Last Minute Field of 65 Prediction

I put up an early field of 65 prediction back at the end of January. That time I listed the 65 teams with their seedings. This time around however I’m just listing the 65 teams because I don’t have enough time to try and figure out seedings due to the fact that I’m going to my parents house to help with yard work and won’t be at a computer with enough time to put this up before the selection show. I was going to just list the teams in no particular order, but then figured that if I was going to do that I might as well make it easy to find teams that you think should be in or out. With that thought I decided to list them in alphabetical order. Let me know what you think in a comment.

1 Akron
2 Alabama State
3 American University
4 Arizona State
5 Binghamton
6 Brigham Young
7 Butler
8 Cal State Northridge
9 California
10 Chattanooga
11 Clemson
12 Cleveland State
13 Connecticut
14 Cornell
15 Creighton*
16 Dayton
17 Duke
18 East Tennessee State
19 Florida State
20 Gonzaga
21 Illinois
22 Kansas
23 Louisville
24 LSU
25 Marquette
26 Memphis
27 Michigan
28 Michigan State
29 Minnesota
30 Mississippi State
31 Missouri
32 Morehead State
33 Morgan State
34 North Carolina
35 North Dakota State
36 Northern Iowa
37 Ohio State
38 Oklahoma
39 Oklahoma State
40 Pittsburgh
41 Portland State
42 Purdue
43 Radford
44 Robert Morris
45 San Diego State*
46 Siena
47 Southern California
48 Stephen F. Austin
49 Syracuse
50 Temple
51 Tennessee
52 Texas
53 Texas A&M
54 UAB*
56 Utah
57 Utah State
58 Villanova
59 Virginia Commonwealth
60 Wake Forest
61 Washington
62 West Virginia
63 Western Kentucky
64 Wisconsin
65 Xavier

*UPDATE: I got three teams wrong. Arizona, Boston College, and Maryland all got in and Creighton, San Diego St. and UAB all missed out. I think that the big conference teams get too much love solely because of their name and the conference that they’re in and this only proves it. None of the three teams that made it in (Arizona, BC and Maryland) were in the top 50 in RPI rankings, while Creighton, San Diego St. and UAB were all in the top 50.

11 Responses

  1. I tried to tell you Zona would (and should) be in. But you wouldn’t listen.

  2. Well at that point I had already posted this anyhow.

  3. Maryland is a legit selection with recent wins against UNC and Wake, both highly ranked teams.

  4. Also wins against Michigan State and Michigan both tourney teams. Plus the ACC is a tougher conference and teams in there should get respect for who they have to play in their conference.

  5. I mean you single out BC and Maryland, both ACC teams, what about some of those weak teams from the Big 12 and Big 10? PAC 10 as well.

  6. I see what you’re saying but those three teams had the lowest RPI rankings out of ALL the at large bids.

  7. What about strength of schedule? Also if RPI matters that much why not take the top 65 in RPI providing you don’t have someone from outside it take a bid?

  8. Well RPI weighs SOS heavily into the formula. Boston College was 70 in SOS, which is a HUGE knock on them… but Arizona and Maryland are 36 and 22 respectively in SOS, which obviously is nothing to hold against them… The selection committee clearly didn’t take RPI and SOS into account as much as they normally do based on the fact that they gave Tennessee a 9-seed. Tennessee was 23 in RPI and 2 in SOS and 1 in non conference SOS…

  9. Good to see you back, Michael. I feel like you were missing for a while. There was a commenting void. Maybe it’s just that I’m not around since I have no computer.

  10. Yes but Tennessee also had some bad losses aka UK.

  11. […] Louisville over Arizona.  Arizona is hardly a Cinderalla, even though some people didn’t have them in the tournament.  They could possibly pull an upset here, but I think they’ll fall just short.  I’m […]

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