Never Question His Fanhood

We all know Weller is a Tennessee Volunteers fan.  I’d say he spends 90% of his day talking about Tennessee with people who probably don’t care that much.  His wardrobe is orange.  He dreams in orange.  His life is orange.

Finally, he got a chance to prove his love on a national stage.  ESPN listened. This ensued.

Surrounded by soulless people in blue, Weller (and his dad) shine through like beacons of hope.

Stay strong, Weller.  Stay strong.


7 Responses

  1. I stayed strong til the very end and even got my picture taken with Bruce Pearl after the game… and I see many more times with me in that attire in my future.

  2. But will you make it on ESPN again in that attire? I think not. I think you have to outdo your original act to make your second appearance!

    That’s cool. By the way, saw you live dude.
    I live for orange too. O-R-I-O-L-E-S!

  3. Hey! That’s right, you’re an Orioles fan! You’ll be happy to know that you recently added one to your fan base! I don’t really know if I’m allowed to call myself a fan yet, but Bryan hates the fact that I don’t follow baseball by any stretch of the imagination, so he told me that I have to pick a team and follow them this season. After some brief research, I decided I wanted to try this out with the Orioles, so I’ll be cheering for them this year too!

    Oh and if you have any requests/suggestions on what I should do to one-up my previous outfit, I’m all ears and will certainly take it into consideration.

  4. HA! Weller, I love this video! Way to go! Somehow I know you will find a way to out do yourself in the future. And Papa John wearing TN orange (grey)in ks territory. I am impressed!

  5. HAHA, that’s awesome Weller!

  6. Weller, that’s my new favorite video clip on the internet. I’m pretty sad I didn’t get to see you live. You could always get one of those clown wigs like the guy after you had… but then again YOU had sweet sweet facepaint, which I think outdoes them all.

  7. All Vol – I’m glad you like it! and yes, I will do my very best to out do myself in the near future!

    Oskie – Approval from one of the 3SIB Tennessee writers is more than I could have hoped for.

    Erin – I agree, I think a wig would probably be better than the hat.

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