Bryce Brown in Knoxville for Tennessee’s Practice!

Bryce Brown making a cut during the high school All-American game

I’m getting this information third-hand, but it’s from sources that I trust and because of it I’m putting this news up on our site. My favorite source of information on Tennessee and SEC news, 3SIB, just said that two of their writers saw Bryce Brown at the Tennessee practice. The writer who actually posted the information, TideFan, just put up the information without anything else to go with it. I can’t really say I blame him, seeing how he is a Tide fan, just as his name accurately portrays. But here at WaB, I’m going to take this information and run with it. Continue reading

Six Overtime Big East Thriller

I think they look a little tired, don't you?

Last night I watched what has to be the most exciting, thrilling, exhausting, ridiculous, exhilarating, unbelievable basketball game I have ever seen in my life. If you didn’t see it for yourself or haven’t heard about it since then, late last night early this morning the Syracuse Orange defeated the UConn Huskies 3 hours and 46 minutes after the opening tip off, which finally ended at 1:22 AM Eastern Time. This is certainly something that can’t go unmentioned on our site so I’m putting up this post about it. Continue reading

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