USA Advances At Confederations Cup

Charlie Davies scores the first goal for the USA against Egypt

Charlie Davies scores the first goal for the USA against Egypt

Going into yesterday’s matches at the Confederations Cup, I definitely did not expect to be writing this as a headline.  USA, who had been lackluster at best, needed to beat Egypt by three goals and have Brazil beat the reigning World Cup Champions by at least three to have a chance.  This was the same United States team who had been easily beaten by Brazil and Italy by a combined score of 6-1. My confidence going into this game may have been at an all-time low.

So what did the US do?  They went out and dominated.  Their reward?  Top ranked Spain.  More on that in a bit.

First, let’s talk about the first good match the the US has put together in far too long.

My complaints during previous games seemed to be fixed for the most part.  Players looked like they had a fire lit beneath them.  Charlies Davies was in constant motion up front and that effort led to the first goal.  He simply out worked the Egyptian defense.  It was a nice breath of fresh air.

Landon Donovan had his best performance to date.  Other than his decision to pass the ball across the face of the goal rather than shoot early in the game, he played great.  He would have scored an excellent goal right after his passing error, but he was thwarted by the Egyptian keeper.  He had another great run that led to the second goal scored by Michael Bradley.

Brad Guzan played well to get the shutout.  He wasn’t tested too much, but when he was, he passed with flying colors.  I should also mention that no one got red carded.  That shouldn’t be an accomplishment, but apparently it is for the the US.

So now the Americans get to take on Spain who is riding a long unbeaten streak and hasn’t been tested so far in this tournament.  With a good result, or even a good showing against the Spaniards, I will be willing to forget about the awful games leading up to this point.

We’ll wait to see how this turns out.  I’m afraid that I’m getting my hopes up again, only to have them crushed when we lose 4-0.  Hopefully we see the same squad that we did on Sunday.

2 Responses

  1. Well I’m glad we at least made it in. That’s good.

  2. Every game is a new game by evidence of the game against Egypt. Someone has to end Spain’s streak. Why not a team no one expects to do it? Go USA!

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