Fan Mock Draft

Alright, now that the Combine is over, we’ve started our fan mock draft.  We’re planning on going three rounds, so check in often.  Drafters will have 12 hours to email us a pick for their respective team.

detroit_lions1.  BJ Raji – DT- Boston College – “It came down to three players; Raji, Aaron Curry or Jason Smith. I went with Raji because Detroit had huge problems stopping the run last year after trading Shaun Rogers to Cleveland. Detroit was dead last in defense among the 32 teams. At least the offense was 27th !”


2. Eugene Monroe – OT – Virginia – “The Rams could use an improvement at just about every position on the field.  Orlando Pace has played like 11 games in the last three years and Alex Barron is a human false start.  Jason Smith got consideration here, but his meteoric rise since the end of the season has me concerned.  Andre Smith would have been the pick, but he blew that this past weekend.”

kansas_city_chiefs_logo_1753. Aaron Curry – LB – Wake Forest – “Not satisfied with Sanchez or Stafford, and the Chiefs really need another LB to team up with Derrick Johnson.”




4. Michael Crabtree – WR- Texas Tech “I toyed with the Baylor OT Jason Smith, but figured that Crabtree is not only the best WR, but the best character guy I’ve seen in this draft.  I can’t see any TO antics coming to haunt us, and the foot injury is unlikely to curtail him for too long.  He’s had the problem all season.”

clevelandbrowns_100 5. James Laurinitis – LB – Ohio St. – “Everyone has made a big deal about Curry winning the Butkus award this year.  Know who won it last year?  This guy.  Hometown kid, fast, big,never missed time with an injury, no character issues, just the kind of payer that we need and will start alongside D’Qwell Jackson from day one.”


cincinnati_bengals_sm6. Jason Smith – OT- Baylor – “This is a no brainer.  Solid citizen, athletic, huge upside. Bengals biggest need is in the offensive line at tackle and center.  Too soon for a center.”



oakland_raiders_3885 7. Jeremy Maclin – WR – Missouri – “Oakland NEEDS an explosive guy from the outside and Maclin is it.  I don’t know if he can be a #1 guy, but he would def. be a matchup nightmare from LBs from the slot.  Another option was Maualuga but once again, I just think it is too much of a reach and I don’t think he is one the level of a top 10 pick.”


8. Malcolm Jenkins – CB – Ohio St. – “The jags starting corners are Drayton Florence and Brian Williams. They need a better secondary especially considering the division they’re in. Malcolm Jenkins is probably the best player available at this point and he fills a pretty big need. I thought about taking Andre Smith but the personality issues are too much of a concern.”

9. Aaron Maybin – LB/DE – Penn St. – “I don’t buy into Kampman at Linebacker. I think Maybin is young enough and talented enough to play that standing DE/OLB for their new 3-4”



10. Everette Brown – DE – Florida St. – “Brown gives Coach Singletary the top pass rusher he wanted so badly…his speed, non-stop motor, and ability to stop plays behind the line of scrimmage is just what the Niners need to propel their defense to the next level.  DC Manusky will absolutely love this guy…he was the LB coach of the Chargers before joining SF two seasons ago, so understands how to employ a player like Brown to create some havoc for opposing offenses.”

11. Jared Cook – TE – South Carolina – “I Mel Kiper, pull your hair out! TE is one of several critical needs for the Bills. Draft pundits defaulted Brandon Pettigrew to the Bills, but Cook brings a degree of athleticism that puts him in a class by himself. Not only can he stretch the field with blazing speed for his position, he  can jump out of the gym! Think Antonio Gates with the Jets and hops! Cook would also be devastating out of the slot! (SF pulling Everette Brown out with the preceding pick makes this choice a no-brainer for me)

12. Rey Maualuga – ILB – Southern California – “Shifting to the 3-4 this year, the Broncos were eyeing B.J. Raji first. With him going early, the next choice had to be this exciting and talented kid out of USC. The new look defense will need a strong linebacking corps and Maualuga more than fits the bill with speed and toughness. An immediate impact player, Denver is thrilled with the opportunity to take him.”

washington-redskins-logo 13. Brian Orakpo – DE – Texas – “He gives the ability to add some youth at the DE position and can also step back and play the 3-4 OLB if Washington decides to go to the 3-4 with the signing of Haynesworth.”



neworleanssaints_10014. Vontae Davis – CB – Illinois – “The Saints have Randall Gay and Jason David but I feel like David has been a disappointment and that we could still definitely improve at this position. Vontae Davis is a great young talent that I think could help out the secondary.”



15. Clay Matthews – OLB – Southern California – “I still want the Texans to get a DE in the first two rounds, but with Orakpo and Brown off the board, there’s no DE I feel is worth the #15 pick.  Still, it frees the team up to address another need, but since I wasn’t able to trade down, I’m forced to make a reach here.  Clint Sintim was also considered, but in the end I went with Matthews because of his versatility and hardnosed, nasty attitude.  He might last into the late part of this round or even early into round 2, but he won’t be there at my next pick.”

16. Peria Jerry – DT – Ole Miss – “I went DT here because Jamal Williams is 32 and Jerry is the second best DT on the board.  I strongly considered taking the other Ole Miss product, Michael Oher here.  I think Oher would be good value at this point and he would be an upgrade over McNeill and Clary, but both are only 25.  I know people doubt Jerry will be able to be a nose tackle in a 3-4, but they’ll be able to bulk him up.”

17. Matt Stafford – QB – Georgia – “A quarterback is something the Jets desperately need (no apologies to Kellen Clemens).  No brainer right here.”



images218. Brian Cushing – OLB – USC – True story. I called Bryan to tell him I was going to draft Mississippi OT Michael Oher. Bryan told me Andre Smith from Alabama was still there, so I said I would take him. Then I remembered the Bears started Hunter Hillenmeyer at OLB beside Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs for the past three seasons at least. Then, last year, Hillenmeyer was replaced by some guy named Nick Roach. Needless to say, I think we could use an OLB, especially since Urlacher has slowed down a bunch – and was never really as dominant as most people thought he was anyway.

19. Hakeem Nicks – WR – North Carolina – “Bucs need another go to WR to help out Bryant & a WR that has good hands & Nicks can be a big help at WR for the Bucs & for Bryant. Other then Bryant the Bucs have nobody the can count on at WR. Hilliard & Galloway are gone, they just resigned butterfingers (Clayton) to a 5 year deal (like he deserves it) & they have Dexter Jackson who they drafted last year from Appalachian St. as a WR/kickoff returner & he did nothing for them at WR or on special teams & they dont use Maurice Stovall so I think Nicks would be a good pick here.”


20. Mark Sanchez – QB – Southern California – “Left Tackle ? There are four potential first rounders still available … Cornerback ? Only one off the board so far …. Let’s just say the Devil made me to this !”



21. Michael Oher, OT, Ole Miss – “A lot of people  have said he’s inconsistent……………He gave up ZERO sacks this year in the SEC. I’ll gladly take that for 10+ years.”



22. Brandon Pettigrew – TE – Oklahoma St. – “The Vikings are built to win a title now outside of QB so why draft one and have to waste 3 years of the best running back in the league. I’d rather see an OT in free agency so we’re not waiting for a few years to see if it works. That and Pettigrew is a great blocker and fairly good pass-catcher, lets get Rosencopta some weapons.”

newenglandpatriots_10023. Larry English – LB – Northern Illinois – “The loss of Mike Vrabel really accelerates the need at outside linebacker.  English was a guy that Belichick spoke of at the combine.  The Pats have a history of turning a 4-3 Defensive End into a 3-4 linebacker.  This draft has more depth than I originally thought, especially at LB, and that’s a good thing.”


24. Andre Smith – OT – Alabama – “I don’t know how he fell to me at the 24th pick but I’ll certainly take him. The Falcons drafted Sam Baker last year in the first round but our other starting OT, as well as another starting offensive lineman and a backup OT are all free agents now. With Sam Baker on one side and Andre Smith on the other, it’ll be a lot harder for people to get to Matt Ryan.”

25. D.J. Moore – CB – Vanderbilt – “We desperately need help at cornerback, especially now that we’ve lost Andre Goodman to free agency. I considered Alphonso Smith and Darius Butler as well as a few others but Moore was who really jumped out at me. I also considered a few other positions but this just made the most sense in my mind.”


26. Darrius Heyward-Bey – WR – Maryland – “Baltimore needs a receiver who can stretch the field and work with our golden arm qb Joe Flacco. (hopefully, the original golden arm, Johnny Unitas, is watching and working his magic). Heyward-Bey has strength and speed plus he’s a local boy with a decorated past and a natural fit.”

27. Knowshon Moreno – RB – Georgia – “I have absolutely no idea how Moreno fell to me at the 27th pick, but I like it. He’s a great receiving back out of the back field to give Peyton another weapon and he will be a great compliment to Joseph Addai. I’ve heard/read things saying the Colts want to go to a two-back system and I can’t think of another back I’d rather have to do that with. On top of everything else the Colts ranked 32nd (yes, dead last) in yard per rush attempt for the 2008 season. That is dreadful, and needs to change. I believe Moreno can help fix this problem.”

28. Chris “Beanie” Wells – RB – Ohio St. – “The Eagles need a RB to replace Buckhalter, and a power runner to help in short yardage. Wells is both of those things and will be the long term replacement for Brian Westbrook.”



new_york_giants29. Fili Moala – DT – Southern California – “I’m looking at either WR Hakeem Nicks — or a SS, but I don’t really see any worth taking that high right now. Jerry Reese mostly signs cheap free agents or an occasional trade to fill gaps. Our first round picks of late have been chosen precisely to become backups until their predecessors pass on. I’m looking at this kid from USC though — Fili Maola at DT.”

nfl_tennessee_titans130. Max Unger – C – Oregon – “He is the best center available and can fill in at other positions until Mawae retires.  Only other thought would be a CB at this point.”



31. LeSean McCoy – RB – Pittsburgh – “Tim Hightower isn’t going to be the every-down type of running back anytime soon, and Edge is coming close to the end of his career. McCoy will be the best back coming out of this draft in years to come.”


pittsburghsteelers_10032. Eben Britton – OT – Arizona – “The Steelers are in definite need of improvement on the o-line. We gave up 49 sacks last year which was 4th worst in the league, and while some can be chalked up to Roethlisberger’s incompetence, we still basically need an entirely new offensive line. The only other direction I considered going here was cornerback.”

************ROUND 2************

detroit_lions33. William Beatty – OT – Connecticut – “With the first pack of the second round does Detroit go offense or defense ? The top MLBs are both gone as are the top three OLBs; Detroit has signed on two cornerbacks in Free Agency, so that leaves me with the option to take someone to protect the Quarterback I drafted at #20.”


TRADE NOTICE: We just had our first trade of the draft go through in quick succession. The first trade was between the New England Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts. The Patriots traded their current pick and the later of their remaining two second round picks (58 overall) to the Colts for the Colts third round pick (92 overall) and the Colts 2010 first round pick.

TRADE NOTICE: Almost immediately after the first trade we had our second trade of the draft go through. This time between the Indianapolis Colts and the Cleveland Browns. The Browns trade their two second round picks (36 and 50 overall) for the Colts current pick (acquired via the Patriots) as well as their original second round pick (61 overall) and the Colts fourth round pick (123 overall) so to sum it all up. The Browns are the ones with the 34th pick of the draft.

clevelandbrowns_10034. Tyson Jackson – DE – LSU – “At one point in the season we had exactly one backup defensive lineman healthy.  Jackson is about the only worthwhile true 3-4 DE in the draft and I’m really pumped to land him in the 2nd round.  Even if Jackson doesn’t start right away, he will most certainly be in the rotation.  And playing next to Shaun Rogers wont hurt.”


35. Robert Ayers – DE – Tennessee – “I wanted Jackson, but I was beaten to it.  Ayers is the next best DE, so with Leonard Little getting old and knowing that Victor Adeyanju is a capable backup only, I’m taking Ayers.  He can play behind Little and Long this year and hopefully step into a starting role in 2010.  I really thought about one of the corners here, but I didn’t do it.”

36. Evander “Ziggy” Hood – DT – Missouri – Ziggy is easily the third best DT in this draft in my opinion so with BJ Raji and  Peria Jerry being taken before my pick in the first round I decided to steal Knowshon and then trade back up in the second round to grab Hood. At 6’3 – 300 he’ll already be the second biggest defensive lineman we have and should be able to make an impact immediately.”


37. Alex Mack – C – California – “Our O-line, when fully fit, is sufficient.  Problem is, it’s never fully fit, and Pork Chop (who perennially has more opportunity to chase after nurses than our opponents DT’s) ended last year as our most consistent and healthy option in the front three.  Notwithstanding this pick, I would not be surprised to see the Hawks select a Guard as well in Rounds 6 or 7, although another DT would be preferable. “


38. Connor Barwin – DE – Cincinnati – “He is from Cincy, he can play TE, DE, and OLB.  He will make the transition to outside backer easier than most of the Orakpo, Maybin, etc. group.  He can be the third TE, a third down DE or LB who can rush the passer, or bulk up a little and be an everydown DE.  This is good pub for the Bengals who need it in Cincy, but he reminds me of Jevon Kearse coming out of college.”


39. Donald Brown – RB – Connecticut – “With Fred Taylor gone we need a guy who will be able to go along with Maurice Jones-Drew and compliment his running style well. I believe Donald Brown is a guy who can do this. He’s a little bit smaller than what I would like for a guy who’s replacing Taylor’s 6’1 – 228 frame but he should be able to get the job done.”


40. Alphonso Smith – CB – Wake Forest – “His only flaw is his height. He breaks on routes better than anyone in the draft, he is the most well round CB, and he is faster and more athletic than Jenkins who many think is the best CB in the draft. They say he plays the ball like a receiver at times and just has an instinct like an Ed Reed… he just gets the damn ball… I was going to go with a hybrid guy (don’t wanna give it away) but I figured that Nnamdi needs another cover corner to help him out and Brach will probably stay at safety.”

41. Sen’Derrick Marks – DT – Auburn – “Although they having a pressing need to be addressed at the OT position, the safer bet here is to continue building the new 3-4 defense. It came down to Ron Brace and Sen’Derrick. In Marks, the Packers get a 300+ pound nose tackle who is explosive (4.88 and 5.01 40 times in college/combine) and athletic for his size. He could’ve used another year maybe in college but his upside is too much for the Packers to pass on in round 2. Brace was in the mix because of his 340+ pound frame but the Packers have two huge run stuffers to rotate already in Jolly and Pickett.”

42. Michael Johnson – DE/LB – Georgia Tech – “A big play, through the roof potential athletic freak- 6′7″, fluid going forward or back, great hip action,sometimes compared with Julius Peppers. Although not excessively productive throughout his career at GT, he had a great final season, and was selected top 10 in more than one of the mock drafts. This was my #1 player on defense from the start! To get him in the second round is grand larceny!”

43. Jamon Meredith – OT – South Carolina – “Meredith will play RT for Coach Singletary…and will solidify his OL to implement the power running game both he and new OC Jimmy Raye want.  Incumbent Jonas Jennings is more than capable, but can’t seem to stay off the injured list.  Meredith played in a pro-style offense under Steve Spurrier, so his transition to the NFL should be no problem.  While not listed among the elite OT’s, he’s a very steady player who should fit in nicely with Singletary’s OL.”

44. Ron Brace – DT – Boston College – “I thought about going with a safety to replace Renaldo Hill, or a center but our I think our current centers aren’t bad, they just lack experience. We really need a new nose tackle so that’s what I decided to go after this round and Brace fits the need nicely.”

new_york_giants45. Phil Loadholt – OT – Oklahoma – “I also considered going wide receiver here as well as outside linebacker and strong safety but we really need both better starters and more depth at offensive tackle and I thought Loadholt would be a good choice.”


46. Sean Smith – CB – Utah – “I had planned on taking Paul Kruger here, but I’m surprised to see Smith fall to 46.  I think very highly of him, and his versatility is a HUGE advantage to this team, which still has a lot of issues in the secondary – especially with the Dunta Robinson situation that might lead to him not returning in 2010.  Smith can backup Eugene Wilson at FS or get in the mix for the nickel corner right away. I’m excited to have Smith fall here.  He’s one of the only players that I was willing to take over a DE in round two, despite the free agent acquisition of Antonio Smith.  You can never have too many talented defensive linemen – but Sean Smith is going to be an impact player in the NFL, either as a safety or corner.”

newenglandpatriots_10047. Louis Delmas – FS – Western Michigan – “No one has taken a Safety yet, and I feel that is the weakest area of the field for the Patriots.  Was a 4 year starter in college, and a very good tackler. Plus, he has dreadlocks just like SS Brandon Meriweather.”


48. Paul Kruger – DE/OLB – Utah – “Kruger is a solid Linebacker who should fit Denver’s new 3-4 system well.  We considered Safety William Moore out of Missouri as well with this pick but need to shore up the line badly.”


chicago_bears_mad49. Kenny Britt – WR – Rutgers – Wide receiver is a pressing need for the Bears. It has been a pressing need really since the team was allowed to start throwing the football. I think the Bears have had maybe two guys you could say were legitimate No. 1 receivers. Willie Gault in the 1980’s and Curtis Conway in the 1990’s. Marty Booker has the Bears franchise record for catches in a season with 100. That says something. I chose Britt mainly because he is bigger (6’4″) than the other receivers still on the board. I figure at worst he would be a factor in the red zone and at best he would immediately be the Bears top option at wide receiver.

50. Kenny Britt – WR – Rutgers… Chase Coffman – TE – Missouri – “I guess Jet decided to take my receiver so I’m going with my second Mizzou Tiger and picking Coffman. We don’t really need help at tight end at all but with him and Dallas Clark we could just do a lot more two-tight end sets and then have them line up in the slot a lot, like we already do with Clark. I can’t honestly say I put a whole lot of thought into this pick. I really thought Britt was going to fall to me and when he didn’t I just threw this up here.”

51. William Moore – S – Missouri – “Cornerback has become a more pressing need with the Anthony Henry trade (Newman, Jenkins, and Scandrick as a 1-2-3 isnt appealing) but there is no real CB value here. Will Moore’s stock has dropped, but he is a great athlete and can be coached. He is in the mold of a physical Roy Williams type, but has superior coverage skills. A bit of a question mark, but too talented to let fall past 51.”

52. Duke Robinson – OG – Oklahoma – “The Jets really need help on the offensive line at both the tackle and guard positions. I thought about going for a defensive lineman or an inside linebacker here but went o-line instead. Duke played well at Oklahoma and helped their record breaking offense. Now he can come protect Matt Stafford.”

53. Percy Harvin – WR – Florida – “Safety was a concern until Sean Jones was signed.  Percy Harvin is just too good of a value to pass up this late in Rd 2. He and DeSean Jackson bring great speed to an offense that has lacked playmakers at the WR spot for a long time.”

54. Victor Harris – CB – Virginia Tech – “The Vikes need CB depth and a return man, he gives us both.”




55. Darius Butler – CB – Connecticut – “I seem to be getting lucky with the players that are falling to me. First Andre Smith and now Butler. With this pick I have now addressed two of the Falcons three biggest needs in my opinion. Butler has late first round talent, so getting him this far down in the second round is a steal.”

56. Darry Beckwith – ILB – LSU – “Beckwith will be able to learn under Crowder for a few years to develop into the starter that we’ll need him to be.”



57. Herman Johnson – OG – LSU – “The guy is a beast at 6-foot-7, 355 LBS. First team All SEC who will be a great addition to the Ravens offensive line.  Quick feet give him stellar lateral movement. Guys this big aren’t supposed to be this quick- his 40 time is 5.5 seconds.”


58. Clint Sintim – OLB – Virginia – “He’s the best player left on the board in my opinion and I considered taking him with the 50th overall pick so with him still being here at 58 I couldn’t let him go by me twice. Both of our starting OLBs  from last year, Tyjuan Hagler and Freddy Keiaho, are free agents now so Sintim should be able to help fill the void they left behind.”

59. Jarron Gilbert – DE – San Jose St. – “Our defensive line is easily our biggest need at both defensive tackle and defensive end. Gilbert should at least start to help that problem. There really wasn’t anybody else I was considering taking at this point. He was there, he fills our biggest need so I took him.”

new_york_giants60. Patrick Chung – SS – Oregon – “There were a few players I considered taking here. It was a really tough decision between Jairus Byrd, Brian Robiskie, and Patrick Chung. I decided to go with Chung because it’s sounding more and more likely that we’ll get Plax back and I think that safety is a bigger need for us than corner, especially with James Butler becoming a free agent.”


61. Jairus Byrd – DB – Oregon – “I looked a couple of hours ago and thought I was in the clear, the two guys i wanted were still there and only three picks to go.  I log back in and Clint Sintim and Patrick Chung are both gone. I was going DB regardless unless Sintim was here, since he wasnt i took the next best DB available.  As the Browns don’t have another pick until round 4 this year, I needed this one to compete for a starting spot right away.  I think he’s our next starting SS to replace Sean Jones.”

nfl_tennessee_titans162. Brian Robiskie – WR – Ohio St. –“This is too easy.  Best hands in the draft.  Not Blazing, but he runs great routes.  Ready to contribute right away, so he will have a lot of catches.  How did he manage to fall to me.”



63. Jonathan Luigs – OC – Arkansas – “I toyed with taking Coye Francies, but you can never have too much depth on the o-line. The Cards already signed Bryant McFadden and doesn’t need another corner. Luigs is a great value pick here and is athletic and mobile. He can also help pave the way for McCoy and Hightower.”

pittsburghsteelers_10064. Eric Wood – OC – Louisville – “We need all the o-line help we can get. I took an offensive tackle with my first round pick, and I’m going with a center here. We need both starter caliber players and depth at o-line, so this should start us down the right path.”


************ROUND 3************


65. Jasper Brinkley – ILB – South Carolina – “6’2″ 260 lbs of pure meaness ! Scouting Report: Great at stuffing the hole and dropping a runningback in their tracks. Is very good in pass coverage and rushing the quarterback. When he is at full speed he can run under 4.7 in the 40, a scary element to go along with being 6’2” and 260 pounds. It is definitely not fun for opposing running backs to see Brinkley coming their way. Nor is he fun to see in blitz packages, as Brinkley is great at getting into the backfield and taking care of quarterbacks.”


66. Mike Mickens – CB – Cincinnati – “I didn’t take a corner in the second round because I figured I could get Mickens here.  He’s the same as Darius Butler or Alphonso Smith to me.  The Rams will also have Justin King, who didn’t play at all last year because of a toe injury. Mickens will add some much needed depth to our secondary.”

kansas_city_chiefs_logo_17567. Joaquin Iglesias – WR – Oklahoma – “Chiefs needs…QB? Check.  LB? Double-check!  Another solid receiver will really help this team. Igleasias is a reliable WR and can make the big plays.  He can stretch the field and can make tough catches in traffic.”


68. Rashad Johnson – S – Alabama – “Johnson hasn’t got the greatest speed and isn’t huge, but possesses game awareness, intelligence and leadership. He can play FS/SS/ST and was once a running back. I figure we’d put him at SS and move Deon Grant back to FS dumping Russell on the bench or offloading him. Both our starting safeties are in their 30s.”

69. Pat White – QB/WR – West Vriginia – “Pat White was very productive in college, and also proved his raw skill at the combine. White is an underrated passer, and can give Dallas a dynamic player to replace TO. White’s mobility from the QB position and ability to make plays from the slot receiver position would take pressure off of everyone. A Wildcat offense with one of the better college QBs in recent memory? Great value at the beginning of the 3rd”


70. Antoine Caldwell – C – Alabama – “I need a center and my three are gone, so I am using George Young’s theory that you take a long time starter at an elite program.  I could have taken Shipley, but the short arms may be a detriment against the division’s nose tackles.”




71. Kraig Urbik – G – Wisconsin – “Although he is listed as a guard, he can play either guard or tackle and that is what sold me. Wisconsin seems to produce a good lineman every year and Urbik is the next in line. He has a big fram at 6-6 335 but is surprisingly athletic and can move decent. Oakland has to replace the right side of their line with Cooper Crlisle getting old and Cornell Green somehow remaining on the roster let alone starting.”


72. Mohamed Massaquoi – WR – Georgia – “I addressed two of my top needs when I took a corner in the first round and a running back in the second round. The only other thoughts I had here besides wide receiver were defensive line and offensive line but I felt that either way I went there would be too much of a reach. I debated between Massaquoi and Derrick Williams but decided that I’d go with Massaquoi because he had faced better defenses in his college career and because of this would probably be better prepared for the NFL.”

73. Alex Boone – OT – Ohio St. – “Alex Boone is a massive (6’8” 330) OT from The Ohio State University. He is a very big, strong, aggressive and smart lineman. Coaches say he is a student of the game and spends hours in the film room. He will most likely be moved to RT in the NFL because he lacks the ideal speed for a LT. The Packers vacancy at RT is enormous with loss of Mark Taucher, who had been starting since his rookie season after an injury to Earl Dotson. Boone has great upside if he can improve his speed. He can become an effective pass protector because of his combination of footwork and balance. For now, he’ll slot in most likely on the ride side and compete with Tony Moll and Breno Giancomini (my personal favorite), while an aging Chad Clifton will holster the left side for a couple more seasons.”

74. Shonn Greene – RB – Iowa – “Greene fits the role perfectly of the power RB Coach Singletary wants in his offense.  Along w/OC Jimmy Raye, they want a bigger RB to compliment Frank Gore.  The 2-back system is just about a necessity in the NFL nowadays…if you can spread the carries out, you save a lot of wear ‘n tear on them.  Greene will also improve what has been a weak short yardage game.  His consistency at Iowa is as impressive as his figure…5-11, 235.”

75. Josh  Freeman – QB – Kansas St. – “This is not one of the real need picks for the Bills, but a value pick too good to let pass. Why? I am no sold on Trent Edwards, nor the current back-ups (who are they?), as the ultimate answers at QB for Bills. Edwards is a great student, quick to learn and apply in game settings, and a good leader. However he has been injury-prone throughout his care er, and does not have a particularly strong arm. Freeman is a physical specimen, 6’6″, strong with a very strong arm, and is an equally strong leader. I think he has more of the tools needed to win in Buffalo in the wonderful winter wonderland weather! Besides, he could step on TO if need be!”

76. Derrick Williams – WR – Penn St. – “I was considering a defensive player here but with Lito Sheppard, Jim Leonhard and Bart Scott helping to fill the voids on defense the Jets had at their respective positions.  Young Derrick although he never lived up to his ridiculous hype that he had when he arrived at Penn State won’t be asked to do as much with Rex Ryan’s run-first philosophy and with the Jets being a team that’s content to throw short quick passes, a man with his athleticism and excellent changing of direction could be a viable player for the Jets for sure.  You can even have him alongside Leon Washington returning kickoffs.”

77. Lawrence Sidbury Jr. – DE – Richmond – “Signing DE Antonio Smith away from the Cardinals should only be phase one of the Texans’ pass rush makeover.  By far the best DE left on the board, Sidbury will be an excellent member of the D-line rotation.  He’s more of a speed rusher, which is good because it will bring a great change of pace off the bench in pass rush situations.
While it’s true that Sidbury didn’t play against elite competition, he was often dominant against whoever he faced.  He notched FOUR SACKS in his team’s FCS (formerly I-AA) Championship-winning game in 2008, proving he can step it up in big game situations.
The Texans figure to continue their practice of rotating the defensive line.  He can bring the heat off the bench, and help keep offenses off-balance by causing problems for coaches who are already trying to find ways to handle Mario Williams.

78. Coye Francis – CB – San Jose St. – “We usually go with a ‘best player available’ approach in the draft unless there is a certain position that we really need to address. That year this position was DT, and seeing how I filled that hole with my first pick and Francis is the best player available in my opinion he is who I went with.


79. Dorell Scott – DT – Clemson – Listed at 6’4″ and 320 lbs. Scott should go a long way to helping Denver mend their defensive woes.  There were some tempting options and Denver considered CB Asher Allen out of Georgia as well but the defensive front needs the most help immediately and Scott is a gem at this point in the draft.”


washington-redskins-logo80. Marcus Freeman – OLB – Ohio St. –




81. Sammie Lee Hill – DT – Stillman – “Bucs could use a big DT to help Hovan & somebody that can help stop the run & put pressure on the QB. Somebody that’s much better than Jovan Haye was last year (who doesn’t even have the size for a DT). Sammie Lee Hill is a big DT that the Bucs need who’s similar to Albert Haynesworth. He’s 6’4 330 lbs. I’m sure not many people have heard of him because he’s from a small college but I think he’d do well in the NFL & with the Bucs D. He even helped rescue a man from a burning building, now that’s saying something about the guy.”


82. Tyrone McKenzie – OLB – South Florida – “With the 82nd pick the Detroit Lions continue to shore up their defense and add to the premier DT BJ Raji and stellar MLB Jasper Brinkley picked previously Outside Linebacker Tyrone Mckenzie of South Florida. An athletically gifted linebacker who runs well and has excellent sideline to sideline range. I also looked at OL and WR here but expect to be able to pick usable NFL caliber individuals in later rounds.”

83. Captain Munnerlyn – CB – South Carolina – “Charles Woodson is 32 and Al Harris is 34 so this is a plan-for-the-future pick. We have Will Blackmon, Tramon Williams, and Atari Bigby, who are all in their mid 20s, so adding Munnerlyn to the group gives us a great CB corp for the future.”


84. Troy Kropog – OT Tulane. images6

I’ll tell you right now, I have no idea who this guy is. But I looked up some OT prospects – which is something the Bears could use and this guys name came up as a second or third round option. Obviously nobody else really knows who it is because he hasn’t been picked yet. I figure he can now block for his old Tulane teammate Matt Forte. He’s pretty tall at 6’5″, but weighs 309 pounds. So ideally he could use another 10 or so for an NFL OT.

85. Travis Beckum – TE – Wisconsin – “No DE worth taking here, and Beckum is a good receiving TE that’ll contribute in the passing game immediately.”



86. Gerald Cadogan – OT – Penn St. – “We need help at both OT and OC but I thought Cadogan was definitely my best choice from those two positions. Bryant McKinnie and Artis Hicks will both be 30 when the season starts and backup OT, Marcus Johnson is a free agent. So we need both somebody who can provide depth now and be built into a starter for the future and I think Cadogan fits the bill.”

87. Louis Murphy – WR – Florida – “Well the choice was pretty hard because we are still hurting in a few places, but we needed another good receiver to back up Bess and Ginn in case of injury.  Hopefully he will be able to fill those shoes well.”



88. Kevin Barnes – CB – Maryland – “I’m a homer, so I’m sticking with the hometown theme the Ravens have set. Plus I’m anticipating Samari Rolle is gone and Dominic Foxworth will need some help. Ravens choose: Kevin Barnes, CB, MD. He has great speed, is a sure tackler and outstanding corner cover in college.  He could compete for nickelback in rookie year. This is much needed depth in the secondary with Rolle, McAllister and Ivy outta here.”

newenglandpatriots_10089. Xavier Fulton – OT – Illinois – “He has only been an O-Lineman for 2 seasons. Has the size and speed, but he has much to learn. Current OT’s Matt Light and Nick Kaczur are now 30 and 31. He should have the time to learn under them.”


90. James Casey – TE – Rice – “This is an absolute steal in my opinion. I think Casey is one of the best TEs in the draft this year. I’m not sold on Ben Hartsock, Jason Rader or Justin Peelle and none of them are exactly really young. Casey will give Matt Ryan a nice big target to throw to in short yardage situations and down near the endzone.”

new_york_giants91. Darcel McBath – FS – Texas Tech – “This was a really hard decision here. I considered going in a lot of different directions with this pick. WR, OT, OLB, CB, ILB and FS were all positions I was strongly considering. I didn’t feel that there were any OTs or ILBs left worth using this pick on with the players that were available at the other positions I mentioned. I went with FS because we literally only have two safeties on the roster right now after losing James Butler to free agency. Our secondary as a whole is thin right now with Sammy Knight, Sam Madison and RW McQuarters all free agents and Kevin Dockery being a restricted free agent. I filled the hole at SS with Chung so I went with McBath to fill the hole at FS.”

newenglandpatriots_10092. Vance Walker – DT – Georgia Tech – “Wilfork, Seymour and Jarvis Green are all entering their final year of their contracts in 2009.   There will be no way the Pats can keep them all under the cap. I’m expecting they will keep Wilfork and Seymour will be a FA. He should fit best in a 3-4 Defense.”


