Stat of the Day (Rebounds)

I can’t imagine this has happened very often.

On Monday night, Oklahoma’s Blake Griffin – right now the top prospect for this summer’s NBA Draft – out-rebounded the entire Oklahoma State team. Griffin ripped down 19 rebounds by himself while the Cowboys only managed 16 collectively. The Sooners won the game 89-81 to improve to 20-1 this season.


5 Responses

  1. You bring up a good question. As much as I love Blake Griffin, at seasons end, will he be the top prospect.

    I don’ think so. I think Ricky Rubio (the new Tony Kukoc), Greg Monroe, and I’d be shocked if the way Meeks is scoring he doesnt skyrocket. Even the kid at USC wouldnt shock me if he passed him but maybe blake is legit.

    I think he is good, but no.1 pick good? idk…i dont know if i see the upside, which always ends up being the point for top picks. Griffin may be too projectable for a no.1 pick

  2. I don’t have a whole lot of knowledge on the subject, but I’ll throw this out there:

    Blake Griffin (08-09): 22.3 PPG, 2.5 APG, 14 RPG, 1.4 BPG, 1.4 SPG
    Michael Beasley (07-08): 26.2 PPG, 1.2 APG, 12.4 RPG, 1.6 BPG, 1.3 SPG

    Both 6-10; Griffin is a little heavier. Beasley was #2 behind Rose. I think it will boil down to team need, but Griffin should definitely get a look.

    But again, I don’t want to get in over my head here because I don’t know what I’m talking about.

  3. Ya.. I don’t know how things will shape up. I could see Meeks flying up there, but to the No. 1 pick? I don’t know. Especially for a guy that didn’t score more than 10 points per game his first two seasons in college. