NFL Teams Biggest Needs for 2009 Draft (Version 2.0)

I did one of these a while back, and this one is just like that one except I’ve updated it. I’m listing each team and giving about 3 to 5 positions for each team that I think would be considered that team’s biggest needs. I tried to list them in order from what I thought was the teams biggest need and then second biggest need, but I didn’t really put too much thought into that part of it, I just picked the top few positions for each team. There are still a lot of things that have to happen between now and the draft, but as of right now this is what the top needs look like for each team in my opinion:

Arizona Cardinals – Outside Linebacker, Offensive Tackle, Offensive Guard, Running Back, Safety

Atlanta Falcons – Offensive Tackle, Defensive Tackle, Cornerback, Outside Linebacker, Defensive End

Baltimore Ravens – Defensive End, Wide Receiver, Cornerback, Defensive Tackle

Buffalo Bills – Defensive End, Center, Outside Linebacker, Tight End, Defensive Tackle

Carolina Panthers – Offensive Tackle, Defensive End, Defensive Tackle, Offensive Guard, Center

Chicago Bears – Defensive End, Free Safety, Wide Receiver, Defensive Tackle

Cincinnati Bengals – Offensive Tackle, Center, Defensive End, Linebacker, Running Back

Cleveland Browns – Outside Linebacker, Cornerback, Inside Linebacker, Wide Receiver, Running Back

Dallas Cowboys – Offensive Tackle, Offensive Guard, Defensive Tackle, Strong Safety, Free Safety

Denver Broncos – Defensive Tackle, Inside Linebacker, Strong Safety, Free Safety, Running Back

Detroit Lions – Outside Linebacker, Center, Cornerback, Offensive Tackle, Offensive Guard, D-Line

Green Bay Packers – Defensive End, Cornerback, Safety, Outside Linebacker, Offensive Line.

Houston Texans – Defensive End, Outside Linebacker, Free Safety, Offensive Guard

Indianapolis Colts – Defensive Tackle, Wide Receiver, Running Back, Kick Returner, Linebackers, Offensive Tackle

Jacksonville Jaguars – Offensive Tackle, Defensive Tackle, Wide Receiver, Offensive Guard

Kansas City Chiefs – Defensive End, Inside Linebacker, Outside Linebacker, O-line, Quarterback

Miami Dolphins – Offensive Tackle, Defensive Tackle, Linebacker, Cornerback, Free Safety

Minnesota Vikings – Offensive Tackle, Quarterback, Center, Cornerback

New England Patriots – Outside Linebacker, Inside Linebacker, Free Safety, Strong Safety, Cornerback

New Orleans Saints – Cornerback, Safety, Linebacker, D-Line

New York Giants – Wide Receiver, Ouside Linebacker, Offensive Tackle

New York Jets – Inside Linebacker, Quarterback, Cornerback, Free Safety, Wide Receiver

Oakland Raiders – Defensive End, Wide Receiver, Offensive Tackle, Defensive Tackle, Outside Linebacker

Philadelphia Eagles – Free Safety, Tight End, Wide Receiver, Center, Cornerback, Strong Safety, Running Back

Pittsburgh Steelers – Offensive Tackle, Offensive Guard, Defensive End, Cornerback

San Diego Chargers – Defensive Tackle, Offensive Tackle, Safety, Linebacker, Offensive Guard

San Francisco 49ers – Offensive Tackle, Defensive End, Outside Linebacker

Seattle Seahawks – Wide Receiver, Center, Free Safety, Running Back

St. Louis Rams – Offensive Tackle, Inside Linebacker, Cornerback, Strong Safety, Defensive End

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Wide Receiver, Defensive Tackle, Offensive Tackle, Defensive End, Outside Linebacker

Tennessee Titans – Wide Receiver, Wide Receiver, Cornerback, Running Back, Defensive Tackle

Washington Redskins – Inside Linebacker, Offensive Tackle, Defensive End

As always, please feel free to leave a comment if you have any thoughts or questions. If you would like to submit needs for your favorite team to have them taken into account when I do my next mock draft send us an email to the address on our contact us page.

5 Responses

  1. For the Rams, you could just write “Team” and that would work.

  2. I could do that with a few teams, lol

  3. Your needs for the Texans can be simplified. Pass rush, pass rush, CB (if Dunta leaves), Big RB. If they go receiver, it’s most likely a late round selection

  4. […] NFL Teams Biggest Needs for 2009 Draft Posted on January 1, 2009 by colts18 This information is out of date. For an updated version click here. […]

  5. Very nice Miami Dolphins information. I hope to be in Miami for a game this fall.

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