The Eve of National Signing Day

Tomorrow is the National Signing Day for all High School seniors who are bound for NCAA football programs.  As of right now, Rivals’ top 5 recruiting classes are:

1) Ohio St.

2) LSU

3) Texas

4) Alabama

5) USC

Of course, much will change in the next 24 hours, there are always several signing day switches and surprises.

ESPN provides some free recruiting information, which is different from Rivals, so their Top 5 looks a little different.  They give LSU the top spot, followed by USC, Texas, OSU, and Florida.

Generally I prefer Rivals to ESPN for my information.  All Rivals does is scout recruits and provide information for overzealous fans like myself.  ESPN just seems to be trying to capitalize on the new fad.  Nevertheless, the more information, the better.

The real stories will come out tomorrow, but for now let’s look at some of the intriguing plots for tomorrow.

Three of the Top 10 prospects at Rivals are uncommitted.  #1 prospect Bryce Brown has been committed to Miami for a long time, but won’t be signing a letter tomorrow.  He’ll probably end up at Miami or Oregon.

Some recruiting classes will fall apart tomorrow.  Illinois may have this problem as they have lost two D-Line prospects in the last week.  Rumor has it that their two 4-star receivers will be signing elsewhere, also.

Who will have the surprise top 25 classes?  As it stands, North Carolina has the #8 ranked class, Stanford is 16th, and South Florida is hovering at 29th.

There will be big surprises tomorrow, so check back in after the excitement has died down.  You’ll get my extremely unprofessional opinion on 18-year-old kids who I’ve never seen!  I know I’m excited.


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  1. If Manta Teo or whatever his name is and Byron Moore can somehow be swindled by the Irish and as long as Richardson doesnt de-committ for Miami, it’ll make my day. Probably my whole offseason.

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