Wrapping Things Up

Weller took off for Jacksonville to go on a much needed sabbatical.  Maybe it wasn’t much needed, but he’s going anyway.  I’m docking his pay accordingly.  Anyway, this means that you’re stuck with me for then next week or so.  Sorry mock draft fans, you’ll have to wait a while (this may be a lie, we’ll see).  Since I don’t have anything to write about at the moment, I’m going to use this post to tie up a couple things and maybe give you a preview of some upcoming posts.

First off, I should mention the Stanley Cup Finals.  I hate Detroit.  No one wins.

Second, if you’ve watched ESPN over the past couple nights, you would think that the entire sports world actually stopped for some NBA games the other day.  Sportscenter spent like 30 minutes breaking down every second of the Lakers thrashing of the Nuggets.  I do not look forward to what they’ll do for the actual Finals.  Maybe we were actually fortunate that the LeBrons lost?  I still don’t like basketball.

One of the last posts I wrote was about the MLB All-Star Game getting something right for a change.  I knew it was too good to be true.  Later I found an article on mlb.com saying that any player who was voted into the home run derby was not guaranteed to compete.  That’s kind of a sham, don’t you think?  If it means he’s not guaranteed because he’s hurt, okay, but if he just doesn’t want to?  Come on.  Hopefully, it doesn’t mean the latter and they checked with these guys before they put their names on the ballot.

Memphis is in some hot water because someone took Derrick Rose’s SAT for him.  Middle Tennessee had better look out, because they’re about be put on probation for a long time.  I still don’t like basketball.

The Major League Baseball draft is coming up on June 9th.  If you’ve been around this site longer than 20 seconds, you know that we love drafts almost as much as we love the sports themselves.  Don’t ask us to explain, because we can’t.  Anyway, I’m hopefully going to try my hand at a baseball mock draft, which should be impossible.  Weller even made noise about live blogging it, but mostly because he wouldn’t know what was going on.

The USA Men’s National Soccer Team resumes its quest for qualification to the World Cup next year when they take on Costa Rica tomorrow night at 9 o’clock CST.  I’ll have my free root beer float from Sonic to help me watch.  USA takes on Honduras on Saturday.

I got to go to Kauffman Stadium this weekend for the first time since the renovations.  I must say, they did an excellent job with the new outfield area.  It’s miles better than what it was last year.  It’s more of an experience now, instead of  just a place to see a game.  In my opinion, it’s now one of the best stadiums in baseball.

I’m hoping Roger Federer can win the French Open.  He’s quickly running out of time and this will be his best chance since clay court master Raphael Nadal was ousted yesterday.  Federer deserves the career Grand Slam.

That’s it for now, I’ll have something about the USA-Costa Rica game tomorrow.

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