Our Little Experiment

As many of you know, either because you know me personally or because you’ve read WaB enough, I don’t follow baseball by any stretch of the imagination. Earlier today Bryan wanted to see if I could name every MLB team. It took me over 20 minutes to name all 30 teams in Major League Baseball, and that was with Bryan giving me a little direction near the end. That’s pretty bad, though in all honesty I’m surprised I actually managed to come up with all 30 without cheating. Bryan hates the fact that the only sport I really follow is football, which I am not about to deny. Of the 128 total posts I have written for our website, 108 of them are categorized under either “NFL” or “NCAA Football” so clearly I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to other sports. And of those remaining 20 posts, only one of them is categorized under “MLB” and it’s not actually about baseball at all. Continue reading

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