2009 NFL Mock Draft VII (2/06)

For the last mock draft we’ll be putting up here, we’re going to need your help.  Follow this link to see what I’m talking about. It will be fun and will give you documented evidence that you can draft better than your team’s front office.

If you would like to see how things have progressed, I recommend checking out my first six mock drafts: (9/11), (9/25), (10/10), (10/15), (12/10), and (1/03).

Here’s the new one:

Rnd Pick Team Player Pos School
1 1 Detroit Andre Smith OT Alabama
1 2 St Louis Eugene Monroe OT Virginia
1 3 Kansas City Matthew Stafford QB Georgia
1 4 Seattle Michael Crabtree WR Texas Tech
1 5 Cleveland Aaron Curry OLB Wake Forest
1 6 Cincinnati Michael Oher OT Mississippi
1 7 Oakland Jason Smith OT Baylor
1 8 Jacksonville Malcolm Jenkins CB Ohio State
1 9 Green Bay BJ Raji DT Boston College
1 10 San Francisco Everette Brown DE Florida State
1 11 Buffalo Brian Orakpo DE Texas
1 12 Denver Rey Maualuga MLB USC
1 13 Washington James Laurinaitis MLB Ohio State
1 14 New Orleans Brian Cushing OLB USC
1 15 Houston Mark Sanchez QB USC
1 16 San Diego Peria Jerry DT Mississippi
1 17 NY Jets DJ Moore CB Vanderbilt
1 18 Chicago Jeremy Maclin WR Missouri
1 19 Tampa Bay Percy Harvin WR Florida
1 20 Detroit Knowshon Moreno RB Georgia
1 21 Philadelphia Brandon Pettigrew TE Oklahoma St
1 22 Minnesota Eben Britton OT Arizona
1 23 New England William Beatty OT Connecticut
1 24 Atlanta Aaron Maybin OLB Penn State
1 25 Miami Vontae Davis CB Illinois
1 26 Baltimore Tyson Jackson DE LSU
1 27 Indianapolis Hakeem Nicks WR North Carolina
1 28 Philadelphia Alphonso Smith CB Wake Forest
1 29 NY Giants Clint Sintim OLB Virginia
1 30 Tennessee Darrius Heyward-Bey WR Maryland
1 31 Arizona Chris Wells RB Ohio State
1 32 Pittsburgh Duke Robinson OG Oklahoma
* * * * Round 2 * * * *
2 33 Detroit William Moore FS Missouri
2 34 Kansas City Michael Johnson DE Georgia Tech
2 35 St Louis Sean Smith CB Utah
2 36 Cleveland LeSean McCoy RB Pittsburgh
2 37 Seattle Max Unger OC Oregon
2 38 Cincinnati Alex Mack OC California
2 39 Jacksonville Phil Loadholt OT Oklahoma
2 40 Oakland Derrick Williams WR Penn State
2 41 Green Bay Larry English OLB Northern Illinois
2 42 Buffalo Chase Coffman TE Missouri
2 43 San Francisco Fili Moala DT USC
2 44 Miami Clay Matthews OLB USC
2 45 NY Giants Kenny Britt WR Rutgers
2 46 Houston Paul Kruger DE Utah
2 47 New England Darius Butler CB Connecticut
2 48 Denver Shonn Greene RB Iowa
2 49 Chicago Connor Barwin DE Cincinnati
2 50 Tampa Bay Jamon Meredith OT South Carolina
2 51 Dallas Patrick Chung SS Oregon
2 52 NY Jets Darry Beckwith MLB LSU
2 53 Philadelphia Brian Robiskie WR Ohio State
2 54 Minnesota Victor Harris CB Virginia Tech
2 55 Atlanta Herman Johnson OG LSU
2 56 Miami Louis Delmas FS Western Michigan
2 57 Baltimore Evander Hood DT Missouri
2 58 New England Tyrone McKenzie OLB South Florida
2 59 Carolina Robert Ayers DE Tennessee
2 60 NY Giants Sen’Derrick Marks DT Auburn
2 61 Indianapolis Donald Brown RB Connecticut
2 62 Tennessee Mike Mickens CB Cincinnati
2 63 Arizona Derek Pegues FS Mississippi St
2 64 Pittsburgh Fenuki Tupou OT Oregon
* * * * Round 3 * * * *
3 65 Detroit Andy Levitre OG Oregon State
3 66 St Louis Juaquin Iglesias WR Oklahoma
3 67 Kansas City Jonathan Luigs OC Arkansas
3 68 Seattle Javon Ringer RB Michigan State
3 69 Dallas Marcus Freeman OLB Ohio State
3 70 Cincinnati Rashad Jennings RB Liberty
3 71 Oakland Jarron Gilbert DE San Jose St
3 72 Jacksonville Josh Freeman QB Kansas St
3 73 Green Bay James Casey TE Rice
3 74 San Francisco Troy Kropog OT Tulane
3 75 Buffalo Eric Wood OC Louisville
3 76 NY Jets Jairus Byrd CB Oregon
3 77 Houston Rashad Johnson FS Alabama
3 78 San Diego Coye Francies CB San Jose St
3 79 Denver Michael Hamlin SS Clemson
3 80 Washington Ron Brace DT Boston College
3 81 Tampa Bay Asher Allen CB Georgia
3 82 Detroit Jared Cook TE South Carolina
3 83 Green Bay Mitch King DE Iowa
3 84 Chicago Nate Davis QB Ball State
3 85 Philadelphia Antoine Caldwell OC Alabama
3 86 Minnesota Rhett Bomar QB Sam Houston St
3 87 Miami Gerald McRath MLB Southern Miss
3 88 Baltimore Louis Murphy WR Florida
3 89 New England Kraig Urbik OG Wisconsin
3 90 Atlanta Alex Boone OT Ohio State
3 91 NY Giants Captain Munnerlyn CB South Carolina
3 92 Indianapolis Alex Magee DT Purdue
3 93 Carolina Augustus Parrish OT Kent State
3 94 Tennessee Jeremiah Johnson RB Oregon
3 95 Arizona Trevor Canfield OG Cincinnati
3 96 Pittsburgh Domonique Johnson CB Jackson State

As always, please feel free to leave a comment, and if you would like to submit ratings for your favorite team’s positional needs that I can use for my next mock draft take a look at our Contact Us page, and shoot me an email and I’ll let you know what you need to do.


20 Responses

  1. well I see the first two rounds for seattle looking very great. round three is what i would call way off. I see that both jarius byrd and ron brace are out there after the pick. either would be better than ringer. or hamlin too. not ringer at all.

  2. Yo
    Nice layout… One question though – Why would Philly take a DB in the 1st round??

    I think they would take McCoy before a DB…..

    Also need a LB.

  3. Detroit fan here, I don’t see the Lions using the 20 pick on a RB, let alone when guys like Mayben, Jackson, Davis, and Smith are on the board. Kevin Smith actually did really well as a rookie last season, so a RB isn’t that high of a priority. William Moore, eh, I think you have the right idea with defense, but if they don’t address CB (now that Bodden is gone) or DE in the first, there’s no way they pass on Smith or Johnson witht the 33rd pick. I like you’re 3rd round a lot though. It’s actually the same as mine, as far as Det’s picks are concerned. The Cook pick is a favorite of mine.

  4. WHAT the lions dont need a running back we have kevin smith

  5. I agree with the Detroit People they need more than another rb at this point.

    Packer Fan I am and I like your picks for the packers. I see them in the 3rd maybe taking Alex Boone instead of a TE.

    Good draft here.

  6. I’m going to provide some points here..

    Pioli has a history of NOT drafting rnd1 QBs. So KC will pick someone else. I see it being Crabtree, Oher, Smith, Raji, Orakpu.

    If New Orleans signs Vilma, They give their #1 pick to the Giants as part of the Shockey trade. You may want to asterick that pick.

    I do not see Houston taking a QB. They will upgrade either line (O ro D) or the secondary. Look for Jerry or Moore.

    WIth #20, detroit will take one of the 5 non WR drafted after them- Maybin, Davis, Jackson, Smith, or Sintim. There is a even a better possibiliy for Pettigrew to get drafted there.

    I don’t see Philly taking a corner. And now that You’ve seen what Donovan can do with 1 WR, what happens when he has 2? Give them Darrius Heyward-Bey.

    The only thing that I can say about RND2, is that since a pass rusher wasn’t added by Denver in the first, they will take one in the 2nd.

    RND 3 looks solid to me. Even GB taking a TE. Can’t complain about that Donald Lee is like plain coke. Nothin special.