93. Ricky Jean-Francois – DT – LSU – “Darwin Walker is a free agent which basically leaves us with just three DTs on the roster. Maake Kemoeatu and Damione Lewis are the two starters and they’re 30 and 31 respectively. Backup Gary Gibson is only 26 but is also a restricted free agent. Ricky Jean-Francois should help solve these problems and taking Jarron Gilbert with my second round pick means I’m on my way to fixing our d-line issues. I also considered going o-line here but thought the d-line was was more pressing of a need.”

nfl_tennessee_titans194. Shawn Nelson – TE – Southern Miss – “This is a no brainer for me as he is the third TE  on some lists.  Unlike the kids from Rice and South Carolina, he will attempt to block someone.  He has soft hands, is quick, and is not just an overgrown wide receiver.  He will learn from Crumpler for a year or two and then be good to go.”


95. Cody Brown – OLB – Connecticut – “We really need help at LB, and definitely at OLB. I thought about going o-line here but thought a defensive pick would be a good idea since I hadn’t addressed that side of the ball yet. We are thin at OLB and we need starter talent. I don’t know if Brown will be able to start right away but he’ll at least help provide some depth and should get some good playing time and would also probably be pretty useful on coverage teams.”


96. Asher Allen – CB – Georgia – “We lost Bryant McFadden in free agency which really hurts. We still have Ike Taylor and Deshea Townsend but Townsend is 33. Fernando Bryant is 31. It’s definitely time to start looking at some corners. I considered going o-line or d-line here as well but I think Allen was one of the top three players left so I couldn’t pass him up.”


newenglandpatriots_10097. Nic Harris – SS – Oklahoma – “Not a cornerback, not really a linebacker, and not built like a true safety.  But, he can tackle and is versatile, and that has the making of someone who can fit into the Patriot system.”



cincinnati_bengals_sm98. Scott McKillop – ILB – Pittsburgh – “Not the fastest MLB, but he gets to the ball and makes the tackle.”




images299. Michael Hamlin – SS – Clemson

Saftey is another position I would say the Bears could use. They cut ties with longtime starting safety Mike Brown this offseason and I’m unsure exactly what the plan is to replace him. They have signed Josh Bullocks, formerly of the New Orleans Saints. The other safety position has Kevin Payne – who had 89 tackles last year, but I’m not completely sold on him. Hamlin was a 4-year starter at Clemson and has six interceptions last year as a senior. I’d be happy with him on the Bears.

new_york_giants100. Dannell Ellerbe – ILB – Georgia – “Linebacker is definitely one of our top needs, and while OLB is a higher priority, I think that this pick is a great value.”



************ROUND 4************

101.Keenan Lewis – CB – Oregon St. – “The Pac 10 isnt as big on talent as the Big XII or the SEC, but does feature some good pass catchers and quite a few pro-style offenses. Lewis has seen significant playing time for 4 years yet still hasnt turned 23 and has a lot of work ethic. He is a very smart player, and more than held his own at Senior Bowl practice. A tough corner in the mold of Anthony Henry, whom Dallas traded away in the Jon Kitna deal. Lewis could pick up the Cowboy defense quickly and challenge for the 3rd Corner spot with Orlando Scandrick, assuming 2008 1st rounder Mike Jenkins holds on to the #2 spot.”

kansas_city_chiefs_logo_175102. Gerald McRath – ILB – Southern Miss – “We need help at both inside linebacker and outside linebacker. I drafted Aaron Curry in the first round who can really play either, but will most likely play outside and now McRath can help him out on the inside.”




103. Mike Thomas – WR – Arizona – “Since we released our leading receiver, Torry Holt, I think it would be best to take a WR here. I probably would’ve addressed this earlier if I knw Holt was going to get cut. Obviously Thomas is no Holt, but maybe he can step in and be what Drew Bennett was supposed to be when we signed him. Maybe he can also return some kicks.”



104. Chip Vaughn – SS – Wake Forest – “Hard hitting strong Safety.  As far as I know, we currently have exactly 2 safeties on the roster, and this guy will compete for a starting spot immediately with Mike Adams.  Thought about a TE or or a WR but with another pick in this round, i thought I would get some value there and I think there is a serious drop off in safety talent after this guy.”



105. Andy Levitre – OG – Oregon St. – “Given that the personnel output from the state of Washington this year is as spectacular as the combined win total for the state, picking an Oregon State guy is the closest thing we have have to a local boy (even if he does come from Cal). I imagine he’s gone off a lot of peoples radar after the Senior Bowl, but was played at RT for that game (and clearly that is beyond him). Apparently he has one of the best first pushes in the draft and would do better with someone to the right of him. Right tackles we have anyway. It’s a left we need.”

cincinnati_bengals_sm106. Matt Shaughnessy – DE – Wisconsin – “Not a flashy player, but stout and tough.”





107. Trevor Canfield – OG – Cincinnati – “Offensive guard is one of our top two remaining needs since I’ve alread draft a corner, running back and wide receiver. Canfield is the best guard availiable in my opinion.”



108. Mitch King – DE/OLB – Iowa – “Our top two needs at this point are outside linebacker and defensive end. Mitch King can play either. We run a 3-4, so he’d probably work best at the oustide linebacker position but he can definitely play either.”



109. David Bruton – FS – Notre Dame – “4.46 40 time. 41+ inch verticle. Great young, athletic safety. Ballhawk on defense and great special teams player. He has great range and is fantastic when allowed to roam free. He was a 2 year starter at ND where he finished with over 200 tackles. He’ll need to put on a little weight and improve his hands a bit but a nice looking safety for the Packers.”

110. Phillip Hunt – DE – Houston – “The defensive player of the year in his conference, Hunt brings the Bills a significant upside for their pass rush. Quick off the snap and blessed with excellent closing speed, Hunt will provide another pass rush specialist for a team having a dire need in this area. Although a bit undersized right now, he has the frame to add more muscle and his speed should not be negatively impacted. He is rising up the NFL draft boards and is a possible 3rd round pick in April.”


111. Alex Magee – DT – Purdue – “Magee will give the Niners some good flexibility on their DL.  He’s a big body, but at 6-5 @ 300 lbs (much like Kentwan Balmer) he can play DE or DT.  He has the frame to add weight and play NT, which will give Coach Singletary a nice option to starter Abrayo Franklin in time. Magee’s a very solid DL whose role should grow after a season or two of mentoring from DL Coach Tomsula.”


112. Rashad Jennings – RB – Liberty – “It’s absolutely astounding that this guy is still on the board here.  Most draft sites I use have him going in the 2nd, and some have him in the 3rd.  The Texans need a good fit for their zone-blocking scheme, and more specifically – they need a
bigger back to compliment Steve Slaton – a guy who can grind it out in short-distance yardage situations.

Jennings is 6-1, 231 pounds.  He doesn’t have elite speed, but he’s VERY quick to and through the holes.   He’s literally a perfect one-cut power runner, and would be an absolute STEAL in the fourth round,  but when the real draft comes, I think he’ll go much earlier.  The Texans are thrilled to get him here.”

113. Fenuki Tupou – OT – Oregon – “Offensive tackle is our top need at this point and he’s also decent value with this pick.”



114. David Veikune – DE – Hawaii – “I took Paul Kruger earlier, who we will be able to turn into an outside linebacker and keep the less versatile, Veikune, at his natural position of defensive end.”



115. Kyle Moore – DE – USC – “Defensive end is one of our top two needs at this point. I thought about grabbing another receiver but Derrick Williams I decided to go d-line this time.”



neworleanssaints_100116. Sherrod Martin – FS – Troy – “Our defense needs help everywhere and Martin is one of the top three players still on the board in my opinion so I couldn’t pass on him.”



117. Jason Phillips – ILB – TCU – “May slide a little bit because of a knee injury, but Phillips is a good player and a great value for this far into the draft. His injury isnt as bad as Maualuga’s, and Phillips also was in the middle of one of the nation’s best defenses. Not a physical freak, but alongside Bradie James and DeMarcus Ware he need only be hard-working, smart, healthy, and efficient. Theres not much doubt he can be. Played a lot over his time at TCU (is the school’s all-time leading tackler) and is the kind of guy who leads with his play and not with his mouth, something the Cowboys locker room desperately needs.”

neworleanssaints_100118. Jonathan Casillas – OLB – Wisconsin – “Like I mentioned with my last pick, we need a ton of help on defense. I have now taken three defensive players, and plan on taking more. This should help.”



images2119. Chris Baker – DT – Hampton – I’ve never seen Baker play, and the fact that he went to Hampton scares me a little bit. But he weighs 326 pounds – which is a plus – and he sounds like a very good athlete for his size. He ran a 5.02 in the 40 and posted a 35.5 inch vertical. I don’t think I could post that vertical and I’m a pretty good leaper who weighs half of what Baker does. Health at DT has been a problem for the Bears. The more depth they have there, the better they probably are.

120. Domonique Johnson – CB – Jackson St. – “NO PHILLIP BUCHANON, RONDE BARBER IS SLOWING DOWN (showed last year) & even though they have Talib he’s inexperienced.  Only other CB they have is ELBERT MACK who was an undradfted FA last year who didn’t see the field much last year & TORRIE COX has had a history of knee injuries.  It’s pretty sad when Buchanon is leaving for Detroit who has had a hard time winning gmaesfor a while  now. HAVE FUN BUCHANON!  Plus Domonique Johnson is a fast CB which they can use now that Barber is slwoing down & who knows how much longer he’ll be around.”


121. Maurice Evans – DE – Penn St. – “In 2007 Evans looked like a 1st round lock. A run-in with the law and his job lost to Aaron Maybin put Evans stock waaaay down. If he keeps his nose clean he’s a steal.”



122. Zack Follett – OLB – California – “It’s not exactly a well-kept secret that the Texans need an OLB in this draft.  What’s not discussed quite as much is that there’s actually room
for the team to draft TWO linebackers, and with Follett still on the board – I can’t possibly pass him up.  He plays with incredible aggression, and he has the frame to hold another 10-15 pounds of muscle, according to scouting reports.  First round pick Clay Matthews along with Follett, plus returning linebackers Zac Diles, Xavier Adibi, Kevin Bentley, and DeMeco
Ryans give the Texans quite a linebacker corps if the drafted guys work out like I think they would.

I had every intention of taking a safety with this pick, but one of the only players I would have taken ahead of my target safety is Follett.  I think he’s going to be a hell of a player, and it’s my hope that he can bulk up a little, improve his coverage skills, and be in the mix to play the strong-side linebacker position.”

123. Jason Williams – OLB – Western IllinoisThe Ravens lost Bart Scott, Nick Greisen,  and Robert McCune all to free agency.  Williams can help alleviate some of those holes.



newenglandpatriots_100124. Cornelius Ingram – TE – Florida –  “The Patriots will select at least one Tight End in this year’s draft.  I would be surprised to see Ben Watson back after the ’09 season.  Ingram tore his ACL in August and is on the comeback trail.  He’s a gamble, but one that has the potential to pay off if he can prove his health.”


125. Kaluka Maiava – OLB – USC – “We need some help/depth at linebacker and Maiava was the best OLB left on the board at this point, I think.”




oakland_raiders_3885126. Jason Watkins – OT –  Florida –Amid the calls for an enforced time limit, I (Bryan) am making this pick.  I’ve heard from a couple places that Oakland will be looking at OT at some point.  As of right now, The Raiders have yet to take a true tackle, but they picked up a solid guard/tackle in Kraig Urbik at pick 71.  Watkins might be able to develop into a good option for them.

clevelandbrowns_100127. Patrick Turner – WR – USC – “A big target at 6 foot 5 and 220 pounds.  Not a speedy guy but a very good route runner who should be great for the intermediate routes.  Also, with loss of Joe Jurevicious, Kellen Winslow and maybe Donte Stallworth, we are in trouble for ball catchers. Plus, Braylon Edwards will be a free agent at the end of next year.  This guy will be the begininng of a re-build at the pass catching positions.”

128. Anthony Hill – TE – North Carolina St. – “Probably a reach here, but my other Tight End had been taken.  The Panthers are in need of a TE and Hill is from a home state school.”




129.Jeremiah Johnson – RB – Oregon – “Johnson will be a good change of pace back for the G-Men.”




nfl_tennessee_titans1130. Brandon Long – DE/OLB – Michigan State – “The Titans need linebacking help and also guys to rush the passer.  Long has good speed, good measurables, and seems to just be starting to live up to his potential.  He dazzled at the Pro Day.”



131. T.J. Lang – G – Eastern Michigan – “You can never have too much depth at O-Line,  I now have a new center and guard to block for my first rounder, LeSean McCoy.  Lang can back up Reggie Wells or push him for a starting role.”


pittsburghsteelers_100132. Austin Collie – WR – BYU – “The loss of Nate Washington and Hines Ward’s age caused me to make this pick.  Ward and Holmes are the go-to guys.  Maybe Limas Sweed catches more than 6 passes.  Hopefully Collie can step in a give Big Ben another option.”


133. Brandon Tate – WR – North Carolina – “The other wide receiver from North Carolina.  Tate can take some pressure off Vincent Jackson and Chris Chambers.”



134. Courtney Greene – SS – Rutgers – “Another depth move.  Greene can help push Clinton Hart and Steve Gregory or, best case, become the starter.”



nfl_tennessee_titans1135. Myron Pryor – DT – Kentucky – “He is short, he is stumpy, and he is a load!  He is not Albert Haynesworth, but as Washington may find out, he plays every down.  The defensive line on TN is going to be a more rotational thing this year and Pryor should help fill the gap.”


136. Augustus Parrish – OT – Kent State – “We still need o-line depth and I’m still not sold on Charlie Johnson or Tony Ugoh. Parrish can play both OT and OG which obviously helps with the depth seeing how it adds it to 4 of the 5 o-line spots. Also when Jeff Saturday retires (he’s going to be 34 years old in June) this will help because Mike Pollak, Steve Justice or Jamey Richard will take over the starting center spot, one will be a starting guard, and the other will be a back-up, which will take away from our depth even more. Parrish is a bit of a reach here, but I think it should pay off. The only other positions I would have considered here are CB or MLB.”

************ROUND 5************


137. Javon Ringer – RB – Michigan St. – “I’m picking Javon Ringer over Andre Brown.  I read that Ringer can’t change direction much, but if he put in almost a record time for a RB in the shuttle drill, I figure that might have more to do with the injury he’s coming off.  Brown can block where Ringer can’t so much, but historically, I can’t remember us having a RB that could cut, get through holes, put on the burners like Ringer can since, well, Curt Warner, I suppose…What’s he doing still here in Round 5?  Good Welsh name too, Ringer.”


138.  Frantz Joseph – ILB – Florida Atlantic – “The Rams want to move Will Witherspoon to the outside, something I wasn’t aware of, nor do I understand.  That means that last year’s Mr. Irrelevant, David Vobora, would get a starting spot.  Joseph will give him some competitionn.”


kansas_city_chiefs_logo_175139. Andre Brown – RB – NC State – “There is absolutely no way that Brown should have fallen to the 5th round. He is arguably one of the top 5 backs in the years draft. On top of that, I don’t think much of Larry Johnson.  We drafted Jamaal Charles last year and I like to think he’s going to be good.  Brown gives the Chiefs a second option, maybe a chance at a two back system.”


140. James Davis – RB – Clemson – “Now that it looks like our quarterback is going to be traded, we will probably be running the ball a lot more this year. James Davis will help us out with that.”



141.Aaron Kelly – WR – Clemson – “Measured 6’5 205 at the combine and ran in the 4.4’s. Suffered through Clemson’s terrible season in 08 but he’ll be a great redzone target.”



142. Cedric Peerman – RB – Virginia –




143. Derek Pegues – FS – Mississippi St. – “We need a lot help at both safety positions and Pegues should be able to aid us a little. I also thought about going with a center here or going d-line, but Pegues is arguably one of the top 5 remaining players at this point.”




144. Cameron Morrah – TE – California – “I know we have 4 TEs on our roster, but behind Marcedes Lewis, none of them are good (and Lewis is debatable).  Morrah can be a reliable backup and will allow us to get rid of the dead weight.”


145. Jon Cooper – C – Oklahoma –




146. Glover Quin – CB – New Mexico – “There’s a saying in the NFL…that you can never have too many CB’s.  It’s true…so Quin’s a guy who was All-MWC first team.  Good speed, nose for the ball, and stout enough to stick his nose into ball carriers, bring ’em down plus handle the big WR’s.  The Niners need someone to step up and move veteran Walt Harris back to a nickel or dime, and this kid will compete to do that.”


