WaB Turns 1

From our inauspicious beginnings as a final project for a webpage design class, WaB has ascended into the ranks of the multi-billion dollar websites such as Yahoo!, Google and MSN.  Alright, that may not be true, but I think we’ve improved ourselves over the last year.  Let’s check out some of the highlights (and lowlights)

As I said, this was a final project that I had to do for a webpage design class.  I really hadn’t planned on keeping up with it, mainly because I didn’t think anyone except maybe my mother would read it.  Turns out, about 75,000 of you have read it.  Or at least visited.  Or my Mom clicked on this 75,000 times.  Probably the last one, so thanks, Mom.

Our first few posts were really just ramblings about whatever we felt was happening at the time.  What’s changed since then?  Well, you can decide that, but hopefully things have improved a bit.

We saw Weller’s first mock draft within that first week.  I think he puts up one every other day, but people enjoy them, so just get used to them.  They’re not going anywhere.

Also that first week, we saw Weller’s Live Blog of the NFL draft.  He figured he was going to sit and watch the entire thing anyway, so he might as well share his thoughts with the four people who read this at that point.  We’ll be doing the same thing for this weekend’s draft, except both of us will be doing it.  Please stop by and share your thoughts, we’d love to hear them.

Another thing we like to do here is go to live sporting events and share our experiences.  (I like to do this anyway, Weller, not so much.) I figure everyone has a different sort of story when they attend a game and sometimes they’re fun to read about.  The first one was a normal Royals-Blue Jays game and they’ve continued all the way up to the flat tire at the Blues playoff game, with many in between.  We’ll get to some of the better ones in a minute.

Our first hotly debated post was one relating to a sport neither of us knows anything about.  Horse Racing.

In May, I went on a trip where I saw 9 baseball games in 9 days.  My Dad and I hit up four different stadiums and took in the local sights and more importantly, the local food establishments wherever we went. Until I got sick in Milwaukee, anyway.

In June, we had the Kiss-Cam Story.  Always a good read.

July brought us first of the oddly popular posts on the Seattle Supersonics moving to Oklahoma City.  It also brought us the longest posting drought of the year as we both went out of town for about two weeks.

August was an abbreviated month, since we were out of town for about half of it, but it brought another post that people seemed to enjoy, the season ending Rams post.

I put up my favorite post in September.  It cracks me up every time.  It also brought a story that I think is comparable to the Kiss Cam Story and that is the Australian soccer story.

The Major League Baseball playoffs are in October and I brought out the best predictions ever for them.  We also learned how to do polls.

November saw three of our more popular posts, the Election Day post, the news of Phil Fulmer’s ousting at Tennessee and the subsequent hiring of Lane Kiffin.

In December, our team here at WaB grew by one as Jet started his Stat of the Day feature.  We were also witness to the Big 12 Massacre.

We did our Fan Mock Draft in February, which went well for about three rounds and then we decided to try and go all seven, which was a bad idea.  It was a whole lot of fun, though.  We had a whole lot of people involved and I think everyone enjoyed it.  Weller was also on TV.

March made Weller and baseball fan.

So there you have it.  Some of the highlights of the past year.  Thanks for reading, this obviously wouldn’t have continued if it wasn’t for you, faithful reader.


8 Responses

  1. I am a faithful reader and proud of it!… wait, does it count as being a faithful reader if it’s a blog that you’re apart of?

  2. Congrats, fellas!

  3. I second that colts18. This is an interesting blog. I will keep reading. Happy birthday!

  4. How fantastic! It’s no small feat for a new venture to reach its one year anniversary. Stats show that fewer than 25% of start-ups make it to that milestone.
    75,000 viewers is also quite an impressive number! Your audience has obviously grown beyond friends and family which shows there is a demand for your product.
    You guys are on your way to great things and I personally look forward to watching you both grow and glow in the years to come.
    Congrats guys!!

  5. Okay wait… Mom didn’t click on this thing 75,000 times. At least 100 of those clicks went to your loyal and loving sister!

    Seriously, though, congrats. You guys are a riot and I love to read your opinions on the sports world! In fact, I’m clicking back through the links you’ve provided in this post just to enjoy the memories. I’m starting with Bryan’s favorite….

    • I went through some of them as well and thought it was funny to look back on them. I even left some comments, lol.

  6. Happy Birthday to the wild and wacky boys at WaB! Nice logo too!

  7. […] going to run this like I did last year with a Year In Review post of all the things we’ve done in this past year.  Should be a good time…and it should […]

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