  7. Houston takes Sanchez? Does Matt Schaub get hit by a bus? They’ll target defense with that pick, and likely the first 3-4 picks as well. If Robinson walks, they probably take the highest rated CB on the board. Otherwise, look for them to take a DE, DT, or possibly OLB. Safety…eh, probably a reach.

  8. The Giants will, if available, take the best WR taller than 6’3″ to replace Plax, in my humble opinion.

  9. Like the draft. Don’t see the Packers taking a Dtackle though. They are moving into a 3-4 defense. I’d love him but they have enough defensive tackles including a waste of a first round pick from 2 years ago in Justin Harrell. Bryan you know the man well. haha he sucks but that is what happens when you let Ted Thompson run a team.

    They just moved Kampman to linebacker (not sure if inside of Outside…so they’ll most likely be replacing him and there are plenty of D-ends to do it. Unless there is truth to the Panthers cutting loose Peppers in favor of Gross. Then perhaps they’ll go that route.

    Again…2nd round…Theyre paying Hawk/Kampman/Barnett a lot of money to play LB’s. They also have a lot of money tied into Poppinga/Chillar combination. I cant see them taking another linebacker with this new setup. Most likely theyll take a DB if they hadnt taken one i nthe first round.

    3rd round – no need for a tight end. Theyre very high on Finley, who they drafted last season. I agree with the other Packer fan that the OL, in particular, the tackles need to be addressed. And again, if they havent already…they certainly do it with one of the two third round picks.

    I think it wouldve been smarter to draft Mualuaga at 9 and keep Kampman at End but whatever.

    They have a lot of talented pieces so I think they need to address the Defensive end slot first and foremost. After that, the secondary needs to get younger and so does the Oline. I wouldnt mind more athletic linebackers but who knows their plan there. A moose of a Dtackle in the middle rounds to be a run stuffer will be nice as well.

  10. I havent reviewed all of it but another one caught my eye. Nate Davis will not be with the Bears. This city is content with Orton and wants to surround him with weapons and see how he does.

    They do not want another year of QB controversy. They hate it and most Bear fans have hated it since the days of Rick Mirer and what it did to his psychy. The only way you’ll see the Bears end up with a QB is if McNabb wants to come here for cheap or if Sanchez/Stafford manage to fall to them.

    They also for some reason are high on Caleb Haine (not sure how u spell his name quiet honestly but i think that is it).

    Living here and hating the Bears, I pay close attention and this place would go ape shit if they took another qb that isn’t one that can step in right now and win while this defense is still mediocre+.

    They need weapons on offense. Maclin, if he falls to them, is perfect. I am not sure how you would defend his and Hesters speed on every play. I think Forte is in another world for being overrated, good player but good god you would think he is barry sanders if you lived here.

    They’ll get more explosive on offense and go after defense. Not sure why, but ive seen something where they arent happy with their secondary. Tillman i think is hurt or something and for whatever reason Vasher is out of the rotation. Mike Brown is old and not the same guy. They need to draft his successor and even Urlachers, as he is a shadow of his overrated self.

  11. I’m not in favor of your picks for the Lions, after the no. 1 pick. The Lions are totally void at CB so I would take Vontae Davis at 20 and Sean Smith at 33. Then picking up Ron Brace at the top of the third. After that start looking for a MLB, DE or additional OL help.

  12. Wow, that is a terrible mock. You apparently don’t know the Lions…Andre Smith I will accept (except if the go tackle I doubt it will be him) and there is no way they take a RB! They are happy with K. Smith.


  13. … Laughable.

  14. Yeah, we had one of the best offensive teams in the NFL last year even with me out 1/3 of the year and Sage Rosenfels coughing up the ball consistently, but Mark Sanchez makes sense here.

  15. 1 – DET – SHOULD take an OT. However, if they stick to 40+ years of tradition, they’ll take the flashiest player available on Draft Day whether he suits their needs or not. The only thing that’s certain is that, whoever they take, they’ll ruin his professional career within three years.

    2 – STL – O-line is a need, but they already have a couple legitimate young prospects in the fold with Greco and Scheuning, plus they had several O-line guys on IR for a good portion of ’08 who may be better than who ended up playing. Meanwhile, unless Spagnuolo believes that Carriker and/or Adeyanju are suddenly gonna become spectacular in the off-season, I think he goes DE or DT here, probably a DT.

