Focusing On The Important Super Bowl Issues…

I realize we haven’t actually put up any sort of real Super Bowl reaction,  but this is too important to go unnoticed.  Lost among all the talk of one of the greatest Super Bowls ever played and the performances of Larry Fitzgerald and Santonio Holmes was the shocking change in Kurt Warner’s wife.

Being a St. Louis Rams fan, I’m well acquainted with Mrs. Warner and her odd style.  I remember her calling into a local St. Louis radio station to defend her husband after the hosts criticized his poor performance.  I remember the cameras always finding her in the stands, despite her shockingly unnattractive looks.  Last night, it took until the fourth quarter to realize that she had changed a bit since leaving the Lou.Let’s do a little before and after:

Brenda Warner After

Brenda Warner After


Brenda Warner Before

Now, I  know that these two pictures are from the side and don’t give you the full effect of her overhaul.  Well, one does,.  Anyway, before our second set of pictures, let’s have a small bit of background on the pair.

Kurt and Brenda have been married since 1997.  It’s Brenda’s second marriage; she has two children from the previous one.  She’s a veteran of the US Marine Corps and as long as she refrains from calling in to talk radio stations, seems like a pretty good lady.  Now she has the accompanying look.

We all know Kurt’s story, so I won’t go into the details.  The highlight, as we all know, was the victory in Super Bowl XXXIV.  Bless you, Kurt Warner, bless you.

The couple have five children together and Kurt has officially adopted Brenda’s son and daughter.

Now, onto the last two before and after pictures:

Brenda Warner Before

Brenda Warner Before

Brenda Warner After

Brenda Warner After

After I realized who they kept showing during the Super Bowl last night, I texted my friend and said, “That’s Brenda Warner?”

He responded with, “I dunno, she got hot.”

There you have it.  She got hot.  I guess.


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  1. DANG. She looks at least 20 years younger, if not more. Totally different lady.

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