Embarrassment in Costa Rica

I was pretty excited about the US Men’s National Soccer Team’s trip down to Costa Rica for the latest World Cup Qualifier.  What a waste of time that proved to be.  This was the single worst performance I have seen in a long, long time.  And that includes the family who was playing during a picnic in the park yesterday.  Yeah, it was that bad.

For those of you who had the fortune of missing this game, I’ll bring you up to speed.  Costa Rica womped the US 3-1.  Surely there was at least one bright spot?  One player who actually looked like he wanted to be there, right?  No.  No one looked good.  Not one single player.

I can’t even begin to explain how much time and space that the Costa Ricans had to work with.  They just stood with the ball almost looking for someone to come and defend.  No one stepped up, no one showed even a little bit of pressure toward the ball.  It was pathetic.

There were veterans making dumb mistakes that led to two of the goals.  Pablo Mastroeni, who I love, made a stupid, lunging tackle that Costa Rican forward Alvaro Saborio easily side stepped before unleashing a perfect shot over the helpless Tim Howard.  That was in the 2nd minute.

The Latin Americans followed that up in the 13th by running by the American back line like they were standing still, creating an easy goal for a wide open Celso Borges who was one of three players who could have put the ball home.  How do three guys get so open in the box? It was ridiculous.

The third and final goal was the worst.  Pablo Herrera beat a flat footed Michael Bradley before walking into the box.  He practically stood in the area about 10 yards from goal while Carlos Bocanegra and Sacha Kljestan watched him tap the ball in.  I couldn’t believe what I had seen.

Landon Donovan scored for the Americans in the stoppage time on a weak penalty kick call.  It was our first goal in Costa Rica since 2000.

The US managed two shots on goal for the game.  Two.  Costa Rica managed six and they scored on three of them.

Hopefully the team can bounce back against Honduras on Saturday, otherwise it may be time to panic a bit.


7 Responses

  1. I watched until they scored the second goal on us. I agree, no one looked like they wanted to play last night. Bummer

    • I wish I had turned it off then. What a waste.

  2. It was painful to watch. My wife and I watched the Copa do Brasil first and then flipped over to the USA blow out. Check out my blog Bobb Gee http://bobbygee.wordpress.com/

  3. Ah, Bobby, making the rounds.

    Fortunately, I do not have a tv so I wasn’t subjected to watching the abject failure that was last night’s game. I don’t know what their problem is. I feel like there is a belief held by whoever is coaching the American side that they have to give playing time to guys who are either well-known or have been in the system for a long time. But that just hasn’t given the results in the past 5-7 years. The Olympic team actually looked like a group of players who might accomplish something, but even they completely blew it. And I don’t think we need mention the 2006 World Cup.

    Something has to change. They’re not always as bad as this, but there’s always the possibility that they could be. You just can’t operate on the world stage with that hanging over your head.

    • I’m going to give them at least one more chance before I call for changes, but that chance may end on Saturday.

      I kind of agree that we play old guard long after we should, see Claudio Reyna, but I’m not sure who that would be on this team. Mastroeni, maybe? I love his physical game, he can be a force in the midfield, but he can also make silly plays are critical parts of the game.

      I hated seeing Beasely in the back. He spent most of his time up front anyway. I would like to see Spector in as well.

      Bradley brought up Conor Casey for Saturday’s match in case Brian Ching can’t go again. They’d better win.

  4. […] US featured several changes from Wednesday’s lineup after they were massacred at Costa Rica.  I think those changes worked out […]

  5. […] The Americans did play much better than they had in their previous two games.  Today’s 3-1 loss was nothing like the 3-1 loss to Costa Rica. […]

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