    3 – KC – They already have 3 QBs who could probably step in and start for MIN, STL, SF, CHI, DET, etc. What they DON’T have is anything resembling a viable O-line. And, after years with Belichick, Pioli knows that the “Patriots’ super-secret QB system” is to build and maintain a very good O-line. SO, KC takes the best OT available. And maybe even another O-line guy with their Round TWO pick. Seriously, it’s that bad.

    4 – SEA – Yeah, yeah; Mora DID say he wants receivers. But this O-line needs serious renovation as well. SO, OT is probably the first choice. If the top three OT prospects are gone already, however, it means that QB Stafford is still available. I think they COULD shock everyone and take the shot now at getting a guy who might be groomed to take over for Hasselbeck in a couple of years – and then pick up a viable WR prospect in Round Two or Three (or both).

    5 – CLE – OLB is definitely the correct positional pick. The whole LB corps probably gets better with an instant starter to replace ancient McGinest and Shantee erORR. Maybe Curry, but maybe a DE/OLB hybrid (Larry English?) if one catches fire at the Combine and moves up the boards. This is a 3-4 based D, after all. It’ll help to have an OLB who can also play with his hand in the dirt occasionally.

    8 – JAX – OT is also their top need. However, since so many top prospects are probably already gone at this point, they may choose not to stretch and instead surprise everybody by going after a new dance partner for MJ-D (Taylor is losing it and they don’t have any legit prospects on board). WR is also a “surprise” possibility.

    14 – NO – I agree with OLB as the positional pick here only because I think the Saints manage to fill their DT and CB needs in FA, perhaps through the Lions’ off-season fire sale (heh). Seriously, if NO can avoid losing any critical pieces to free agency, AND fill these three defensive holes, they could be scary good in ’09. Of course, it’ll all fall apart again in 2010.

    15 – HOU – Sanchez? Naw. They just need to give their current QBs some anti-anxiety meds so they stop trying so hard to force things. Biggest need depends on who they lose/retain/pick up in free agency. As of the moment, probably they go for a legit instant starting DE for the spot opposite Williams. BTW – my bet is that, unless the Lions are st00pid enough to go for him (and they might well be), Sanchez drops out of the first round by Draft Day.

    17 – NYJ – The Jets possess one of the greatest assemblages of O-line talent in NFL history. And none of them have a viable backup – nada, zilch, zippo. If one of the starters goes to IR early, they’re screwed. I’d urge them to take a legit O-line prospect here for security if they can’t snag a decent B-guy or two in free agency. But then, who ever listens to me? OTOH, if they do cover O-line depth in free agency, then, yeah, maybe they draft for the secondary, or a DE, or an ILB for that matter (Barton and Bowens are gettin’ kinda ripe).

    23 – NE – This IS Belichick, so your guess is probably as good as any other and lots better than most, IMHO. The Patriots immediate needs include SS/OLB-hybrid (much more than another CB prospect), TE, WR, RB, maybe another LB, they’ll probably fill one LB spot with a free agency grab (BTW – apparently they really like Clay Matthews, if they do draft another LB). But all of these “need” positions can probably be filled just as well in later rounds. They ARE going to have to fill Stephen Neal’s cleats in another year or two anyway, so, if there’s an O-line guy they really like that may not be available later, yeah, they’d probably take him here. Not sure that Beatty is the specific guy, but maybe. A future D-line starter is probably almost as likely for similar reasons.

    Anyway, all of the above needs are likely to change radically between the start of free agency and the draft, so all of this is really just a shot in the dark at this point.

  16. Maine, I have to disagree with the Rams pick you have here. If you consider Greco and Scheuning legitimate prospects, which I don’t, then you have to consider Carriker legitimate also. We have to go O-Line here. There’s really no excuse not to.

  17. round three the packers have the jets pick for the favre trade.

  18. The Jets third round pick went to the Packers and the Saints third round pick went to the Jets. So the Packers end up with two third rounders, the Jets get one and the Saints don’t have any.

  19. I agree with Classic…that logic I don’t quite follow. Rams desperately need a dominant guy to play day 1.

  20. I do think Detroit is in a tough spot too. If I were them, I’d go Oline and try to pry away McNabb or something.

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