Another Reason to Hate Tom Brady


Paiva begging because Tom Brady is an ass.

There are numerous reasons to hate Tom Brady and we can add this one to the list. Brady apparently had some expensive flower boxes sitting behind his condominium in Boston. A 61-year-old man named Dennis Paiva thought that they had been left there as trash and took them. Brady took the man to court and Paiva was ordered to pay Brady $4,000. In 2006 Forbes estimated that Tom Brady is worth $29 million per year including endorsements.

How much of a prick do you have to be to make a fuss over some flower boxes when you’re worth tens of millions of dollars. Absolutely ridiculous. “I saw these two stainless steel metal containers behind a garage next to the trash,” Paiva told the Boston Herald. “Scrap metal was really high at the time so I grabbed them and put them in my truck.”

On top of that Paiva recently had brain surgery after having an aneurysm and has been out of work because of it which made it so that he had to panhandle in an attempt to get money to pay back the NFL star. Fortunately better people than Tom Brady do exist in the world and a man by the name of Dan Greenwald read about the story and decided to pay off Paiva’s restitution for him.

Greenwald is the owner of a Burlington ad agency and said that he thought Paiva got “the rawest of raw deals.” Paiva said that Greenwald’s generosity was “a dream come true.”

You can read more about this story here and here.

3 Responses

  1. well, we did know he was an ass. this just proves it. as if that needed doing…..

    who buys $4000 flower boxes that look like trash cans anyway?

  2. HA!HA!HA!HA! LOVE Erin’s response!!!! I’m in 100% agreement with her. Having lots of money doesn’t mean you can buy class or style!

  3. […] make a damn fool of youself by capsizing a kayak. If you’re bored you could also take another senior citizen to court. I hate you, tom brady. I hate you. I hope your kids grow up and ask you why you had to cheat to […]

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