My Field of 65 Prediction

This is pretty early considering Selection Sunday isn’t for another month and a half, but I thought I’d put up a prediction just for kicks. I’m listing the teams along with what seeding I think they’ll have. Let me know what you think in a comment.

1 Duke
1 Pittsburgh
1 Oklahoma
1 Michigan St.
2 Xavier
2 North Carolina
2 Butler
2 Connecticut
3 Louisville
3 Wake Forest
3 Clemson
3 Memphis
4 Villanova
4 Texas
4 Utah
4 Marquette
5 Illinois
5 Siena
5 West Virginia
5 Arizona St.
6 Georgetown
6 Ohio St.
6 Syracuse
6 Washington
7 Tennessee
7 Kansas
7 Florida St.
7 Oklahoma St.
8 Wisconsin
8 florida
8 Baylor
8 Minnesota
9 Purdue
9 Davidson
9 California
9 Virginia Tech
10 Brigham Young
10 Missouri
10 Dayton
11 Utah St.
11 Texas A&M
11 Miami (FL)
12 UAB
12 Miami (OH)
12 Northwestern
12 Temple
13 St. Mary’s
13 Northeastern
13 Northern Iowa
13 Stephen F. Austin
14 Western Kentucky
14 American U.
14 Cornell
14 Austin Peay
15 Virginia Military
15 North Dakota St.
15 Albany
15 Weber St.
16 E. Tennessee St.
16 Mount St. Mary’s
16 Long Beach St.
16 Morgan St.
16 Jackson St.

5 Responses

  1. I’ll be stunned if Siena gets a No. 5 seed. And I highly doubt Northwestern is getting anywhere near the NCAA Tourney – even with the two nice wins over Minnesota and Michigan State.

  2. I’d be lying if I said that I’ve been following basketball closely this year, granted I don’t usually start to really get into it until football season is officially over (after the Pro Bowl for me) but this year I feel like I’ve been even more out of the loop and have really failed to keep track of what’s going on. I basically put this field of 65 together based primarily on some brief research. I gave Siena the 5 seed just because they have a nice RPI right now and Northwestern got in because they’re top 50 in RPI right now and because of the two wins you mentioned plus the win over Florida State earlier in the season.

  3. I know the SEC is down this year but they get more than 2 teams in. UK makes it hands down just for money alone esp since they beat your precious UT team that you have going.

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