The Big 12 Conference Tournament

ku_v_ut_trophy_tight_t640This is the first of two parts where I will be predicting the results for two of the NCAA basketball conference tournaments. I’m only going to do the Big 12 and SEC because beyond that I don’t know enough nor care enough, so we’ll just keep it simple with these two. This one, as you can probably guess from the title, is the Big 12 Tournament prediction. I chose to do it in form of a bracket because that’s what March is all about, right?

As you can see I have Oklahoma being the team that will be lifting a trophy similar to the one on the right. The obvious difference being that this one will say “2009” rather than “2007” but you get the idea. I see a rematch between Kansas and Oklahoma in the Championship Game but this time the Sooners will have Blake Griffin healthy and will be looking for revenge.


10 Responses

  1. You’re 100% so far.

  2. And if Texas holds on to this 10 point lead I’ll be 2 for 2.

  3. If Iowa St beats Oklahoma St I’m gonna be really mad, because I came so close to picking that upset…

  4. Well 3 of 4 for the first round isn’t too bad.

  5. KU losing to Baylor at half… hmm. Do I smell an upset brewing?

  6. Missed one today! Yes!

  7. […] 12, 2009 by colts18 For those of you that didn’t see, Kansas lost to Baylor today in the Big 12 Conference Tournament. Baylor was the 9 seed in the tournament and needless to say it was quite a surprise and upset that […]

  8. Good for Baylor, maybe this will get them into the tournament. I think this probably lowers KU’s seed, but they will still be there.

  9. KU is definitely making the Tournament… but I think Baylor is still a long shot, at this point they should probably be happy with an NIT bid, though maybe if they win one more game they’ll make the NCAAs.

  10. It’s interesting to see brackets after the tournament is over. You should see my brackets after the NCAA tournament. They’re always bloody ;-)

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