Focusing On The Important Super Bowl Issues…

I realize we haven’t actually put up any sort of real Super Bowl reaction,  but this is too important to go unnoticed.  Lost among all the talk of one of the greatest Super Bowls ever played and the performances of Larry Fitzgerald and Santonio Holmes was the shocking change in Kurt Warner’s wife.

Being a St. Louis Rams fan, I’m well acquainted with Mrs. Warner and her odd style.  I remember her calling into a local St. Louis radio station to defend her husband after the hosts criticized his poor performance.  I remember the cameras always finding her in the stands, despite her shockingly unnattractive looks.  Last night, it took until the fourth quarter to realize that she had changed a bit since leaving the Lou. Continue reading

Stat of the Day (Saves)

I saw this one in my issue of Sports Illustrated this week and had to look it up on the Internet to be sure it was true. It was true, and it is amazing.

On Jan. 23, Division III Northland College played Adrian College in hockey. Adrian won 4-0. Seems like an ordinary game on the surface. The spectacular part came from Northland goalie Daniel McIntosh. How can the losing goalie of a 4-0 game be spectacular you ask? That’s easy. McIntosh made 95 saves. 95! Northland was outshot 99 to 11 by Adrian and wasn’t nearly blown out. One of the four goals was on a power play, which is always tough on a goalie.

McIntosh made 39 saves in the first period, 29 in the second and 27 in the third. Just crazy. And if you don’t believe it at first, here is a link to the game’s box score.

Mock Draft Plan

Alright folks, now that the Super Bowl is over and most of our teams were eliminated in December anyway, we’re going to focus our attention on the Draft.  More than we do already.

We’re going to be doing an upcoming mock draft that will be a little different than the past ones.  You the reader can get involved.  We’ll be looking for a fan of each team to take over their drafting duties.  All you need to do is send an email to with your name, age, and a brief description of why you should be drafting for your team.  It doesn’t have to be long, just a little something so we know a bit about you.  It will be first come, first serve, so contact us early to make sure you get your team. Continue reading

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