147. Daniel Holtzclaw – ILB – Eastern Michigan – “This is a depth pick for the Bills. Holtzclaw started at middle linebacker from his first college game and led his team in tackles each season. He is big enough to play inside in the NNL, but also as adequate quickness and ability to drop into coverage to make the move outside. He will be a valuable back-up and special teams player, with enough upsode to potentially develop into a starter.”

148. Brandon Williams – DE – Texas Tech –




149. Tyronne Green – OG – Auburn – “My only other thoughts here were wide receiver or center. If there had been a really good safety still available I guess I would have taken him, but taking a guard adresses one of our top remaining need.”


washington-redskins-logo150. Joel Bell – OT – Furman – “He’s the best offensive tackle still available and that’s easily our top need at this point. I don’t think it’s really a reach at all at this point in the draft either.”




151. Jarett Dillard – WR – Rice“Outside linebacker and wide receiver are the two positions I considered drafting here. Cornerback and maybe a tight end if the right player was available but receiver and olb were the two positions I was really looking for.”


152. Bear Pascoe – TE – Fresno St. – “The Texans need a blocking TE, and Pascoe is a EVASTATING blocker.  He’s also a special teams demon, and has a phenomenal work ethic.  In short, he’s a perfect fit for the Texans, who will always use special teams ability as a tiebreaker if all other things are equal.”


153. Terrence Knighton – DT- Temple – “The Eagles use smaller, quick DT’s. But at 317 lbs, Knighton ran a 4.93 so athleticism is no problem.”




154. Antone Smith – RB – Florida State

Yes, we have Matt Forte, Kevin Jones and even Garrett Wolfe, but Smith’s physical tools jumped off the page at me when I was looking at running back prospects. At Florida State’s Pro Day he ran 4.33 seconds in the 40, benched 225 pounds 31 times, had a 32-inch vertical and broad jumped 10′ 2″. The Bears could always use better athletes in my mind – and Smith seems to fit the role of athlete very well. He could definitely make an impact on kick coverage teams with that kind of speed and strength.

155. Louis Vazquez – G – Texas Tech –  “6’5″ 330 lbs.  Enough said.  Nobody was able to get any pressure on Graham Harrell becayse of this Texas Tech offensvie line & the Bucs O-line plays like a bunch of girls.  My 86 year-old grandmother could get pressure on the QB & register a sack against them.  Bucs need to do ometihng about Jeremy Trueblood.  John Abraham kicked his @SS in the Atlanta game at the end of the year recoring 3 sacks on Trueblood.  I know some may be wondering why I haven’t selected a QB.  Bucs should consider giving McConw & Johnson a chance.  If they draft another QB they’d have 3 inexperienced QBs no older than 27 they should work with what they have now. 

156. Rhett Bomar – QB – Sam Houston St. – “Dallas has Romo and Kitna, but the latter of the two wont be here long at all. Already took Pat White, but who is to say what he will be able to and at what position he will able to do it. Bomar was the #1 recruit out of HS and played well at OU before he had to leave, then continued to play well at SHSU. Big arm and the confidence it takes to lead America’s Team. He is much more mature and very athletic. And I like how he handled the OU scandal; its not like playing for Dallas keeps you out of the headlines. Little doubt he’ll be the 2nd or 3rd best QB out of this class.”

157. Kory Sheets – RB – Purdue – “His receiving skills and quickness out of the backfield should be a perfect compliment to our future feature back Chris Wells.”



158. Emanuel Cook – SS – South Carolina – “There were quite a few positions I was looking at taking with this pick but I think among those available at the positions I was considering Emanuel Cook got me the best value from the pick as well.”


159. Jason McCourty – CB – Rutgers – “5’11 190 and ran a 4.32 at his pro day. He’ll take a little time to develop but he can be a solid special teams guy until then.”



160. Corvey Irvin – DT – Georgia – “I also thought about going offenisve guard here and if the right players would have been available I’d have looked at another safety or defensive end. Irvin went to Georgia and we can keep him in state by drafting him to the Falcons.”


161. Brandon Underwood – FS – Cincinnati – “I really wanted to take a safety here and Underwood is the best one available and I don’t feel like it’s a reach at all to get him here.”



162. Michael Bennett – DE – Texas A&M – “I definitely wanted to go defensive line with this pick and it was either Michael Bennett or Terrance Taylor. I settled on Bennett because I think he would fit better in our defense.”


TRADE NOTICE: The Panthers traded their current pick (163 overall) to the Colts for the Colts 7th round pick (236 overall) this year and next years 5th round pick.

163.  Ramses Barden – WR – Cal Poly – “This was an easy pick for me here. This is an absolute steal in my opinion. He’s 6’6 and I think would be much higher on people’s draft boards if he hadn’t gone to an FCS school just because he hasn’t had the opportunity to prove himself against better competition yet. He’s big, strong and powerful, but much quicker and more athletic than you’d expect from somebody with his size.”


164. Morgan Trent – CB – Michigan“I was hoping Morgan Trent would fall to me. I was worried that the Panthers were going to take him but then they traded out of the pick. I thought about going OLB here or maybe TE but I would have had to reach for either of those positions and getting Trent here is a steal so it wasn’t a hard decision.”

165. Joe Burnett – CB/KR – Central Florida – “This is a reach but I got a lot of value out of the Ramses Barden pick so I’m not too worried about it. On top of that I think this is just a reach based on his cornberback skills. That’s not what I’m drafting him for. I’m definitley drafting him for his returner abilities. He was named first-team all-american by multiple sources as a return man. I have absolutely no faith in keiwan ratliff as a returner. He sucks. Three fumbled punts in one game? Come on, that’s pathetic. They could just stick me out there and tell me to fair catch everything. Now with Burnett and Pierre Garcon coming back from injury, the two of them will be able to compete for the starting return man spot or will be able to share the duties.”

166. Nick Reed – LB – Oregon – “He didnt get invited to the combine, but he is productive and can play. Reminds me of another undersized Pac-10 DE who made a name for himself at LB, Tedy Bruschi. He may be able to play OLB or ILB at the next level. Between him and Jason Phillips (the TCU LB i took earlier) one of these guys is bound to be an NFL-caliber player. Reed is a pass-rusher, something you can never have too much of, and is good in space. Hes also only 21 and still was very productive in college at DE.”

167. DeAngelo Smith – CB – Cincinnati – “It seems like a lot of defensive backs are being taken now and it’s something that I need to address so I thought I’d grab one before they’re all gone. Smith is also a great value here so I couldn’t pass him up. Easy decision.”


pittsburghsteelers_100168. Terrance Taylor – DT – Michigan – “Our biggest needs a easily on both lines. The offensive line needs improvement and the defensive line needs improvment. I’ve already taken two offensive linemen, so now I’m taking a defensive lineman that I feel like I’m getting pretty good value out of as well.”


pittsburghsteelers_100169. Jaimie Thomas – OG – Maryland – “Like I mentioned in the pick just before this one, the lines are our biggest needs. I’ve drafted a tackle. I’ve drafted a center. Now I’m drafting a guard. Our o-line was so bad last year that I’m definitely justified in doing this. Thomas is also a decent value at this spot.


newenglandpatriots_100170. Glen Coffee – RB – Alabama – “It is pretty safe to say that he probably made a big mistake coming out early, since he is still out there in Round 5.  Has an odd build to him, and I think would be best used a pass blocker, if he could make it off the practice squad.”


171. John Parker Wilson – QB – Alabama – “Wilson had his ups and downs at Alabama…but, he has the makings of a decent NFL QB.  He played four years in the SEC…and QB’s in that conference face tough competition just about every week.  A mature senior, he’ll get an opportunity to compete for a b/u position with the Niners.”


172. CJ Davis – OG – Pittsburgh – “a little undersized, but with Dallas’s big OLine it wont be a big deal. Mature, team leader type. Blocked for McCoy. Very tough in the running blocks”



nfl_tennessee_titans1173. Sebastian Vollmer – OT – Houston –




************ROUND 6************


174. Mike Wallace – WR/KR – Mississippi – “They need his 4.3 speed for the return game and as a 3rd receiver.Like most other aspects of Detroit’s game an improvement is required here.”



kansas_city_chiefs_logo_175175. A.Q. Shipley – OC – Penn St. – “After taking two linebackers and two offensive skill position players I had to go o-line here. Offensive tackle and center are probably two of our top three or four needs. I think Shipley will be a good late round pick up as well.”



176. Otis Wiley – SS – Michigan St. – “I would have preferred to take an offensive guard here, but there wasn’t one of good value and I’d have considered taking a defensive lineman but I had the same problem.”



clevelandbrowns_100177. Lardarius Webb – DB – Nicholls St. –





178. Lee Robinson -OLB – Alcorn State – Positionally, the pick wasn’t that difficult.  The Julian Peterson trade leaves us a LB short.  I had narrowed the suspects down to two after my pick 5 had gone, and liked the look of both Lee Robinson and Orion Martin from Virginia Tech.  I figured that although a DE at college, Martin sems to be projected as an OLB by most pundits.  If the vacancy was as a direct replacement for JP then I’d be looking for a potential sack-meister, and the selection of Martin might work.  But I’m not likely to find a perennial pro-bowler in round 6 and Robinson appears to fit our current defensive scheme better.  Martin would probably cope better in a 3-4.

Robinson also appears scarily like a “Tim Ruskell guy” and rounds 6 and 7 for us are really about finding unexpected gems, and that’s as likely out of a small college team as the large.”

cincinnati_bengals_sm179. Stanley Amoux – LB – Wake Forest –





180. Clinton McDonald – DT – Memphis State –




181. Jerraud Powers – CB – Auburn – “This is the second corner I’ve taken in this draft and it’s because we need it. Hopefully Powers can come in and at least provide some more depth.”



182. Maurice Crum – LB – Notre Dame –





183. Roger Allen – OG – Missouri Western St. – The dominant offensive lineman in small college football, Allen brings an ideal combination of size, athletic ability, attitude and leadership to be an outstanding guard in the NFL. He plays nasty and loves the game! Apart from his not having played against consistently top-flight competition throughout his college career, Allen might have been rated a top 5 pick at his position. He adds immediate OL depth for the Bills and the prospect of becoming a long-term starter.”

184. Marko Mitchell – WR  -Nevada – Mitchell’s a big WR (6-4, 213), but has some nice speed (4.46 40), 57 catches, 1011 yds (@ 18 ypc), 9 TD’s. Last year, the Niners hit paydirt in the 6th rd drafting Josh Morgan, who looks
to have a very bright future.  Mitchell could be lighting in a bottle for the second straight year. Nevada.  Mitchell’s a big WR (6-4, 213), but
has some nice speed (4.46 40), 57 catches, 1011 yds (@ 18 ypc), 9 TD’s. Last year, the Niners hit paydirt in the 6th rd drafting Josh Morgan, who looks to have a very bright future.  Mitchell could be lighting in a bottle for
the second straight year.

185. Stephen McGee – QB – Texas A&M – “I don’t think this requires much explanation. He’s the best quarterback available and I need one.”




washington-redskins-logo186. Cecil Newton – OC/OG – Tennessee State –




187. Greg Paulus – QB – Duke –” Our Packers rep wanted this to be known. All he has to say is “Wow.” and wanted me to put up a link to this site:


188. Chris Clemons – SS – Clemson – “Nice value pick here, and a guy that could be solid depth or even be groomed to take over the starting position when Eugene Wilson’s time in Houston is over.  Clemons isn’t a big hitter, but he’s a reliable tackler, has good instincts, and has proven to be durable throughout his college career.


189. Andy Kemp – OG – Wisconsin – “It was either an offensive guard, a center or and outside linebacker so to me Kemp was the clear choice.”




190. Brennan Marion – WR – Tulsa – “NO REASON TO DRAFT A QB NOW WITH LEFTWICH COMING IN! Marion set all kinds of C-USA records over the last 2 years. Over the last 2 years hes had 82 catches for 2356 yards (28.9 avg.) & 19 TDs. I know he just suffered an injury recently but hes the type of WR the Bucs need. Sure some might think the competition wasnt the greatest but against Arkansas he had 2 catches for 60 yards against East Carolina he had 4 catches for 54 yards against Houston he had 2 catches for 75 yards & a TD. Some may wonder why am I drafting all of these players on offense. Simply because Clayton sucks, Stovall is never used, TE Winslow is always injured & they just signed him to an extension & he hasnt even played a game for them yet, Dexter Jackson did nothing for them last year as a rookie so they need some WRs. Bryant needs some help & is the only good WR right now.”


191. Ian Campbell – DE – Kansas State – “Defensive end is one of our top needs at this point and Campbell will be able to help us out.”





detroit_lions192. Greg Isdaner – OG – West Virginia – “The Lions are looking to add depth to their offensive line”




193. Brandon Gibson – WR – Washington State – “We need to take two wide receivers in this draft and this is my second. Gibson is an absolute steal this late. Easy pick.”


194. Donald Washington – CB – Ohio State – “At 6’0 197 he ran an average 40 (4.5) but had ridiculous vertical and broad jump #’s. 45” and 11+ feet so you know this kid will be an athletic contributor at some point.


195. Tiquan Underwood – WR – Rutgers – “At 6’2 185 lbs Underwood ran a 4.34 at his pro day. He runs good routes and catches the ball well, an overlooked player because of Kenny Britt’s star status.”



196. Nate Davis – QB – Ball State – “Bulger is old and questionable.  We just signed Kyle Boller who is questionable.  Davis can come in an make the QB competition more interesting when Bulger gets hurt, plus he may be able to start one day down the road and at the end of the sixth round, he’s great value.”


197. Kenny McKinley- WR- South Carolina – “Great speed, and was very productive during his time at USC. Smaller guy but unafraid to work the middle of the field.”



198. John Phillips – TE – Virginia – “We’ve already addressed all of our major needs in the draft so this is a luxury pick. I think he’s great value at this point.”




newenglandpatriots_100199. Antonio Appleby – ILB – Virginia – “The last time the Patriots had pick #199, some guy named Brady was selected.  Appleby played in a 3-4, is 6’4″ and 243 pounds and can add depth at inside linebacker with this being Tedy Bruschi’s final season.”




200. Brooks Foster – WR – North Carolina –




201. Louie Sakoda – K/P – Utah – Weller is having internet problems, but he wants Sakoda.  Basically, he hates Adam Vinatieri and says Sakoda can kick and punt.



202. Dan Gronkowski – TE – Maryland – “I’m taking my second tight end here.  Gronkowski is an excellent blocker and can possibly develop into a good pass catcher.  Works for me in Round 6.”



nfl_tennessee_titans1203. Cary Harris – CB – USC – “Corner is easily our top need at this point and Harris is an amazing value this late.”




204. Richard Quinn – TE – North Carolina – “It was either a o-tackle or tight end and Quinn was clearly the best choice.”




pittsburghsteelers_100205. Orion Martin – DE – Virginia Tech – “I had to take a defensive end here.”




nfl_tennessee_titans1206. Kevin Ogletree – WR – Virginia –




newenglandpatriots_100207. Deon Butler – WR – Penn St. – “Some scouts have said he reminds people of Troy Brown.  That’s good enough for me.”




208. Bradley Fletcher – DB – Iowa – “I was thinking about taking Fletcher when i took Keenan Lewis at 101, which shows how highly i value the 2008 All-Big 10 selection. Great ball skills, a lethal size/speed combination, and can make a contribution on special teams. EIther Lewis or Fletcher is bound to turn into an NFL caliber defensive back. Some draft sites have him as high as the 11th best CB. So getting him as the 25th CB taken is a steal.”


cincinnati_bengals_sm209. Tony Fiammetta – FB – Syracuse – “I’d say one of the two best players available and is a GREAT value this late, AND fullback is our biggest need at this point.”




329 Responses

  1. Human false start. Love it!

  2. Good picks so far. Different from the general mock you see every day, I like it.

  3. Good pick Lions and Rams and Chiefs, leaves me in wonderful position at 6 to get what I want.

  4. Seattle would’ve had a tough time passing on Crabtree. Although Walter Jones’ replacement will need to be found soon.

  5. Formatting this is stupid. This is so hard. It hates the pictures.

  6. I figured they’d go Crabtree as well. He’s just to big of a talent to pass up when they have such a need.

    Also, feel free to leave a comment with your intentions. If you’d like to trade down, leave a comment with your team name and others can see that this way.

