New Recruiting Technique

Be original.

If that’s what the new coaching staff for Tennessee football was going for then I would think it’s safe to say that they achieved it. There are multiple reports that multiple coaches ripped off their shirts and got everyone fired up at Tennessee’s Junior Day, where more than 100 high school players were in attendance to see if they would want to be part of Tennessee’s 2010 recruiting class. I have certainly never heard of anything like this happening.

According to the reports two coaches were talking about how important special teams are and how fired up they get about special teams. Then the two coaches ripped off their shirts and told them to stand up and get fired up too. The players halfheartedly started to stand up and clap. At this point the coaches said they were going to give them another chance and left the room. A third coach remained alone in the auditorium with the prospects and acted as though he were trying to hold the doors closed.

Prospects who recounted the event said they could hear what sounded like people slamming on the other side of the door and trying to get in. Then the lights were dimmed down and the two coaches charged back into the room. They now had several other shirtless coaches with them, as well as some of the current UT players including All-American, Eric Berry. This time the prospects did get fired up.

Evidently they all jumped up and ran up to the stage with the coaches and players and they were all jumping in a big circle chanting “UT wild boys… UT wild boys… UT wild boys…” and according to one of the recruits, it got “crunk.” I’m not entirely sure what that means exactly, but I’m nearly 100% sure it’s a good thing. Many recruits were quoted afterward to say that they enjoyed it, had fun and hadn’t experienced anything like that on any of the other Junior Days they had gone to. Some even said that Tennessee had moved up on their list of schools because of the visit.

As you may very well know, I am a huge Tennessee fan, and as a Tennessee fan I love this. I think it’s bizarre and a little bit crazy, but one thing is for sure, none of those recruits are going to forget that visit. I love this coaching staff, and have all the confidence in the world in them and no matter what everyone says about how “they haven’t even coached a game yet” there is at least one thing I can be sure of at this point: if nothing else at least this season won’t be boring.

I read 5 or 6 articles about this and thought I’d share the one that I thought was best, so if you’d like to read more on this topic I would recommend clicking here.

As I said, I’m excited and think this was a brilliant way to make a first impression on these young recruits. However I can also see why people might not look at it that way, so let me know what you think. Either way, if you agree or disagree feel free to let me know by voting in the poll above and leaving a comment below.


The Ghost over at 3SIB, and since us here at WaB enjoy the 3SIB site so much, I thought I would give a link so you guys can see what they think on the matter. Click here to check it out.

4 Responses

  1. It’s not quite like the Nebraska coach who tattooed Will Compton’s name on his arm to get him to commit. Eckler was his name, I think. I also think he just left for another job, which is kind of funny.

  2. Good ol Rocky Top! I like the sounds of this. I have no idea what “crunk” is either… but that maybe because I graduated from UT long before that fella was born.

    Recruiting is key to contending for championships. Coaching and motivating them to play their best for the team will be the next big step. I’ve got confidence in the new Vols coaching staff. Once he gets his system in place and the players at the skill positions the Big Orange should be back in the thick of things on a national level.

    Go Vols!

  3. You gotta love Tennessee. There is no other place like it!

  4. VolHawk – I agree completely. We are taking the steps we need to take to get back into the National spotlight and we’re on these kids’ minds which is always good news.

    All Vol – This is true, there is no place like it.

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