Big Week for Tennessee

I just wrote an entire post about how as a huge Tennessee fan, I had a lot to follow and keep track of this week. I talked wrote about how it was Tennessee’s first week of spring football, the SEC conference tournament for men’s basketball, and Tennessee’s Pro Day for the players entering the NFL draft. I even gave more information on Bryce Brown and took another look at that and showed a little love for women’s basketball among a few other things. I even managed to bring up Peyton Manning (something I’m very good at) despite the fact that he didn’t have anything to do with the previous topics that I mentioned. It was a post that involved a lot of reading and research. I had the entire post typed up and was just finishing up by looking for some pictures to dress it up a little bit.

Then my internet crashed.

A nice little warning window popped up on my screen that said something along the lines of “An unexpected error has occurred. Firefox will shut down.” And then it did.

Of course when these things happen they always seem to happen on those few occasions that you have managed to not save what you were working on, not once. It’s late and I really, really, really don’t want to write that entire post again and I also want to publish this before midnight so that it technically gets posted on the 14th. So unfortunately nobody will ever get to read all of my thoughts on that wide range of topics.

I won’t leave you all empty handed though. Instead of rewriting the entire article, I’ve decided that I will compile all of the links for you that I used for you to read at your leisure. Don’t worry, I didn’t read ALL of these articles tonight. I’ve been reading them throughout the week, though I did go back to reference them all again tonight while writing my wonderful never-to-be-read post. I couldn’t decide how I wanted to list out all of these links, so I’m going to do what’s easiest and put them in chronological order based on when they were written.

1. The first of these links wasn’t actually written this week, but I came across it when trying to dig up more information on Bryce Brown, the number one recruit in the nation for this year’s class. It’s from GoVolsXtra blogger Marcus Perez. He shines the light on some very intriguing connections that Brown has to Knoxville. It’s really interesting and on top of that it’s  pretty funny as well. Click here to read this article.

2. Next on the list is another GoVolsXtra article. This one is written by Drew Edwards and is about Mark Smith, who is Tennessee’s new strength and conditioning coach. The article talks about how Smith is getting the players in shape and the approach he is taking to help them condition. Click here to read this article.

3. Yet another article from GoVolsXtra. Dave Hooker wrote this one, which is about Monte Kiffin and the goals he has for his defense this spring. It also covers the differences that Monte Kiffin is having to get used to between the NFL and college football. Click here to read this article.

4. Believe it or not we have another GoVolsXtra article. Drew Edwards writes about what he believes are the five main questions that the Volunteers face with spring practice beginning. Click here to read this article.

5. We finally have an article not from GoVolsXtra. This one is from ESPN’s SEC blogger Chris Low. He writes about how excited Monte Kiffin is to be coaching college football again, and what it’s like to be coaching with his son again. He also talks about how much he’s anticipating having a player like Eric Berry on his defense. Click here to read this article.

6. We now have one from Tennessee Athletics official website,, about the Vols first day of spring practice. It focuses on how fast paced and full of energy the practice was. Click here to read this article.

7. Back to GoVolsXtra, this link takes you to another article by Dave Hooker. This time he writes about Rico McCoy moving from weakside linebacker to strongside linebacker, the reasoning behind it and what kind of impact it will have on the team. Click here to read this article.

8. Another article from Chris Low’s blog on, this time it’s written around an interview with wider receiver Gerald Jones about what the players think of their new head coach, Lane Kiffin. Click here to read this article.

9. How many links did you think I was going to be able to put up without giving you one from my favorite source for Tennessee news? This one is by Oskie at Third Saturday in Blogtober. He puts up a letter that he received from Lane Kiffin. Click here to read this article.

10. More from GoVolsXtra, this is from Drew’s Notebook. He gives his early impressions from the Vols first workouts of the spring. He talks about how excited the players are about the new offense among other things. Click here to read this article.

11. Dave Hooker and GoVolsXtra makes the list again. This time he writes about the Vols offensive line and what approach Jim Chaney is taking to figure out who will be starting on the o-line come fall. Click here to read this article.