    We know it’s a pain having to contact us for the trades, but we didn’t want to give out people’s emails if they didn’t want that.

    Check in often to see who is on the clock!

  7. Fast? he ran a 4.8 at the combine, so he’s not all THAT fast. Good player though.

  8. I am a big fan of Laurenitas, but he is not from Cleveland, he is from Minnesota. He is football fast and he tackles well, but he is not a good hole filler if you run right at him. He does not get off blocks all that well and can be run on. I do not think he is as good as AJ Hawk was, and he is not burning up the NFL right now either. I think Malauga is a better fit if that is what you are looking for.

  9. I took Laurinitis partially because he has never had injury problems, if Maluaga hadn’t been injured at the combine and had other injuries, he would have been the pick. But the Browns have terrible luck with injured players, so i stayed away from anyone with a history of injuries. And by hometown, i meant he had played at Ohio State. But your right, he is not from the Cleveland area.

  10. By the way Bengals guy, how could you not take Andre Smith? With all those character issues and sure signs of immaturity, he’s a born Bengal!

  11. I think by “hometown kid” he meant that he played his college ball in Ohio. Ya know?

  12. OK Greg, I was just curious. As far as Andre Smith goes, I agree the Bungles are the perfect place Smith, but if you believe what Marvin Lewis says (but not Mike Brown) they will be taking high character guys. Jason Smith fits that bill. Andre Smith is an all pro if he is right, but at this point no one knows what you might get. I was born a Browns fan, but follow the Bengals and Titans more closely since I was born in Dayton and now live in TN. I hope that Lauranitis is as good as he should be and look forward to the two meetings we have every year. I look forward to the second round to see what you pick. I still have to pick someone for the Titans. Do I go WR, DT, or C….hmmmm

  13. Jenkins isn’t even going to be a corner at the next level cause the combine showed him for what he really is… a corner who never got tested at the college level because of his name with bad hips and slow feet. who isn’t all that fast for a shut down corner. He will be a safety, but def. not a shut down corner worth a top 10 pick.

  14. Jenkins never got tested? Why wouldn’t teams throw at him? Because he locked guys down.

  15. Because of his name. Look at DeAngelo Hall, no one ever threw his way cause he was known as a great CB… what happened to him these past couple years when people went at him? He sucked balls that’s what.

    On another note…. Everette Brown ? Aaron Maybin

  16. Everette Brown > Aaron Maybin*

  17. Would have liked to see Maclin stay in Missouri. Hint hint… RAMS!

  18. So people didn’t throw at Jenkins in college because of his name? Dude you’re crazy. DeAngelo Hall was a great CB in college, and he started off good in Atl. He was always a good corner, he just wasn’t meant for the Raiders system, and that why teams want Hall now that he’s a FA because he can still play. Look at what he did in half a season in Washington. Saying Jenkins never got tested in college because of his name means you never watched Ohio State play.

  19. Still looking to trade the 13th pick if anyone is interested.

  20. I don’t see the Packers taking Everett Brown. He is more of a DE. They need someone flexible enough to play OLB. Thats not Brown. Plus most Packer fans have a sour taste in their mouth from drafting the last overrated Florida State defensive end (Jamal Reynolds).

    You also have to realize Ted Thompson doesn’t draft who you may be a fan of. I’ve watched this guy make unfathomable pick after another. For instance, in Seattle selecting such great first rounders like Chris McIntosh, Koren Robinson, Marcus Tubbs.

    In GB, he took Justin Harrell for god sakes and traded down last season to get the Jets picks this year in the 2nd and fourth.

    He has a couple gems in later rounds – Greg Jennings and Nick Collins.

    Even picks like Aaron Rodgers were gifts and AJ Hawk looks like nothing more then an average player. He is good but isn’t a guy you’d expect out of the 5 pick.

    And Aaron Maybin > Everett Brown. But you are the scout Kev.

  21. Michael

    I will trade you Ocho Cinco for your 13th pick. I emailed you this, but never got a response. Does that mean you rejected it?

  22. Do you think that Cinci will cough up the dough to keep TJ Hous. then Fat Reed?

    that’s going to leave you with a set of receivers that looks like Seahawks 08 otherwise.

    And wasn’t Malcolm Jenkins tested in the bowl game and got burned a couple of times? That put me off him. That was the one negative surprise I remember for Ohio State from that defeat. After Penn had been dusted in the Rose Bowl so easily, I had (wrongly) expected a lot more holes to show up.

  23. Whoever picked for the Bills I have a question… I saw Cook’s freakish workout and his numbers but I did not see anything about his blocking skills.. is he a good blocker? He will be able to spread the field but I didn’t know if he was a good blocker or not.

    I think if he can block this is a great pick becuase when it comes down to the end of the season in Buffalo, passing the ball becomes very tough and if you can’t block and run the ball then winning is very tough.

  24. Jared Cook is not the world’s greatest blocker- but he is capable, and this will improve as he grows into his frame. I see him ultimately weighing in about 255-260. His athleticism will help greatly, however, in the rough weather- short routes with the ball thrown high- no contest who wins the jump. I love the thought of what he can do in the slot since he is as fast as many DBs who would be sent to cover him.

  25. Tim the Seahawk-I do not think they Bungles will cough up a lot of money for TJ. If that means they lose him, that is too bad, but Lewis has said that he wants his players to show up for off field work and TJ has not come to those. He has stayed in CA and “trained” on his own. If he does not want to come to the OTAs so that he can work with Palmer, my thinking is let him go. Andre Caldwell showed well last year and their second round pick last year was the guy who made Tyler Thigpen a star in college. Simpson catches everything that is close to him and can really run. The facts show that most WR don’t really pick up the game until their second year so I think they might be thinking that way too. This does not mean that I would not have taken Crabtree if he had been available. I think there are a number of WR who will make an impact this year and I would not hesitate to take someone around the 4th round if someone of value is available. I just think there are other issues the Bengals are looking at.

  26. More thoughts on the Bungles-I do not think that the WR the team has are as bad as the Seahawks last year. If they got rid of Chad and TJ they would still have Caldwell, Simpson, and Chris Henry. (though I would not count on Henry) as well as some veterans. As i said in the last post, I think they will also pick someone later in the draft. Remember that Chad was a second rounder and TJ a seventh. I think the Bengals have to start protecting Palmer better and running better. I think they may try and sign Benson, but I think they also will be looking for a Center, a guard and a running back later in the draft. Someone like Jeremiah Johnson perhaps.

  27. FR:-I’m thankful for that tie you had putting us ahead of you in each round as our needs are currently similar. Also interested to see Matt McGuire now has you taking Andre Smith – In round 2.
    On WR’s, I love Hakeem Nicks. And has anyone out there seen Rameses Barden of Cal Poly play at all? If he is half as good as his stats, albeit in lower leagues, he’s got to be a sleeper.

  28. Raji’s a surprise pick for the Lions…but it does make sense. They need so much, but you can’t go wrong with a stud NT. Maybin on the Pack is a little bit of a reach, I think. I’d have gone w/Orakpo, but that’s just me. Maualuga’s perfect for Nolan’s new 3-4 defense in Denver. Most mocks I’ve seen had Buffalo taking an edge rusher, so the TE’s a mild surprise. The rest of the picks are pretty solid and make sense.

  29. You can thank the Eagles for the tie, they did not know a game could end in a tie. I have seen Barden play and he is a project, not blazing fast, not real good hands, and played against competition where all he had to do was go up for the ball to catch it. He was physically much bigger than his competition. I think he could be very effective in a couple of years but is definitely a stretch in the first three rounds. Hakeem Nicks and Terry Robiskie both are excellent second round choices and will catch EVERYTHING. By the way TJ is in Seattle talking to the Seahawks.

  30. Anyone interested in swapping this years first round for washingtons first round next year

  31. ESPN is reporting that the Pats are trading Cassell to the Chiefs. I guess people won’t be pushing them around anymore. I am surprised as I thought Thigpen had a chance to be really good. Also, if they trade Gonzales, do they draft a TE?

  32. is reporting that it was for a 2nd rounder. Thank goodness too, it would’ve screwed everything up here.

    I’m not a fan of Cassel or Thigpen, but we’ll see how this works out for them, I guess.

  33. In other news it looks as if the Lions will take Stafford or Sanchez with the first pick after trading away Jon Kitna.

  34. Jon Kitna wasn’t slated to be the starter in Detroit next year anyway. They de-activated him at the end of last season with a fake back injury.

  35. I am hoping that 2nd round pick came with 5 magic beans as well. Barring that the 34th pick in the draft becomes a pro-bowler, KC got the better end of this one. It clears up about $15M in cap room which is great for the Pats. I just didn’t think we would lose Vrabel for basically nothing.

  36. I think there’s a conditional 2010 pick attached to the deal.

  37. Texans Guy-

    Is it too early for Tyson Jackson? Most of the mocks have him being the second true DE off the board. E. Brown, Maybin, etc are tweeners.

  38. Wow, Matthews before Cushing. I like this mock. Lots of creative picks.

  39. Jets just made the easiest pick in the draft, I think.

  40. Ya, easiest pick for sure, the potential top pick of the draft falls to number 17. No brainer for sure.

  41. I think that the Jets would have been better to take Sanchez. I have watched Stafford for three years in the SEC and while he has the physical tools, he is not a good QB, especially since he may have to start right away. Sanchez may be inexperienced, but so was Matt Cassell who never started at USC. I like that the Jets do get a QB, though.

  42. Matt Stafford ? you’re welcome, I wanted nothing to do with Stafford, good physical tools but no head.

    I needed a sure thing at number 1, hence Raji.

  43. Lions Steve-nice pick. If you were running the Lions and the picks fell this way, you could be decent in a year or two.

  44. FR – Thanks, but it will most likely take longer; there is still a large number of needs. Millen really screwed this
    team up !

  45. When this started, did you really see getting Sanchez in addition to Raji without trading?

    Hopefully they didn’t invite him to the Green Room.

  46. @Fat Reed

    I don’t think it was too early for Tyson Jackson, but the problem is – I’m not sold on Tyson Jackson. I think he’s a 3-4 DE more than a 4-3, and with the Antonio Smith signing, OLB is a bigger need now.

    By the way, I love the Lions’ top pick. I think they’ll end up going with one of the O-linemen – but I think that franchise has turned the corner as far as their new coach and talent evaluators – and they’ll smarten up and realize you build a team from front to back – plus I don’t think Sanchez or Stafford are SO much better than the next tier of QBs that they had to go QB at #1 – plus, the contract for Raji would be cheaper.

    In real life – I think Seattle will surprise everyone and take Raji.

  47. My original plan was to go O/T at #20 and get Pat White in the 3rd round, but went Sanchez fell and was still there…. What the hey…… take him ~!

  48. Very interesting drafting. I had most of these guys in the first round, but not in this order. Heywood-Bey is still up there, some of the good tackles are still there, no one has taken a total DE or much in the way of DB. Oh and not a running back-got a feeling those guys may go next.

  49. I agree, it is a lot different than the Mock Drafts you see posted. But I am enjoying plotting my next pick.

  50. Pats Guy-I would agree with your feeling about the tweeners, lots of guys still available at OLB, but i think it is pretty at MLB or ILB. Malauga and Laurinaitis and then a drop off to the third guy.

  51. Congrats Dolphins-you just got a great kid-athletic, smart, motivated, little small, but I do not care that much.

  52. I’m looking at either WR Hakeem Nicks — or a SS, but I don’t really see any worth taking that high right now. Jerry Reese mostly signs cheap free agents or an occasional trade to fill gaps. Our first round picks of late have been chosen precisely to become backups until their predecessors pass on. I’m looking at this kid from USC although, though — Fili Maola at DT.

  53. I’m looking at either WR Hakeem Nicks — or a SS, but I don’t really see any worth taking that high right now. Jerry Reese mostly signs cheap free agents or an occasional trade to fill gaps. Our first round picks of late have been chosen precisely to become backups until their predecessors pass on. I’m looking at this kid from USC though — Fili Maola at DT.

  54. Oh Cr#p. Pick 4 blown already. Suddenly the Hawks have a WR. A fit one. I guess that may be the end of Bobby Engram, as if Branch, Burleson and Ben Obermanu are fit again, one of Bobby and Koren Robinson will be surplus (along with all but one of the remainder of the frat house boys Courtney Taylor, Jordan Kent and Logan Payne).

    If pick 4 was repeated, I would now have gone Jason Smith OT. I would also be a bit miffed that BJ Raji and Eugene Monroe, both of whom I would have preferred had already gone. Fat Reed, you picked Jason Smith with pick 6, but now have a greater need for WR. Would you like to trade Crabtree for Smith? That would at least make the rest of the draft realistic, (assuming that Cleveland wouldn’t have gone Crabtree) and given that there are still some decent OT’s still on board, you could probably land one of them.

  55. It’s not that bad. Robinson is always suspended cause he is a drunk and a lot of the other guys are pushing 30 and haven’t been that productive. Engram is 36 and is on his way out and Houz is 32 so he only has 4 or 5 years left so the Crabtree pick is still a good one I think.

  56. Tim the Seahawk- No I would have taken Smith or Monroe if they were available. I do not see a major need for a wide receiver if the Bengals can run the ball and that means we need OL. Besides, Levi Jones is basically done and we lost Andrews. That means we are either a RT or LT short, of if they move Whitworth to tackle, then a guard. Their center is a FA and I think they want to get someone else. If they pick one up in FA, they would still have to draft someone for the future

  57. M. Wright

    Is Fili Moala -DT from USC the pick at #27 for the Giants ?

  58. I think Kevin has a good point. TJ is getting older and he really is not the guy to be your lead receiver. He is a possession guy. I would keep Crabtree and there are lots of good OL in the second round. Just don’t take my guy….!

  59. Steve, I was wondering the same thing. I wasn’t sure last night, but he wrote it again this morning, so I’m giving him Moala.

  60. A DT is a strange choice seeing as how they just signed Rocky Bernard to play DT, and Chris Canty is going to slide inside as well…….not to mention Jay Alford……and Fred Robbins………and Barry Coefield.

  61. It was worth an offer. The truth is that notwithstanding the signing of TJ Housh and the DT Cole from the Pack, rather like the Bengals we have so many holes and weaknesses that the Hawks are drafting for need and don’t have the luxury of taking the best player available, – who at time of my pick 4 was Crabtree. I agree, it isn’t a “bad” pick.

    Not sure I agree the Giants slection though, having just lost a DT Rocky Bernard to them. Most of our D (including Rocky, + particularly our linebacking trio) looked a lot worse than they actually were last season due to the unit being on the field far too long. They are weak at WR though.

  62. Titans pick Max Unger.

  63. Instead of a WR or DT? Even a fan of the team makes strange picks.

  64. Greg

    Seeing as the Titans just signed a WR and a DT in FA, I think at this point their two glaring needs are at CB and C. Unger is purported to be the best center to come along in years, and the CB I wanted is already gone. No one else fits what I need and is a good pick in round one. Besides, it keeps him away from the Steelers.

  65. Chris

    Not sure I agree that Unger is the best center, granted his performance at the combine was good, but Alex Mack had to pull out so there is no head to head comparison.

    I do like the thought about keeping him from the Steelers tho !

  66. Another thought on Unger and not a WR. The Titans throw to the TE, that is why Scaife got franchised. They are a running team and they have possession receivers and since they signed Washington, they have their deep threat.

  67. I have to agree with Steve here. I don’t think Unger is the best center in the draft. Alex Mack would also be my number one guy at center. Mack won the Morris Trophy in both 2007 and 2008 and that’s the award given to the top offensive lineman (and defensive lineman) of the Pac10 each year, and seeing how both Mack and Unger were in the Pac10 that’s kinda significant.

  68. colts 18 – So you agree that the Titans need a WR? Should they have taken Percy Harvin and hope he might get on the field half the time? They already have a player that can do much of what Harvin does. Chris Johnson. As far as Unger versus Mack, I have heard that Unger is the best, Mack is the best, and that Eric Woods is just as good as the other two. I think maybe I am interested in Unger’s versatility as he can play all the line positions. Woods is a guard or center, Mack is a center who could play T in a pinch.

