All-Star Adventure (Part 2)

Yesterday I debuted part one of my trip to the All-Star festivities in St. Louis.  We left off with my catching a Josh Hamilton batting practice homer and the promise more good decisions.  Here is part two of the story:

Josh Hamilton kept throwing balls into the upper deck

Josh Hamilton kept throwing balls into the upper deck

Right after catching the ball, I went up to the find my Dad who was sitting above me.  I showed him and a few more people in the area the ball.  This sparked some conversation.  There were two guys sitting in that row and they started asking me about my Braves paraphernalia.   I told them how my favorite player was David Justice.  He says, “Dave? I know Dave.  He used to get me tickets.”

And a friendship was born.

We talked for a little while longer and eventually he told me that he had season tickets for that location and if I’d come by tomorrow, he’d give me two tickets to a Braves-Cards game in September.  The next day, I went by those seats and he handed me two tickets.  Perfect.

Also, as we were talking, we heard people shouting for a medic down in the bleachers.  Someone had taken a fly ball to the face.  We didn’t worry too much about it, we weren’t medics and figured this sort of thing happened all the time.  That is, until we saw the guy.  Apparently, he had taken the ball straight to the nose.  It hadn’t deflected or anything, it was a direct hit.  I cannot stress how much blood there was on this poor guy.  This was good decision #5.  We didn’t get hit in the face by a baseball.  You may see this as a no-brainer, but after seeing all the blood…it became a great decision.  Possibly the best of the day.

From there, we decided it was about time to head to our seats.  This is where I made good decision #6.  I decided to buy a hot dog with grilled onions and some more beer.  Excellent, excellent decision.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Anyway, our seats were in section 359, directly beneath the big Hardee’s in the third row.  We had a perfect view of the field and all the homers.  They were great seats.

David Cook played some songs on the infield before the the contest began, which was kind of neat.  Lots of pyrotechnics.  They played up the Missouri aspect of everything this weekend.

If you watched the Derby, you know Prince Fielder won and Nelson Cruz put on a pretty impressive show.  Albert Pujols and Ryan Howard were good but they didn’t quite live up to the home town hype, which is unfair.

Derby Champion Prince Fielder

Derby Champion Prince Fielder

Now, these are some things you may not have known.

Cruz’s fourth deck homer was incredible.  It was measured at 444 feet, which doesn’t seem right.  That ball really didn’t seem like it was ever going to come down.  It really got the crowd energized.  On a side note, he has a beautiful swing for a righty.

The down time between hitters is even worse at the ballpark.  Between some hitters they would have Rick Horton come out and interview some former players, but you couldn’t really hear what he was saying, so the when Brandon Inge and Adrian Gonzalez were putting up two homers between them, the ballpark was kind of dead.

Prince Fielder can annihilate a baseball.  Of course, you know this if you watched the Derby, but it was even more impressive live.  His longest home run was an estimated 503 feet.  It was the longest home run I’ve ever seen.

It’s a neat event for sure.  I just kind of wish they could move it along a little faster.  I would go again, I think. It’s a much different experience at the ballpark.

I was able to get Fielder’s last homer on video.  I’d upload it on here for you, but the format isn’t permitted.

Tomorrow in Part 3 I’ll write about FanFest and the actual All-Star Game.


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  1. Its been fun. Will catch up with you probably Monday.

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