Apparently, Manny Ramirez Doesn’t Want to Play Baseball in 2009

I don’t know how else to put it than the title of this post. The only other options are: 1) Scott Boras is the Dumbest and Greediest Man on Earth or 2) Scott Boras is a Magical Sports Wizard Agent That is 15 Times Smarter Than Us Mere Mortal Sports Followers.

Because today I thought for sure Manny would be saying yes to a 2 year $45 million offer to stay in Dodger blue. The first year of the deal paid $25 million and it had a player option for the second year at $20 million. If Manny and Boras thought he could get more on the open market, they could opt out. Tonight, I read that once again Manny and Boras are turning down the Dodgers. That makes four offers from the Dogders and four “no’s” from Manny and Boras.

Boras keeps saying there are other teams out there, but there is nobody else offering besides the Dodgers. LA is pretty much bidding against itself. I don’t understand why they would raise the price if they don’t need to, especially in this economy. Maybe Boras knows something I don’t, like a team in Cuba is putting together a 3 year $100 million offer for Manny. Or that the Florida Marlins are going to enter the picture and say Manny can have $125 million to play baseball for the next 4 seasons and then own the Marlins in addition to a yacht and a 57,000 square-foot South Beach mansion – all of which will be provided by the team.

I really could understand rejecting an offer with this amount of money in it, I just can’t understand doing it now that Spring Training has already started and that nobody else has come calling. Everyone else in baseball seems pretty content with their team without Manny on it. Honestly, if I’m Los Angeles GM Ned Colletti, I call the bluff on my next offer. I wait 2 weeks – where the season is starting to approach and then I come back with a 3 year offer worth $50 million. Try to steal Manny.

I love Manny, it’s Boras that I have become frustrated with. I used to think Boras was great – getting the best for his clients and all. But after the whole thing where he had Alex Rodriguez opt-out of the largest contract in sports so he could sign the new largest contract in sports, I’d had enough of him. That was the same kind of situation – there was only one team that was going to pay A-Rod that kind of money, that team being the Yankees.

The funny thing is, the Dodgers could get by without Manny. Obviously they need his power bat in the middle of the lineup, and they are instantly a contender in the National League with him on their team, but they already have 3 outfielders plenty capable of starting every day at the Major League level. Those 3 guys being Matt Kemp, Andre Either and Juan Pierre.

When I saw the offer today, I thought it was done. I thought Manny would be getting ready to report to camp. I thought wrong.


5 Responses

  1. Very interesting indeed… He should sign with the Orioles!

  2. The greedy are really beginning to stand out in today’s economy. About time they became shamefully uncool.

  3. As a brilliant man named Latrell Sprewell once said “I gotta feed my family”.

    Thats all Manny is trying to do here guys.

  4. Haha, that’s great, Nick

  5. Yes, that is true. Latrell apparently fed his family stricity with kobe beef filet mignon’s that had to be driven in from Texas daily in gold-plated Rolls Royce’s that were towing Ferrari’s and then first cooked by Charlie Trotter, then seasoned by Auguste Escoffier – a famous French chef I looked up on the Internet. Escoffier apparently died in 1935, so everyday Latrell had to pump enough electricity through him to power Buffalo, which would reanimate Escoffier and allow him to do his work.

    Needless to say, it is quite expensive.

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