My Colts Dream

For those of you who aren’t frequent readers and don’t know me personally, I’ll start out by saying that football is the only sport that I really follow. If the football and basketball seasons didn’t overlap so much then I would probably follow basketball quite a bit closer but as it stands I don’t truly give much of my attention to basketball until the football season is over, which for me is as soon as the final whistle blows in the Pro Bowl. By this time each year there’s only about two months of college basketball left and still find it difficult to give the majority of my attention to it, not when the NFL Combine is just a couple weeks away and free agency is going to start up, and then of course there’s the NFL Draft itself to look forward to. So even though you might get a half hearted prediction or two from me about college basketball, they’re really just shots in the dark when I feel that something basketball related should be put up on our site.

Now the point of me saying all that was so you know why in the second week of February I’m writing posts about football on back-to-back days, the one yesterday being about my Vols. This post (if you couldn’t guess from the title) is about my Colts. Last year I wrote a post about who I hoped the Colts would draft that year, and then oddly enough, I wrote another one about the very same thing on the very same day. I can’t figure out for the life of me why I would have done such a thing but I did. So now, nearly ten months later I am writing not what I think will happen, but solely what would be the ideal offseason in my eyes for my Colts and with only the slightest existence of any restraint by realistic possibility. So let me reiterate that I don’t think this will happen, it would just be ideal if it did. Continue reading

Mizzou-Kansas Firsthand

I’ve never been a big basketball fan; just couldn’t get into the sport.  Tonight, I became a little bit more of a fan.

As most of you know, my Missouri Tigers came back to down their hated rivals, the Kansas Jayhawks, 62-60 on a buzzer beater by Zaire Taylor.

I was sitting at the top of the student section for every agonizing second. Continue reading

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