Who will be at the Colts Rookie Camp?

I know that so many people out there must be wondering about this, so I thought I’d put up a post about it. The Colts Rookie Camp started yesterday and will be going through Sunday to give the new team members a brief introduction to the coaching staff and facilities. I wrote more about it last year and it turned out to be a pretty big hit, so here I am writing about it again. This time around though I won’t go as in depth about what the camp is for this time I’ll just give you the names, listed with their position, college and how we acquired them. Here they are:

Player Pos College Notes
Adrian Grady NT Louisville Undrafted Free Agent
Austin Collie WR Brigham Young Drafted in fourth round
Brandon Anderson DB Akron Undrafted Free Agent
Brandon Barnes OL Grand Valley State Free Agent from Arena League
Brandon Harrison DB Michigan Undrafted Free Agent
Brett McDermott WR Holy Cross Undrafted Free Agent
Colin Cloherty TE Brown Undrafted Free Agent
Cornelius Lewis OG Tennessee State Undrafted Free Agent
Curtis Painter QB Purdue Drafted in sixth round
Donald Brown RB Connecticut Drafted in first round
Fili Moala DT USC Drafted in second round
Jacob Lacey DB Oklahoma State Undrafted Free Agent
Jaimie Thomas OG Maryland Drafted in seventh round
Jerraud Powers CB Auburn Drafted in third round
John Matthews WR San Diego Undrafted Free Agent
Kyle DeVan OL Oregon State Free Agent from Arena League
Pat Kuntz DT Notre Dame Undrafted Free Agent
Pat McAfee K/P West Virginia Drafted in seventh round
Ramon Humber LB North Dakota State Undrafted Free Agent
Terrance Taylor DT Michigan Drafted in fourth round
Tim Masthay K/P Kentucky Undrafted Free Agent
Tom Pestock OG Northwest Missouri State Undrafted Free Agent
Tyrell Sales LB Penn State Undrafted Free Agent

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