  69. I agree with the thought of Offensive Linesman, I just wasn’t sure that Unger was the best. I did notice several guru’s mention Unger’s versatility.

  70. Reed – I wasn’t disagreeing with the need/non-need of a WR… I was just saying that I agree Mack is better than Unger… and what I’ve actually heard is that Mack is a center who can play guard… but then again most any good center would be able to play guard.

  71. Good choice Lions guy! I think that if the draft went this way, you would be well on the way to get the franchise turned around. Your picks make sense, too bad the Lions won’t draft your way. Maybe they will surprise us.

  72. colts18 OK just curious. Mike Mayock says Eric Woods is the best center. Then there is the last two Rimmington Award winners – Luigs and Shipley. I do not think anyone could go wrong with any of the three. And there are many others, but mostly I was trying to keep Unger away from Pitt.

  73. Ha! I screwed up the order everyone is picking in the 2nd round – but at least i still got my guy.

  74. Reed – I agree that you can’t go wrong with any of them, I’m simply saying that in my personal opinion Alex Mack is the best of the three.

  75. Just out of curiosity for the Browns guy, why did you take a DE? Was it just for depth purposes? Because you have Corey Williams and Shaun Smith who are still only like 27, right?

  76. Yes we have both, but Corey Willisams really really struggled with the transition to a 3-4 DE and Shaun Smith, while good at DE, also subs in for Shaun Rogers when he needs a break. We have starters on our DL but those guys are so big and on the field so often that we really employ a 5 man rotation with everyone playing roughly equal time. And when one or both of those guys are injured we really suffer. With this addition, we can have Shaun Smith subbing in only at NT and have 4 guys to rotate at the DE position. We don’t have a clear starter at QB and we just traded our most consistent offensive weapon. Lets face it, the Browns are going to play a ton of defense this year.

  77. Greg- Great pick! He was a guy I thought about hard for the Titans. In a 3-4 he will make a stout outside guy. I was thinking of him as a tackle in a 4-3. I think Browns and Bengals games could be really fun next year.

  78. I think Ayers and Brown will be the top 2 DEs in this draft.

  79. Rams Guy- I like it.

  80. What about Brian Orakpo? You could also make arguments for Tyson Jackson and Michael Johnson…

  81. Nice pick for the Colts. I know they have always valued speed over size for the D line, but at some point you need a big run stopper. And Hood seems best suited to a 4-3 system.

  82. Ziggy’s problem is that he tends to not show up for some games. He can absolutely turn games around or he is a complete non-factor. Not so much middle ground.

    I love him though, go Tigers.

  83. Greg – Our two current starting DTs weight significantly less that Ziggy at 300 so he’ll be a huge improvement in terms of stuffing the run, and we do run a 4-3 defense so I’m glad you think he’s best suited for it.

  84. Seahawks pick Alex Mack C Cal. Golden Bears. A borderline decision over CB Sean Smith brought on partly by the Hawks seemingly now pursuing a DB in Free Agency.

  85. Well, so much for keeping Unger away from the Steelers while decoying so the Bengals could take Mack. Ya beat me this time Tim!

  86. I find it curious that year after year Bobby Bowden puts one of his DL in a position where they get incredible numbers. Then they go to the NFL and most of them are a flop. I did not have E Brown, Orakpo, Maybin at DE, they are OLBs. That would made my top DE Jackson. Ayres can play end like Leonard Little, but he is really just an OLB who bulked up. He can pass rush, but he has never been known for his ability against the run.

  87. Colts, you mean to tell me Eric Foster isn’t the dominating D lineman he was at Rutgers?? Haha, just kidding, I’m an RU guy so I love Foster.

  88. Bengals – I thought you might take Josh Freeman or Hunter Cantwell from Louisville with your second pick. Someone to sit behind Carson Palmer for a while and learn the game but can play serviceable if Palmer goes down again. Fitzpatrick was terrible I thought.

  89. Joe – The name Foster just makes me cringe… all I imagine is goal line fumbles when I hear it… granted we’re talking about two different Fosters, but as a Tennessee fan it’s a name that just makes me nervous, lol.

  90. Greg- Apparently the Bengals are signing JT OSullivan for the backup, then they have Jordan Palmer as the third QB. I like Cantwell, but I do not think this is a good move for the Bengals, Josh Freeman is definitely a project and worth looking at as well. Maybe I will look them for the Titans, Vince Young is not real popular in TN right now. I thought he was a mistake, and he got the Off. Cord. fired. Norm Chow kind of knew something a lot of other guys did not know.

  91. Anyone looking to trade for the Raiders pick?

  92. Kevin-I will trade you this year’s fourth and next year’s second.

  93. Excuse me-the Bengals 4th and next year’s second. Or the Titans will trade you our second rounder and our fourth.

  94. I like the last couple picks. Barwin and Brown are going to be really good players.

  95. Reed- I’m lookin for some pick in the next 5 mainly because I can’t decide between 2 or 3 guys to take and I figure if I move down a few spots on of them will be taken and I can take the other and still get another pick this year for my troubles.

  96. Kevin, I was in the exact same place with my Rams. It’s kind of a nice problem to have, though.

  97. Yea I’m stuck and they are all DBs. I don’t know whether I take a good cover corner who is a little undersized or a safety cause Gibril Wilson left or what.. damn.

  98. That was the hardest pick I had to make but hopefully my other guys will be there in round 3

  99. Kevin-I was going to pick him for the Titans, so I think our thinking was somewhat the same. I really do not know what I would have done if you had taken the Bengals offer.

  100. Damn, I didn’t see the Titants offer.. o well I’m happy with my pick. I think Smith is the best cover guy in the draft his only downfall being height.. but look at Winfield this year.. he made the Pro Bowl.

  101. How did anyone run on BC? They have 2 of the top 5 DTs in the draft. Although it makes you wonder how good those 2 DTs really are because they weren’t able to be doubled very often.

  102. The Bills select DE/LB Michael Johnson from Georgia Tech.

  103. Gary that is a real boom or bust pick, only Jarron Gilbert may be more hyped. He is not very consistently motivated to play that well, maybe they can put some weight on him or he can be the next Ted Hendricks

  104. Thanks for that thought about Johnson. Yes, there is some risk in this pick, but the upside is too great. He is an athletic freak and can function as a LB or DE, adding flexibility to my D. I might want to convert to a 3-4 in the near future and he would be equally good in that. His potential for greatness is not at issue. His production has been a subject of debate among various would-be draft experts, but consider that he had a change of coaches this past year and his production this year was fantastic! It’s all about leadership and coaching. BOLD prediction- All-Pro team within 3 years.

  105. I agree that my Johnson pick involves some risk but this is based on the perception of his lack of production in college. In fact, this past season, with a new coach, he had excellent production- TFL and sacks. It is a matter of coaching and leadership not talent. He has amazing potential in either a 3-4 or a 4-3 defense. I love the pick, particularly so since can function in two need areas and should start right away.

  106. It’s very quiet today. Do you want some help Giants? Percy Harvin hasn’t gone, but unless you’d like to take a new risk and sign T.O. or a continuing risk with Plaxico, perhaps you should have a look at local WR Kenny Britt. 6’4″ and from Rutgers. He should suit.

  107. Ron Brace-can’t rush the passer, but fills up the hole on the run. Big ol’ tub of goo – good choice

  108. Tim-You’re right about it being so quiet today, but I am in the middle of mid terms and have other work to do, but keep checking from time to time. So how the hell are ya? Gonna take a tackle next round? Jones can’t last forever, and several of these guys just need to develop more.

  109. Well, if it makes anyone feel any better – I’ve got my pick at 46 locked and loaded (Texans).

  110. Chris-Not much! I was thinking we might get to the third round today.

  111. I came really, really close to taking Smith for the Rams.

  112. I love the Ron Brace pick, he is one of those guys that i feel like will be a solid DL on either a 3-4 or a 4-3 in whatever place you put him.

    So Giants, does this mean you’ll move David Diehl back inside to guard?

  113. No question Loadholt is a monster are you thinking of using him at RT or LT?
    Really like Sean Smith, I was hoping he might fall a little further. Delmas is a BIG hitter. Great Pick.

  114. DAMN both of my safeties that I wanted got picked up back to back.

  115. Highest rated players left on my big board in order are:

    WR Percy Harvin
    CB Darius Butler
    QB Josh Freeman
    LB Clint Sintim

  116. Somebody wake up the guy drafting for Denver!

  117. It wasn’t his fault, checking emails on Friday night and waking up on Saturday mornings are not two things we’re good at. Sorry about that, guys!

  118. I’m not at all convinced that Paul Kruger can be a rush LB in a 3-4, but I have to say that Maualuga and Kruger is a pretty awesome 2-round haul.

  119. Chris- sshh you’re giving away my picks ha.

  120. @ Gary

    um, I have that thing called a family…and had some things with my kids last night to do

    sorry for taking a *whole* 16 hours to reply and wasting 8 of them sleeping as well

    don’t know what I was thinking

  121. Aaaaaahhhh Bears you stole my guy!!!

  122. oh, and how come the Bears got such an awesome emblem next to their last pick, and everyone else got the generic brand?

  123. @ Joe
    Is that awesome? That looks like something Napoleon Dynamite would have on his bedsheets.

  124. Well I got to tell you I’m impressed with the new Bears Logo, just as long as they don’t play like it.

  125. That Colts pick baffles me. They could use DT or OLB help for sure. The first two picks are just depth picks. It’s not like Addai and Clark aren’t going to start next year.

    Colts guy – help me out!

  126. I think it is interestng to see how different people evaluate talent. Kruger was a 4-3 DE and I do not know that he will translate to a OLB. Obviously, you do and I find that interesting. Interesting also is that Peyton Manning shows up next to the Colts pick,,,,,,

  127. Ha, glad you like the Bears logo. Jet puts his own picks up here because he writes for us sometimes. He gets some creative license. I guess the same thing goes for the Peyton Mannings as well.

  128. Chris –

    I went with Knowshon in the first round for a few reasons. I wanted Hakeem Nicks, but he didn’t fall to me. The fact that Moreno had fallen that far just seemed to be a ridiculous stroke of luck that I couldn’t pass up. The reasons actually relating to football are that from what I’ve heard the Colts want to switch to a two-back system, much like they did with Addai and Rhodes when they won the Super Bowl. Moreno is a great receiver out of the back field like Rhodes but better. I’m also not really sold on Addai. You can chalk some of it up to the ridiculous number of injury problems we had on the o-line, but we ranked dead last in the league in yards per rush attempt last year. That’s horrible. Horrible. Addai is really good but I’m just not sold on him. I just don’t feel like he’s the kind of back that Peyton likes to work with.

    And I think you missed my early second round pick when I grabbed Ziggy Hood, because that will help out DT problems.

    As for Coffman like I said we really don’t need another TE at all. Especially seeing how we drafted two last year but living in the midwest I got to watch a lot of Big 12 football this year and a lot of Chase Coffman, and even in person a few times. He’s a freak. I know most people have Pettigrew and Cook in front of him, but I think Coffman is the best TE in the draft this year. I really really really wanted Kenny Britt with that pick, because we need a big target/possession WR. I definitely wasn’t going to reach for Barden. Clint Sintim would have been a smart pick here, but we always seem to just find people to plug into the defense anyhow so I’m not really too terribly worried about it. Our defense seems to suck no matter what we do unless Bob Sanders can stay healthy so I say give Peyton weapons and win shoot outs. It’s gotten us 12+ wins for six years straight now, so I have no problems with it.

    My final thought on it is that if we give Peyton a lineup that looks like this: Reggie Wayne, Anthony Gonzalez, Dallas Clark, Chase Coffman, and Knowshon Moreno and Joseph Addai rotating at RB… He will torch defenses. That’s too many weapons at his disposal. Peyton’s the best at what he does, so I say let him do it and give him everything you can to help him out along the way.

  129. Whoa – you’re right I totally missed the Hood pick. My apologies. I guess I saw that Coffman pick and assumed it was your only 2nd-rounder. My fault for not paying attention, obviously.

    I’m very high on Anthony Gonzalez. I really think he’s going to be a great player – especially with a great QB throwing to him.

    How are Colts fans adjusting to the new HC? Are people fairly comfortable that he’ll keep the team at the same level they’ve been?

  130. Haha, no worries on missing that pick. I assumed that’s what you had done when you mentioned we needed a DT. I also like Gonzo, he’s developing nicely, and yes it helps having Peyton being the one throwing to him.

    As for Jim Caldwell I think it should be a smooth transition (or at least I hope it will) he had a few years to learn under Dungy and know the system and the way he coaches, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about not having Dungy with a headset on.

  131. OK a few things…

    If “Peyton” is supposed to be for the Colts.. why would you get another Dallas Clark?

    And fuck everyone who drafted right after me in the 2nd round you took all my other picks that I was debating in a matter of 3 picks haha. DAMN.

    I have my 3rd rounder lined up and if someone snags him I’m gonna go ride a boat with T-Pain and never come back haha. I’M ON A BOAT.

  132. Kevin –

    Hahahahaha! I love the “I’m On A Boat” reference, lol.

    As for the Colts pick, read the three comments before yours.


    As Bryan said I write on here as often as I think of something that fits on here. I was looking for the Bears logo I used when I put up my first round pick (which is not the standard logo they use, but is a sweet one) and I found the steroided Bear carrying a flag. So I went with it.

    The Bears could use some steroided players to help them out.

    They could definitely use a steroided brown bear playing either DT or DE.

  134. Fat Reed – If I couldn’t get a long term solution at OT in round 1 or 2 then I see us taking a stop-gap. My guy, if I could have worked the trade down of the number 4 pick, would have been Eben Britton, picking up a WR, a middle o-line and a DB with the other trade pick the second rounder and the 3rd rounder. I was looking at Sean Smith+ Nicks/Britt + Unger/Mack of those that have gone. There are a few others that would start right away still left for pick 3, maybe even pick 4.

    I imagine that if we were to repeat this draft after the major free agency moves starting, say April 1st then less than 30% of the picks would be the same. But, some major trends would also remain:-
    a) There aren’t enough good DT’s to cover needs and they seem to be jumping up the board.
    b) The skill positions are going the other way. QB’s and running backs are dropping and you can get good value at WR.

  135. Can the guy who picks for the Jets answer a question for me? How bad could the Jets line have been this year if the teams YPC went up to almost 5 this year, and the sack total dropped a decent amount from the year before?

  136. Wells, Oher, Harvin.

    Man, the Eagles are cleaning up!

  137. The Jets have basically no depth on the o-line and Damien Woody and Alan Faneca are into their 30s now… I don’t think a tackle or guard would be a bad pick for the Jets.

  138. and they released Brandon Moore who was one of their starters last year…

  139. I can’t get over how much talent is in the 2nd round this year.

  140. Chris – I completely agree… there are some REALLY good players in the second round this year.

  141. 3 DB’s in the last five picks and only 1 RB in this round. I expected this round to go much different, now it looks like my guy will be gone when i pick again.

    By the way, will Josh Freeman ever get picked up?

  142. Chris, if the Eagles draft really pans out like this I’d be thrilled. I’d rather have Moreno than Wells, and Britt over Harvin because we need size, but as you can see both guys were snagged before I got there. I’m liking my draft so far though. In all reality draft day will be the usual disappointment for Eagles fans. Wait 3 hours for your pick, it gets traded away. Wait 2 more hours for your pick……..and it’s a DT.

  143. Greg – This round has been a little different from what I expected and I’m intrigued to see who finally grabs Freeman.

    Joe – You have had a great draft so far, it’ll be interesting to see what you guys actually do on the first day.

  144. I love the Patrick Chung pick. He’s going to be good.

  145. This mock draft is a great idea. I’m enjoying reading the comments, strategies and thought processes. Kudos to all!

  146. I agree this is really fun. I would like to thank you all for leaving Robiskie for the Titans. I think on the real draft day, he will go much higher. To me he will be at least as effective as Anthony Gonzales,

  147. I voted for all 7 rounds.

    Listen – I’ve done several of these drafts, where bloggers (or in this case fans and bloggers) represent their teams. This one has gone much faster and smoother than all the others, so I see no reason to stop.

    I don’t know when they name the compensatory picks, but I vote we wait until those are named before going beyond round 3.

  148. This draft is going so smooth. Only a couple guys at most have pushed their time limit. I wish they all went like this.

