USA Defeats Honduras

Carlos Bocanegra celebrates his goal

Carlos Bocanegra celebrates his goal

USA defeated Honduras 2-1.  Thank. Goodness.

Landon Donovan scored a penalty and Carlos Bocanegra put home a deflected header to get the Americans the victory.  It seemed that there was more relief than excitement from the American side after the game.  the feeling was mutual from my living room where I was watching the game.

The US featured several changes from Wednesday’s lineup after they were massacred at Costa Rica.  I think those changes worked out well.

Both outside backs, Marvel Wynne and DaMarcus Beasley, were changed out in favor of John Spector and Johnathan Bornstein.  In the midfield, Ricardo Clark replaced the suspended Michael Bradley and forward Conor Casey started up front alongside Jozy Altidore.

Clark was probably the best of the new players, but Spector also performed well.

On the whole, the USA’s play was a thousand times better than Wednesday’s debacle.  Players actually acted like they wanted to be there, they didn’t just stand around and challenged the ball.  It was like night and day.

Things started rather inauspiciously when Clint Dempsey turned the ball over in the defensive zone which led to Honduras’ only goal.  I felt like it was against the run of play but I was afraid the US players would take a “here we go again” mentality.  Luckily, they didn’t and continued to press the attack.

After Landon Donovan crushed home a penalty, I was confident that the US would come out on top.  They only managed one more goal, but I felt like they had the majority of the chances and Honduras never seriously threatened the American net.

The win kept the US in second place in the Hexagonal and we’re still in good shape to head to South Africa next year.

The same cannot be said about Mexico who lost 2-1 yesterday to El Salvador.  They are now second to last in the table, but there is still lots of soccer to be played.  It’s not quite time to panic just yet, but it’s getting close.


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