2009 NFL Prediction (4/30)

It’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these, and you probably thought it would be a lot longer before I did another one, with the NFL season still being over four months away. Wow, that’s a depressingly large number. I want it to start tomorrow and because of this, here I am putting out my first predictions for the 2009 NFL season. This was really hard to do with the season so far away, but I have a treat for you all tomorrow. I hope you’re excited about it; I now I am and I bet you’re going to be surprised too!

Here are my early 2009 regular season NFL predictions:

North South East West
Steelers (14-2) Colts (13-3) Patriots (11-5) Chargers (10-6)
Ravens (12-4) Titans (10-6) Dolphins (9-7) Broncos (6-10)
Browns (5-11) Texans (10-6) Bills (8-8) Chiefs (3-13)
Bengals (5-11) Jaguars (4-12) Jets (6-10) Raiders (2-14)
North South East West
Vikings (10-6) Panthers (10-6) Giants (12-4) Cardinals (11-5)
Packers (8-8) Falcons (10-6) Redskins (10-6) Seahawks (7-9)
Bears (7-9) Saints (8-8) Cowboys (9-7) 49ers (7-9)
Lions (1-15) Buccaneers (6-10) Eagles (9-7) Rams (3-13)

Based on those predictions, here are what the playoff seedings would look like:

AFC 1. Steelers NFC 1. Giants

2. Colts
2. Cardinals

3. Patriots
3. Panthers

4. Chargers
4. Vikings

5. Ravens
5. Falcons

6. Titans
6. Redskins

And based on those seedings, here are my predictions for how the post season would play out:

Wild Card Round Divisional Round
Matchup Winner Matchup Winner
Titans @ Patriots Patriots Chargers @ Steelers Chargers
Ravens @ Chargers Chargers Patriots @ Colts Colts
Redskins @ Panthers Panthers Vikings @ Giants Giants
Falcons @ Vikings Vikings Panthers @ Cardinals Panthers

AFC Championship NFC Championship
Matchup Winner Matchup Winner
Chargers @ Colts Colts Panthers @ Giants Giants

Super Bowl XLIII Matchup Super Bowl XLIII Champions
Colts vs Giants Indianapolis Colts


4 Responses

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  2. You have little knowledge of most of the teams, as i saw your 2009 predictions i busted out laughing. i bet you never played competitive football in your life. Watch ESPN some more buddy

  3. […] Posted on June 19, 2010 by colts18 I recently had it brought to my attention by a commenter that I essentially don’t know anything about the NFL. This comment was made on my 2009 NFL […]

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