  149. AAAAAArgh ! Lost two guys I was looking at in the last three picks ! Okay Reed no trades with you ! Well, the Lions have signed three CBs in Free Agency so I can skip that position in the Third round. But MLB seems particulary vacant and I need a KO return guy and third Wideout.

    Think about this, Free Agency has changed some team needs, maybe we want to go three rounds here and then after the compensotory picks have been awarded we do a complete 7 rounds from the beginning ???

  150. Steve – The compensatory picks are awarded about three weeks before the actual draft. I’m not sure we’d actually have enough time to go a full seven rounds once the compensatory picks have been distributed to the different teams. We could try but based on the fact that it’s taken us almost two weeks to do two rounds, I’m not real sure we’d be able to pull it off. But we could certainly try if it seems like that’s what people want to do.

  151. I could do 7 rds. And I have lost my center and the Titans MLB! Oh well, I have others. Steve, you didn’t trade with me, but what were you thinking of doing?

  152. You took Robiskie no trading for you !!

  153. I’m really enjoying this, i could definitely go 7 rounds. Or start over after comp picks are handed out and do a full 7 then.

    ALso, I said Jairus Byrd replace our safety. I meant our #2 CB. Sorry, I was hammered when I wrote in my pick.

    Rams, I thought long and hard about taking Mickens, but he has those knee issues right now, and the Browns have the absolute worst luck with knee injuries. I figured as soon as we draft him he would get staph and die. So I went with a safer pick.

  154. I’m sure Mickens will appreciate be allowed to live !

  155. Except playing for the Rams may be a fate worse than death. I know being a fan of them is. Oh well.

  156. Sorry Steve, it was too good to pass up. Fortunately, if you need WR there are others who also do not run particularly fast, but have really good hands. Sammie Stroughter for example.

  157. Maybe I’ll draft Pat White and let him fight it out for QB with Sanchez, if he loses he can be the WR I need !

  158. Interesting.

    Freeman’s still on the board, and Seattle’s up! Could this be where he lands?

  159. I could see it happening; they do need a back up and future QB.

  160. REAL NEWS:

    Top Prospect T Smith Visits Lions

    Offensive tackle Jason Smith made his first official NFL visit on Monday (March 9), meeting the administration and coaching staff that have the power to select him first overall in this year’s NFL Draft. Smith is one of this year’s top draft prospects, having spent five seasons at Baylor

  161. If Freeman doesn’t go here, he’ll keep dropping a while. Next possible landing spot is Jax @ 72, unless Cincy decides they want to plan for life post-Palmer.

    49ers are at 74… Bucs @81. No way he gets past the Bucs.

  162. Cincy more likely to draft the other Freeman in this draft. That is unless he falls to round 4 or 5. Tennessee maybe, but I don’t think he will fall that far.

  163. If ever a guy was the proverbial “fly on the wall” taking in all the action, this is it. I can’t decide if this is the equivalent of the virtual eaves dropper or what. But, it’s a hoot to readall your comments and tap into the banter going back forth throughout this draft.

    Kudos to all!

  164. How good does everyone think Josh Freeman can be?

    Honestly, I don’t think he’s good enough to be a starter. He’ll barely be a backup. He’s got the great physical tools, which is what everyone is drooling over, but the kid can’t hit open receivers.

    I was amazed when KState came here and played Mizzou at just how bad he was. He under threw so many receivers, it was amazing.

    Maybe I just saw him on off days, but I am not impressed at all. That’s why I’m interested to hear what some others think about him.

  165. Freeman has always been an up and down player, but he’s got all the physical tools and people love that. A big kid with a strong arm will always have people intrigued.

  166. I don’t think Freeman will turn out to be much, but at this point he’s a value pick. That’s just how the draft works, for better or worse.

    Pat White might even go before him in this mock.

  167. I actually thought that Hunter Cantwell had a stronger arm than Freeman. I thought it was Freemans accuracy on the shorter passes that people were more impressed with. But Browns clearly dont need another young QB in the mix so i haven’t paid that much attention.

  168. I guess the better question would have been, at what point does he become good value?

    Chris says now, I’m still not sure. Obviously I can’t see his workouts or anything, but in the KState games I saw it didn’t look like he could the broad side of a barn.

    He’s going to be one of the most interesting names to watch in the draft. Some people have him in the first round, we’re not going to have him in the top 70. I truly have no idea where he’ll go.

  169. Teams that could be interested in a QB at some point:

    Jacksonville, Carolina, Chicago, Minnesota, San Francisco, Tampa Bay, Jets and New England as
    Matt Cassel’s replacement.

    Freeman and Stafford are very similar ….big strong arms with doubts about consistency.

  170. Steve, New England drafted a QB in the 3rd round last year. They’ll be ok.

  171. I see Freeman being like Steve Grogan. Great arm, great size, just a little bit less than a great QB, but possibly very good in a few years. I would agree about Stafford and Freeman being similiar, but the difference is the athleticism. Freeman is more athletic.

  172. So Steve, since I get no trades, can I still have soup?

  173. Sure, but it will cost you !

  174. Looks like you were right, Chris. Pat White goes before Freeman.

    On a side note, The Rams released Orlando Pace today. I’m sad. I’ll be even more sad if they release Torry Holt. I guess it had to happen.

  175. Nobody knows what kind of WR Pat White will make, so to say he’s going to ease the pain of losing T.O. is expecting a bit much. The Boys already have one failed QB-WR experiment in Isiah Stanback. White and Felix Jones in the backfield together on occasion would be scary, but the wildcat died down at the end of last year for a reason, and I don’t think it’ll be as popular this year as some people think.

  176. And don’t worry Classic, you guys will get another franchise LT with that 2nd pick and all your fears will go away. Either Jason Smith or Eugene Monroe will be great players for you guys.

  177. So… the Cowboys are going to run a Wildcat offense now? I doubt it. Sure, for maybe 2 plays a game, but that’s hardly a Wildcat offense. PAT WHITE is going to be an instant replacement for Terrell Owens? As a slot receiver?

    I’m baffled by all of that.

  178. (I mean, come on guys – we have to disagree about SOME of these picks, right?)

  179. Without picking on anyone, I would agree with Chris. But then I could be biased too …. I think he would have looked great in Blue & Silver as I mentioned before.
    But I wasn’t ready to take him before 82.

    With Dallas having Roy Williams, Miles Austin and Patrick Clayton, White might have problems geting on the field while he learns to be a Wideout.

  180. Alright Cinci, so who is America’s next Most Wanted man?

  181. I just picked Andre Caldwell. Bengals need a center that can play against big nose tackles. Seems like maybe he got to work against one at Alabama. Hopefully, he can move some of the big guys in the AFC North. I think Pat White is a reach. But this might be too,.

  182. I just realized I called Antoine Caldwell, Andre. Duhhhhhh

  183. Hey if the draft goes this way for real, at least the Browns-Bengals game will be entertaining. Instead of a competition to see who sucks worse.

  184. I like your thinking on Massaquoi, but it lacks a certain reasoning. The two best CB in this draft are Big Ten. The other thing that would leave me to go the other way is that Stafford was his QB. If Stafford is the best QB available, then why was this guy not a star. The answer is simple, he is not real good at catching the ball. He runs very inconsistent routes, and he plays slower than times.

  185. Derrick Williams v ranked teams 2008

    v USC (rosebowl) 4 catches – 34 yards
    v Ohio State 3 catches – 13 yards
    v Michigan State 4 catches – 51 yards
    v Iowa 4 catches – 43 yards

    Not sure I want him in my fantasy team next year….Think I would rather have had Austin Collie from BYU or Quan Crosby.

  186. When Derrick Williams gets drafted it will most likely be for more of a return man need rather than a receiver need.

  187. massaqoui makes my stomach hurt when I watch him try to do the fundamental things a WR should be able to do.

  188. Great move Packers! I will freely admit that Boone is not the best tackle in this draft, but is a three year starter on a quality college team. I think he is a right tackle or maybe a guard like Duke Robinson and Herman Johnson. What I do know is that he ate up Orakpo in the bowl game, and held his own against the competition in the Big 11. I think this is a risk-free pick.

  189. Well, at this pace the 7-round draft should be done just in time to start the one for 2010! :D

  190. There is no way the draft will ever unfold like this. Massaquoi may not even be drafted and Boone will probably go in the 5th at the earliest.

  191. Why wouldn’t Massaquoi be drafted?

  192. My big board (not one that I made, but the one that I’m using) has Massaquoi rated as a 2nd or 3rd round prospect. You think he might not get drafted?

    Boone I agree with. Huge reach there. He’s a 4th at the highest.

  193. Hey Colts18 – can you email me? I have a question for you about something totally unrelated. chris (at) houstondiehards (dot) com

  194. Massaqoui a 2nd or 3rd? Ehh I couldn’t do that. Drops too many passes and is a bad route runner. And for being almost 210 lbs he’s really shy about contact over the middle.

  195. The Bills have selected QB Josh Freeman at #75.

  196. Sorry guys, my computer at home has crashed and the higher ups tend to frown on me doing this from work. It’s all up to Weller until I get my computer back.

  197. Chris – I just emailed you, just so you know.

    And to everyone else, as Bryan said, his computer at home has crashed and my internet was down this morning, so sorry for the delay on getting new picks up. I should be able to stay on top of everything a little bit better now though.

  198. I find it hard to believe that Alex Boone would go in the fifth round. OT is one of the prime positions and this is not some fly by night tackle. Next to the “premier” players in this draft, he did very well on the one on one drills at the Senior Bowl.If Loadholt has gone, and he was a statue in drills, then I think Boone is at least as good. Of course, that is my opinion based upon watching the two of them play a lot this year. I am not all that impressed with Robinson either as he was a real bust in his bowl game. In fact, he got yanked.

  199. Texans take Lawrence Sidbury Jr, DE, Richmond. Email sent w/explanation.

  200. I wondered if anyone else thought Sidbury was pretty good. If nothing else he can be a situational pass rusher. I also think the Jets may have found a real good slot receiver.

  201. Ok, I have the Texans pick up, as well as the Chargers… I emailed the Broncos rep… so we’re all caught up… I’m flying solo here because of Bryan’s computer problems so just bare with me and I’ll stay on top of this as I can.

  202. So did anyone ever decide how many rounds were going with this? I up for going past the third, but if we are going past round 3, I’m going to need a bigger “board”.

  203. Greg – I was just going to leave that poll up for the rest of the third round… I think that even if we do end up going past three rounds that it would be best if we wait until after the compensatory picks are assigned before moving on.

  204. First; I had Sidbury on my list also, I think he will be a good addition.

    Derrick Williams tho slow (4.62 40) was the next WR in line on the board.

    NFLDRAFTDOG.COM has a Top 200 prospect list with some scouting reports.

    Detroit is ready for pick 82 as soon as Tampa posts their pick.

  205. I think I read somewhere that Derrick Williams had the flu during the combine, because from what I remember he’s actually really fast… just to throw that out there.

  206. I ordered a new computer last night. It said 5-7 business days, but hopefully if comes a little sooner than that so I can help out a bit.

  207. I have to admit that I have heard of Hill, but had forgotten to put him on my board. This guy might be really good and at this point, could turn out to be a real value. If he doesn’t make it, oh well.

  208. Hill was definitely on my “please fall to the fourth” list.

  209. With the 82nd pick the Detroit Lions continue to shore up their defense and add to the premier DT BJ Raji and stellar MLB Jasper Brinkley picked previously by selecting Outside Linebacker Tyrone Mckenzie of South Florida.

  210. Maybe you can re-do your pick before it’s posted. The Lions traded for Julian Peterson today.

  211. It’s already posted, but it wouldn’t hurt to have additional help on defense. All the trade means is I don’t have to expect this rookie to start.

  212. Green Bay ….where are you ????????????

  213. Green Bay………..what are you on?????????????????

    Captain Munnerlyn?

    I don’t see him ever being a starter. Too many lapses in concentration/being out of position.

  214. Boy, have we slowed down in the picking. Maybe on the weekends we could go to three hours from 9am to 9pm?

  215. Captain Munnerlyn is the best corner available… and the issues you brought up are things that can be taught.

  216. I have heard of Kopong, but I have him listed as the fifth best guard. He does not move laterally all that well, but he is pretty good as a drive blocker. If nothing else, he can play most of the OL positions, and makes sense to me.

  217. I’m ready to make my pick, just waiting to get my confirm email letting me know I’m good to go. I’m sure it’s just a busy weekend for everyone so it’s ok.

  218. I’m not sure who our Denver person is, but what would your take have been on the Cutler situation if we were to go back to pick 1?

    Personally, I’ve always rated him, so would have been reluctant to give him up. There again, I would never have dreamt of trading him for Matt Cassel.

  219. If I was Detroit, I wouldn’t offer more than # 20 for Cutler. I’m not saying he isn’t a good QB because he is; but Detroit can’t afford to give up more than one pick and I don’t think he is really worth a 1st and 3rd round pick being mentioned.

    Besides, if Denver trades him without getting a starting QB in return I think they are crazy.

  220. Steve, I agree with many of your points, but feel like one question should be asked as far as Denver’s sanity. Why would the new head coach pick a fight with his quarterback? Is it that he does not think highly of him? If he thinks he is Bellicheck, I have some news for everyone, all of Big Bill’s assistants have been pretty unsuccessful. Here in Nashville Cutler is revered almost as highly as Peyton Manning. It was well known that Jay had a somewhat fragile ego and to basically refuse to listen to him is disgraceful.

  221. Boston College DT B.J. Raji is scheduled to visit the Detroit Lions on Wednesday (

    Hey ! maybe the Lions are watching this Mock Draft !!!

    I sure hope so !

  222. Sent this in an email last night. Doesn’t appear to have gone through.

    I’m a home-girl so I’m sticking with that homer theme the Ravens have set. Plus I’m anticipating Samari Rolle is gone (is he???) and Dominic Foxworth will need some help. So for round 3 the Ravens choose: Kevin Barnes, CB, MD.

    Barnes has great speed, is a sure tackler and outstanding corner cover in college. He could compete for nickelback in rookie year. This is much needed depth in the secondary with Rolle, McAllister and Ivy outta here.

  223. Atlanta- Great pick in Casey!

  224. We’re moving really fast today, guys! This is good. Props to the Ravens, Pats, Falcons and Giants for all getting your picks in so quickly!

  225. Yes, more of that, please. We were doing so well… then, not so much.

    Let’s keep it up, I’d love for us to at LEAST get through the fourth round.

  226. Word is that Atlanta didn’t sign L.J. Smith because his blocking wasn’t strong enough for the power running game the Falcons employ. James Casey=1 dimensional. Great receiver. No blocking.

  227. @Joe
    Yep, absolutely right. Not only is he not a good blocker – he was barely even ever ASKED to block. He’s strictly a finesse TE. A good value, for sure, but not really a good fit.

  228. I chose Shawn Nelson TE of Southern Miss. The two DT that were picked before my pick are interesting picks. I don’t believe anyone will pick either one of them before the 5 th or 6th round in April. I have about six DT on the board ahead of them. For instance, with Carolina needing a DE, why not Mitch King. He is undersized to be a DT, but he is more than capable of playing end. Interesting to see such wide variation in evaluations of players.

  229. About rounds 4-7: I favor continuing the draft and propose a mechanism to move things along in a timely manner. Your comments are most welcome and helpful. Let’s say we decide to move at the rate of 8 picks per day (4 days per round). Based on your draft position, you would know about when your next pick would come up and have a good idea of players you would like to draft. One full day before your allotted time, submit a prioritized list of your next 8 picks. If you cannot make the pick personally (which would allow some last minute mind changing to take place), the next highest rated available player from your list would be entered for you. I ran this by Commissioner Weller and he suggested I post it for your comments.

  230. If this moves along, then I will go 7, but I wonder if all of us can do four picks a day. I like the priority list idea.

  231. My take is to either use the poriority list or be ready and available to submit picks.

  232. For the record, I love the priority list idea… but just to throw it out there, we will have the issue of Bryan and I not being able to put up picks at say 3am or any other time that we would be sleeping, nor can we promise that we will be able to stay on top of things while we’re at work… though with the priority list idea, we would be able to wake up in the morning and put up 2 or 3 picks and then after work put up 2 or three picks and then stay on top of it with the time in between.

  233. To combat the problem of you guys not being able to constantly post the picks – it would be good if everyone would post their pick in the comments, with the draft number, draft pick, and next team on the clock.

