No-Hitter By the Bay

Giants Athletics BaseballJonathan Sanchez just threw the first no-hitter of the 2009 season by blanking the San Diego Padres 8-0.  Sanchez would have had a perfect game except for Juan Uribe’s error in the 8th inning.  How do you think he feels right now?  My friend who is a White Sox fan sent a text that said, “Only Uribe would mess that up.”  Sucks for him.

Anyway, Sanchez’s no-hitter was the first since Carlos Zambrano’s neutral site gem against the Houston Astros in September of last year.  He struck out a career high 11 hitters in the win and had some impressive defensive help from Aaron Rowand in the 9th inning.

It was the first no-hitter for the Giants since 1976.

In an interview right after the game, Sanchez introduced his father who had flown in the night before to watch him pitch.  It was only the third time he had seen his son start in the majors.

In fact, Sanchez was given the spot start after Randy Johnson couldn’t go.  He had been demoted from the Giants’ rotation in late June.

So congratulations to Jonathan Sanchez.  You’re now in the same league as Cannonball Titcomb.


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