Gillespie out, Donovan in?

Billy Gillespie was fired by the University of Kentucky today.  This website says that Billy Donovan is already the Wildcats’ next head coach.  Much more on this still to come, I’m sure.

I’m not sure why Donovan would do this.  He’s got a pretty good thing going already, this could only be seen as a lateral move.  Sure Florida hasn’t made the tournament in the last two years, but that doesn’t change the back to back National Championships.  My guess is that he takes the job today and then bolts back to Gainesville by next Tuesday.

7 Responses

  1. Donovan won’t come. I know he already said he wouldn’t but I never thought he would. The rumors floating around are:

    Jay Wright
    John Calipari
    Travis Ford
    ?Bob Knight?

    Chances are we pick up some coach who is making a big leap from program size. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ford is the one who ends up at UK.

  2. Interesting… it’s always good to have someone who follows the program to be commenting… be sure to keep us up to date on any other news you hear… I’m intrigued to see how this plays out.

  3. Still even more rumors being thrown around:

    Mike Anderson
    Mark Few
    Jeff Capel

    All these names are from programs that are pretty solid, I just don’t see any of these guys leaving their current schools for the cluster fuck and stress that the UK job is.

  4. Anderson isn’t leaving. We just opened contract negotiations to keep him in Columbia for a long time.

  5. More names thrown around:

    Sean Miller
    Rick Barns
    Thad Matta
    Tom Izzo
    Jamie Dixon

    These are about all the names I could find for possible candidates for the job. Realistically I don’t see anyone from the Big East coming to UK except for maybe Dixon depending on his recruiting class. I don’t know enough about Anderson, Capel, or Few to really say. Mizzou looked good the other night for the most part and depending on how many people they are losing they could be good again next year. I do like the style of D that Anderson has Mizzou playing. Maybe Few leaves Zaga for a bigger named school but I doubt it. Barnes was a name that was tossed around before Billy G was hired. Most UK fans would say they want Billy D from UF but he isn’t going anywhere. Honestly unless UK can get a big name coach like Calipari, Wright, or Izzo, which I think the only one they may get is Calipari I really see Travis Ford ending up with the job which really doesn’t make me feel any better about the condition of UK basketball for the future.

  6. A very insightful blog/article about the end of the Billy G era at UK.

  7. Accoding to ESPN there is a mutual interest between Calipari and UK. This makes me sad as I hate Calipari.

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