  234. That’s actually not a bad idea at all… that way when we are away from computers when we return we would be able to put up several picks at once.

  235. Yeah I think it’s smart too, that allows the next guy to make his pick without waiting for postings. Good idea Chris.

  236. I am wondering if, in the spirit of keeping up the pace, if we shouldn’t institute a mandatory time limit as they have in the real draft. For instance, I dont send in a priority list and my four hours expires – the next pick is able to draft if they wish. In the real draft, you get 15, 10 7 minutes (depending on the round) to make your pick. If you dont use your pick, the next team is allowed to pick and you make your pick whenever you get your act together.

    Could this work for us?

  237. I think all these ideas have promise.

  238. Eh, that could work but that wouldn’t make it very realistic…

  239. Are we still waiting until the comp. picks are announced to move forward with the rest of the draft?

  240. Yes… and I read something last night saying that they’re supposed to be announced at the end of March… I also plan on putting up a post next week about predicting the compensatory picks so people will at least have a rough idea of what to expect.

  241. The NFL announced today at the Owners meeting that a total of 32 compensatory picks in the 2009 Draft were awarded to 16 teams…The Bengals and Titans received the most compensatory picks with four apiece…This is how the 32 compensatory picks are broken down by team: Cincinnati 4, Tennessee 4, Chicago 3, New England 3, Seattle 3, Dallas 2, Jacksonville 2, San Diego 2, San Francisco 2, Arizona 1, Detroit 1, Indianapolis 1, Kansas City 1, New York Giants 1, Pittsburgh 1, Washington 1.


  243. So should we proceed?

    If so, I believe the Patriots would be on the clock?

  244. Yes, the patriots are on the clock and I emailed their rep.

  245. Weller – how do you feel about putting say – the next five team logos up on the board so that when people log in they can see ahead of time that their pick is coming, so maybe it won’t be as much of a surprise when they get your email?

    Just thought it might help speed the process along.

  246. Chris – excelling idea… I’ll do that right now

  247. I’m pumped about these rounds. The Eagles have 4 fifth rounders this year. Clevelands from a draft day trade last year, the Jets from the Lito Sheppard trade and the Pats from the Greg Lewis trade. Oh, and of course our regular pick. I’ll be able to keep busy in the 5th.

  248. The Bengals pick Scott McKillop LB from Pitt

  249. Have we established a time allotment for rounds 4-7?

  250. Sorry, I forgot to post my pick on here earlier.

    Cleveland takes with the 104th pick:

    Chip Vaughn SS Wake Forest

  251. DAMMIT! I was very much zeroed in on Vaughn. Good pick!

  252. Bengals take Matt Shaughnessy, DE, from Wisconsin

  253. Ha! Awesome. It is disdainfully satisfying to swipe someones pick. Mostly because it has happened to me and I know how much it sucks.

    Hey Bengals, whats up with taking 2 DE’s? Losing faith in Odom?

  254. Dammit.

    And then someone goes and grabs Canfield. I have two picks in this round, an one of them was most definitely going to be Canfield. Nice pick.

  255. Imagine having to cross off guys from your list for 2 full rounds ! ….. I don’t have anything until round 6 because of the Peterson trade.

  256. Since when can Mitch King play OLB?

  257. I’m here and I’ll be making my pick shortly.

  258. @112, the Texans select RB RASHAD JENNINGS – LIBERTY.

  259. Great pick Texans- I agonized over my choice between him and Hunt. He is going to be a pro-bowler!

  260. Great pick getting Jennings so late. If he was there with my next pick I was definitely going to take him.

    Interesting note: only one running back was taken in each of the last 3 rounds. So far.

  261. Mitch King is a stud… he can definitely play both DE and OLB.

  262. I find it really funny that we’ll go for a while with no picks and then we just get a whole bunch right in a row.

  263. Colts, what makes you think he can play OLB? He was an undersized DT in college whose move to DE is more out of necessity than pure athletic ability. Yes the kids got a serious motor, but a motor alone won’t be able to cover a TE in space let alone get sideline to sideline chasing a RB. At least that’s what I’ve seen.

  264. Miami runs a 3-4 defense, where the OLB isn’t used the same way, I think he definitely has the raw athleticism/potential to be used on the outside in a 3-4 defense… if it were a 4-3 it might be a different story.

  265. Yea I get what you’re saying with the 3-4. But even in that scheme an OLB is still asked to play in space at times, not just rush the passer. Unless you’re a guy like Shawne Merriman, being 1 dimensional doesn’t get you real far in the NFL.

  266. So what’s the official determination on time allowed between selections?

    Also – have you gotten much of a response from people giving you their priority lists?

  267. First of all, I have been out of state for four days and the picks have not gone very far since I left. Mitch King is a stud and more than that he is a football player. Outside LB or DE, he will find a job in the NFL. Teddy Bruschi was a DT in college, so was Matt Millen. They both turned out OK as players. I would have taken him in this next pick.

  268. I never said he wouldn’t be a good player, but I honestly don’t think he’s an OLB prospect in the slightest. That’s all.

  269. OK Joe, and you may be right as both of the guys I mentioned were ILB.

  270. C’mon Ravens, it’s been 24 hours… we’re stalling out!

  271. Hey guys,
    This one is on us, I’m being swamped at work and Weller is literally moving half way across the country tomorrow. The Ravens pick will up in a few minutes.

    We’re trying! Sorry!

  272. Oh, sorry – didn’t know you guys were so buried.

  273. It’s all good, we didn’t really know it either. It kind of hit us all at once, haha.

    Thanks for the patience once again, guys!

  274. Come on guys, post your picks here under comments so W&B have time to react and the rest of us know what is happening.

  275. Where’s Weller moving to?

  276. Knoxville, Tennessee. It’s sort of like a religious pilgrimage for him. If things go as planned, I’ll be joining him this summer to start Grad School there.

  277. Browns select WR Patrick Turner, USC

  278. Nelson taken at 94 by Titans

  279. Hmm. That changes things. Good catch.

    The picks are rolling in at the moment.

  280. Cody Brown went at 95 to Cardinals

  281. That’s why this part was Weller’s job.

  282. No worries, your doing a good job Bryan, keep it up.

  283. Titans take Brandon Long DE/OLB from Michigan State.

  284. I figured out the problem. The search on my browser was case sensitive and I didn’t know it. No wonder I missed the two people who were drafted. I’m kind of surprised this hadn’t happened yet

  285. The Titans take Myron Pryor, DT from KY

  286. The Eagles select Aaron Kelly, WR Clemson.

  287. Alright guys, good work moving it along today. I’ll add the comments in a bit, I just threw the names up while I was at work. The Falcons have been contacted.

  288. I’m in Knoxville!!!!!!

    Okay, with that out of the way, I will be helping as much as I can to take some of the load off Bryan now, but I have to open new bank accounts, get an in-state drivers license, get in-state insurance, find a job, and learn my way around a city that’s significantly bigger than the one I lived in for the past 18-plus years. But at least Bryan isn’t completely alone now.

    Thanks for all the patience, guys. We’re really glad everyone is seeming to enjoy this and that you all have been so cooperative.

  289. With all the delays in the posting of picks, why can’t people email the picks to this site and then let Weller and Bryan catch up later? Some of us really get things moving and then we wait 24 hours for some people.

  290. Eagles select Terrance Knighton DT Temple

  291. Way to go guys- let’s keep it rolling!

  292. Bears Guy-Who got the better of the deal, Bears or Broncos? Also, I do not remember Smith from FSU, is he injury prone, or just not very productive on a somewhat mediocre team? I guess I am curious why he is not a first rounder with those kind of numbers.

  293. Antone Smith doesn’t get much pub because he’s tiny. 5’9 190 is a generous listing.

  294. Oh, OK, so he is a change of pace back, not a feature back. I could see how that could help.

  295. Reed-

    If you didn’t see it, here’s the Bear guy’s take:

  296. And you guys should check out my mock draft that I just put up and tell me what you think…

  297. Are the cowboys picking any time this year?

  298. Sure glad I don’t pick for Philly, I would be getting PO’d.

  299. He’s gotta be getting close to his time limit, I’ll just pick ahead of him if I can.

  300. He was over, but I haven’t been around a computer all day. Too nice of a day here in Missouri to be inside.

    Hey Steve, does Raji’s positive test change your view of him any?

  301. At this point I don’t believe any of those reports, the NFL has stated that the charges were false. If I were them I would sue that website.

  302. Eagles select Kory Sheets RB Purdue.

  303. What are others hearing about the rumor of Ocho Cinco going to Oakland for a second rounder and Michael Bush. I know that it has only being mentioned on a couple of blog sites, but I could see it happening. Obviously, this would make most Bengal fans very happy and probably would cheer up Chad as well. He has not come to off season conditioning, so if Lewis is to be believed, then I think Chad will be gone.

  304. I think cincy would be getting the better of the deal. Bush is a rising star in this league and Ocho Stinko is the exact opposite.

  305. I agree with Joe. Bush was projected as an early first rounder his junior year but he came back his senior yer and broke his leg early on. it was still healing during all the combine and pro day events, so he never got to work-out for teams before the draft. I hear he’s better than ever now.

  306. Eagles select Jason McCourty CB Rutgers

  307. Wow. Lots of comments on this post, I have a feeling that the Bills won’t be taking any passing targets with their first pick after grabbing TO.

    I also feel that if the Lions don’t grab Stafford, the Rams are going to. Marc Bulger aint what he used to and I don’t think the Rams have another no-name QB turned Pro Bowler in their future. Look for them to draft young with their young team.

    And Redskins drafting more D-Line after adding Haynesworth and dropping Taylor would seem weird. I’d think they go LB especially if Curry is still around but I really don’t think he will be. I think he’s the best player in the draft

    I definitely don’t think Laurenitis will be going that high either. I could even see the Browns looking to trade down.

    The Jets do need a QB but they are carrying 4 already, and with a defensive minded Head Coach, it’s a tough one to be looking at Sanchez. No way Stafford falls to them and if he does, I’ll eat my hat.

    And again, the Bucs just landed a solid reciever with Winslow, I don’t think they’ll be going WR even though it would benefit them huge. They just don’t seem to draft smart, ever.

    The Patriots also took a LB last year in the first round, their GM won’t be doing that, but they did lose Vrabel and I might call that one a wash. So I’ll give it to you.

    And if Baltimore is taking a WR (which they should) I’d say it’s Percy Harvin.

    Then you have the Colts and Eagles taking RBs in the first round even though they both have stud running backs. Even though they wear Hello Kitty band-aids like every week, I don’t see them wasting high picks on them. They are both quiet RBs and the fans will definitely hate those pics. I see Colts going Defense and Eagles going OL

    And despite the GMEN always drafting pass rushers, if Percy Harvin is available, they WILL take him or I WILL find Jerry Reese and personally hand him a nasty letter.

  308. Haha, I can’t disagree with anything you’ve said really… I’ll let the other teams reps defend their picks, but remember that we started this over a month ago so a lot of the free agency signings hadn’t happened when some of these picks were made…

    As for my Colts however, I can address your confusion with my RB pick in the first round. I agree that defense is a bigger need for the Colts and if either BJ Raji or Peria Jerry are still there at the 27th pick we will take them, however I think there is zero chance of Raji falling that far and a small chance that Jerry does and the only other DT that is 1st round worthy is Ziggy Hood, who I was able to trade up for in the second round.

    I also think that WR is a slightly higher need now that Marv is gone. If Hakeem Nicks or Darrius H-B were there I’d have had a hard decision between them and Moreno. But to actually address your question about why I would take a running back at all… From what I’ve heard the Colts want to go back to a two-back system like we had with Addai and Rhodes in 2006 and won the Super Bowl.

    I would have considered going with a linebacker but Aaron Curry, James Laurinaitis, Aaron Maybin, Rey Maualuga, Clay Matthews, Brian Cushing and Larry English all gone there was definitely nobody left that I would have taken with the 27th pick.

    Offensive tackle would also have been an option but with Eugene Monroe, Jason Smith, Michael Oher, and Andre Smith all being taken, Eben Britton was the only one that I might have considered, but Knowshon Moreno was WAY better value and OT and RB are at about the same need anyhow in my opinion.

  309. Good news, everyone! I believe that with the pace we’ve been on since the compensatory picks were announced we should finish on time… it’s gonna be close, and by close I mean with the math I did we should be finishing on the morning of the first day of the draft, haha.

  310. We would finish a lot faster if some people would not take 12-24 hours to pick. Come on, it is not like we are going to get these guys in the places we are drafting. Pick someone!

  311. I’ll go ahead and defend my selection of Monroe at #2. I know Bulger isn’t exactly what he used to be, but he’s not terrible. The main thing I’d like to see is how he can fair with a serviceable O-Line. With the loss of Pace and the addition of center Jason Brown, a great OT would be perfect to give Bulger one last shot. Let’s face it, regardless, the Rams will be picking in the top 5 next year and we can go after Bradford or McCoy.

    Alex Barron is a free agent after this year and not very good anyway. Right now we can Jacob Bell listed at RT when he’s a natural guard.

    So could we take Stafford? Sure. We could also take Crabtree or Aaron Curry just as easily. I chose to start building this team from the ground up with an OT.

    Plus we apparently signed Kyle Boller, which I didn’t know until just now.

  312. Hey Bryan, if the Rams don’t take a QB this year (and I agree with you, I don’t think they will) how pissed will you be if they take Teblow next year?

  313. 11logic, the Eagles have 2 RB’s on the roster, and 1 of those RB’s was so insignificant that he was a healthy scratch for almost every game last year. The other is a stud, but he’s always hurt. So yes, the fans would love a RB, actually.

  314. At #174, Detroit selects Mike Wallace, Wide Receiver/Kick Returner from Mississippi.

  315. At pick 178 Seattle picks OLB Lee Robinson out of Alcorn State (narrowly ahead of Orion Martin)

  316. Alright, I’m headed out of town in an hour or so and I believe so is Weller, though I could be wrong on that. He’s going to have a little internet access, I think, but not a whole lot and I won’t be around a computer all weekend.

    We’ll try to get some picks up, but no promises. If we don’t, it’s all Weller’s fault. Ha.

  317. These are the missing comments from pick #174

    Detroit selects Mike Wallace of Mississippi. They need his 4.3 speed for the return game and as a 3rd receiver.Like most other aspects of Detoit’s game an improvement is required here.

  318. Packers, Your taking another QB!? You have Aaron Rodgers, Brain Brohm ( future star guaranteed) and that other guy you took in the 5th round last year. Sorry, but this kid wouldn’t even make the final roster.

  319. I think it was a joke…hence the websites about firing Ted Thompson…

  320. Texans select FS CHRIS CLEMONS – CLEMSON at #188

  321. I’m drafting to add depth to the Lion’s offensive line –
    Greg Isadner – OG from West Virginia. I have three sites rating him as the average 10th best guard.
    Looks like a good pick for the 6th round.

  322. Nice pick by Detroit.

  323. Eagles select Donald Washington and Tiquan Underwood.

  324. Jets Guy:-
    I think that you have a snip with Brandon Gibson. I would have taken him at pick 178 if I hadn’t already selected Crabtree. Had he been in last years WR class, I reckon he could have been a 3rd/4th Rounder easy.

    Don’t be surprised to see Seattle take him as a projected replacement for Bobby Engram. We need someone with sure hands and toughness and I’m not sure that any of our “boy band” young WR’s taken in the latter rounds of recent drafts have what it takes. Obermanu is the exception – if he’s back to his best after injury.

    And Mr. Ram, can you please start that Nate Davis on opening day against us? That would be sweet.

  325. Tim- It doesn’t matter who starts for the Rams next year. Might as well start Davis. We’ll win 3 games.

  326. If we’re lucky, that is.

  327. What happened to pick 206 ? Last night it was Kevin Ogletree ??

  328. Sometimes WordPress reverts to an autosaved copy. I’m not sure why. Good catch.

  329. Alright everyone, we’re officially ending this thing after six rounds… the actual mock is close enough now that we have that to focus on among other things… we had a great time organizing this and having all of you participate. We plan on doing this again next year and hope that in the meantime you will keep coming back to check out the rest of our site and give us feedback on the things we have to say… we also would like to remind you that we will be doing a live blogging of the actual draft this weekend and hope you will all drop by to check it out. We’re going to try and have a running conversation in the comments on it, and your opinions are more than welcome… Thanks again for everybody’s participation in this and for your patience!

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