All-Star Results

As Weller mentioned in the previous post, we were both out of town for the 4th of July so I’m a tad late on this.  As I’ve said plenty of times in the past, Major League Baseball’s All-Star voting procedure is dumb and I hate it.  Every year there are examples of this and this year is no exception.  So I’m going to take look at who was actually voted in and who should have been voted in.

Let’s start in the AL.

Catcher – Joe Mauer was voted in and the fans got this one right.  Victor Martinez is having a great season, but Mauer is the easy choice.

1st Base – Mark Teixeira won the vote, but this one is easy.  Justin Morneau should be the starter and it’s not close.  Morneau leads AL first basemen in batting average, RBIs, slugging percentage, and is tied for second in homers.  The only thing Teixeira has an edge in is walks 48-41.  Teixeira is good, but the fans missed this one.

2nd Base – Perhaps the most egregious error in the All-Star vote was for the AL second base spot.  Dustin Pedroia won the vote simply because he plays in Boston, but the spot clearly should have gone to Toronto’s Aaron Hill.  Pedroia’s line looks like this: .290/3/36 with 16 steals while Hill’s stats are much more appealing: .295/20/59 with three steals.  Not the correct choice.

3rd Base – Evan Longoria was the right choice. Scott Rolen deserves a mention.

Shortstop – Derek Jeter was the right choice.

Outfield – The AL outfield has one pretty dumb addition.  Jason Bay and Ichiro are good choices.  Josh Hamilton is not.  I love Hamilton as much as the next guy, but he has only played in 36 games this year…and he hasn’t played exceptionally well, either.  There were several worthy candidates for the final AL outfield spot including Jermaine Dye, Torii Hunter, Ben Zobrist, Johnny Damon, or Nelson Cruz.  As it stands, Dye, Damon, and Cruz won’t even be in St. Louis as reserves.  Dye is the biggest snub here.

Now we’ll see how the National League did.

Catcher – I love Yadier Molina, but the fans missed this one.  The best choice would have been Molina’s older brother, Bengie followed by Atlanta’s Brian McCann.  Yadier has the best defense by far, but that’s not enough to make up for the offensive difference.  McCann should have been the starter over Geovany Soto last year.  No, I’m not bitter.

1st Base – Albert Pujols is the best player in baseball.

2nd Base – Chase Utley was correct.

3rd Base – David Wright won the vote, which is okay, he’s putting together a solid season on an injury depleted Mets team.  Ryan Zimmerman also makes sense here, he’s having a great season on a terrible Nationals team.  There isn’t a big enough discrepancy here.

Shortstop – Hanley Ramirez was the easy choice.

Outfield – Raul Ibanez and Ryan Braun deserve it.  I don’t think Carlos Beltran did.  How about Brad Hawpe or Justin Upton here?  They have comparable averages and both Upton and Hawpe have more RBIs and homers.  Plus, Beltran is now hurt.

So there you have it.  How do you think the fans did?  Leave me a comment and let me know.

8 Responses

  1. I think it’s dumb that the All-Star teams are decided 100% by fan voting… I don’t know how all of the other professional leagues determine All-Star rosters but I think the NFL has it right with Pro Bowl voting. The fans, players and coaches all vote and each group makes up one third of the final numbers. This way the coaches and players opinions is weighted and carries much more significance than the fans, but the fans input still matters. Everyone is happy.

  2. Agree on McCann. He’s the only one I had major beef with. But I’m a Braves fan, so ….

    • I agree. I voted for him over Bengie Molina because of the massive snub last year.

      Soto will probably go home and hit his bong over the All-Star Weekend to ease the pain of not getting the sympathy vote this year.

  3. Wrong Weller. Only 25% of the All star rosters are selected by fans, the 8 starters on each team of 32.

    This is a popularity contest, no one can deny that. That’s why Teixeira, Hamilton, Beltran, and the less deserving starters made the team.
    The coaches, players, and managers select the reserves. They are the closest to the game and know who deserves it the most.
    Who cares who start, they only play 3 innings anyway, then the manager selected players finish the game.

    • Either Matt or Bryan told you to type that… or if it was Matt, he might have even typed it for you… you can’t pull that one over on me, lol.

    • I choose to believe that this was really her. And no, I didn’t tell her to write this.

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