The Biggest Jackass Ever

Here at WaB we like to call out jackasses.  Even if there isn’t much of a reason.  Either way, this guy trumps all of those people put together.  In fact, its people like this guy that make that one dude from The Hills look like a choir boy.  For those of you who don’t want to read the article, here is the general idea.

In 2004, the Oakland A’s held a promotion on Mother’s Day where they gave away free mammograms, held a 5K run for breast cancer research, and gave away floppy sun hats from Macy’s to the first 7500 women through the gate.  Well done, Oakland, that’s very commendable.

Unfortunately, Lawyer Alfred G. Rava took offense to the fact that he didn’t get a womens’ floppy sun hat.  And he sued.  And he won.

Rava has a history of good-deed crushing lawsuits, including a similar suit against the Anaheim Angels.  He is the lowest form of life.

The real kicker to this story is that Rava’s own mother died at the young age of 53 from breast cancer.  Think about that for a second.  The run, the free mammograms and the floppy sun hats, all done for the fight against breast cancer.  This guy, whose own mother died of this horrible disease is so narrow minded about a floppy sun hat that he’s probably caused the A’s to discontinue the practice that could save lives.  Other teams have probably also seen this case and not held similar promotions.   Over a floppy, womens’ hat.

Here’s a quote directly from the horse’s mouth:

I am sure my mom would be proud of my lawsuit against this major league baseball franchise that denied male and female consumers under 18 years of age free fishing hats based on sex and age.

Can someone please get this man a womens’ hat?  Maybe we could take up a collection.

I imagine this guy as a little grease ball who wears a toupee, has a very narrow mouth and can’t look anyone in the eye.  I certainly hope he’s not married.

If you feel like emailing the guy directly, or perhaps calling, or maybe stopping by his office for a quick visit, here’s his information.

The Rava Law Firm

3667 Voltaire St.

San Diego, CA 92106

Phone: 619-238-1993



5 Responses

  1. You’re right. Class A Jackass. I hope the A’s got a lot of loving support from the women (and those who love them) in that crowd.

    The other thing that gives me pause is the fact that a judge would actually rule in favor of this guy. Seriously? He’s a jackass, too.

    • Ditto and ditto!

  2. This is a first as I don’t think I’ve ever wanted someone to become as intimately familiar with the oncology department of his local hospital as I do him. Maybe six weeks of combo radiation/chemo would be a good start for removing the cranial extension from his rectal inversion.

    • ^^^ This is funny

      I sent an email to the guy to see if I could get a decent explanation. Not surprisingly, he didn’t respond. Cowardly in all aspects, I guess.

  3. […] we called out this guy for being a jackass.  That post also included the best poll ever […]

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