.

    I think Evan Longoria should have been Breakout Athlete. Using your logic, he was the best player on a breakout team in an individual sport. That should get him the individual recognition.

    I don’t think the Lakers were the best team by any stretch. I probably would have gone with the Steelers, but not with the same logic. That way the Super Bowl winner would be the best team every year and that’s silly. The most dominant team in their respective sport was the UConn Women’s Basketball Team.

    The Best Game one was a toss up. Those were all excellent games. The argument against UConn-Cuse game was that there was a better game about two years ago between Texas and Oklahoma St. It only went four OTs, but it was a better game.

    Mostly, we agree.

  2. I was not so hot on the best female athlete. But I did love the best upset going to the US soccer team beating Spain. You guys have to get over Tebow. And the Manning day? Gotta love it!

  3. I don’t have an issue with the best female athlete mainly because the athleticism required to do what she does/did is unbelievable. By no means am I a gymnastics fan but I don’t have an issue with her getting the award either… as for the Tebow thing, I’m not giving him and sort of credit until he eliminates the “jump pass” from his game, stops acting like he’s a dual threat quarterback (his stats are ludicrously deceiving) and has any sort of success in the NFL.

  4. Telling us to get over Tebow is like telling the Pope to get over Catholicism.

  5. Poor little UT fans. It is his last year. Things might look up for you in the rivalry starting next year.

  6. Wait… aren’t you a Kentucky fan? lol

    • Yes which means I should hate orange but I am not as dedicated to college football as I am the NFL. I am a Kentucky fan by default and a general fan of the SEC except for that #*%^#&$ @&$^%&$ at South Carolina. I hope they lose every game. I also like Tebow.

      So in general for college I dislike players as opposed to teams.

    • Haha, you missed what I meant by that. I don’t hate Kentucky really that much at all. We always beat you guys in football and I don’t care enough about basketball, lol… I was simply commenting in response to you saying stuff looking up in a rivalry because Kentucky hasn’t had things look up in the UT/UK rivalry in years and years and years, lol

  7. They did a poll in the Lexington news paper 2 years back I think and the number one thing people wanted out of the season was a win against UT. Not a winning season, national championship, bowl game, or a win against UL. Just to beat UT.

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