12. Drew Edwards writes and article for GoVolsXtra about what kind of reaction the players had to their first practice and what kinds of feelings they were having going into it. He talks about the enthusiasm that the coaches had and that they were setting the tone. Click here to read this article.

13. This is absolute hilarious and isn’t really news at all but it’s in response to all of the accusations about Lane Kiffin telling a recruit that if he signed with South Carolina he would be pumping gas for the rest of his life. It’s written by Ghost of Neyland at 3SIB. Click here to read this article.

14. This is the first link that isn’t about football. It’s another one from Oskie over at 3SIB. It’s a great article about former Lady Vols basketball player, Kellie Jolly. I would highly recommend reading this one, it’s a great story and really well written. Click here to read this article.

15. Another GoVolsXtra article and another one by Dave Hooker. He writes about junior quarterback, Nick Stephens wrist injury, how it will change his off season and about the great approach Stephens is taking on this untimely injury. Click here to read this article.

16. David Climer writes this article for the Tennessean. It’s about how Lane Kiffin is preaching work ethic above anything else. High energy, full speed workouts. Click here to read this article.

17. This one doesn’t directly have anything to do with Tennessee, but it is about Peyton Manning. We all love Peyton Manning and it’s interesting to see who he gets to play golf with in the off season. It’s from and is written by Will Brinson. Click here to read this article.

18. Another one that has nothing to do with Tennessee and this one really has absolutely nothing to do with Tennessee, but if you scroll just a little bit you’ll see a question that was submitted by yours truly. Click here to read this article.

19. GoVolsXtra is back on the list (again) and another one from Drew’s Notebook. This one sums up the results from the Tennessee Pro Day. Click here to read this article.

20. Oskie from 3SIB gives his thoughts on Tennessee’s first practice of the spring. He has a lot of great quotes and does a good job of capturing the excitement surrounding the new coaching staff and the beginning of a new era. Click here to read this article.

21. Another one for Ghost at 3SIB. He writes about how excited he is now that spring practice has started. Click here to read this article.

22. Drew Edwards and GoVolsXtra have an article about Lane Kiffin and how he welcomes bad weather in the spring so that they can be better prepared for it in the fall. Click here to read this article.

23. This time Chris Low writes on his ESPN blog about how Monte Kiffin and Eric Berry are a very dangerous combination. He has some good quotes from both of them. Click here to read this article.

24. This isn’t actually an article, it’s the audio from a Pardon The Interuption show on ESPN. During it there is a five minute interview with Lane Kiffin. I thought it was a great interview and definitely worth listening to. Click here to listen to the show.

25. This is another one from 3SIB, this time by TideFan relaying the info he got from Ghost and Oskie about Bryce Brown being in Knoxville for the Vols open practice. Click here to read this article.

26. Dave Hooker of GoVolsXtra this time writes about Bryce Brown being in Knoxville again. Click here to read this article.

27. This is Dave Hooker again writing about Bryce Brown, this time about what impact he thinks Brown could have on the team if he does end up signing with us. Click here to read this article.

28. Drew Edwards of GoVolsXtra writes about what the players thought about practicing in front of thousands of fans. He has some great quotes from Eric Berry and others. Click here to read this article.

29. Mike Strange of GoVolsXtra writes about how the Tennessee basketball team got some sweet revenge on Alabama in their first game of the SEC Tournament. Click here to read this article.

30. Another basketball article from GoVolsXtra, this time by Mike Griffith. He writes about Tennessee beating Auburn and gives a preview to their matchup in the championship game against Mississippi State. Click here to read this article.

31. Ghost at 3SIB writes about why he is so excited for the Vols to be in the SEC Championship. Click here to read this article.

32. We finish with one last article by Dave Hooker from GoVolsXtra writing about what he makes of Bryce Brown’s visit to Knoxville. Click here to read this article.

I numbered the links because I was curious as to how many there were. 32 sounds like a lot to me. I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did. Let me know what you think in a comment, even if it’s just to let me know I’m crazy for actually reading all of this.

2 Responses

  1. Wow, nice work here compiling all this stuff. What a crazy week it was when you look back.

    Thanks as always for the links!

  2. Thanks! I’m always willing to give respect where it’s deserved.

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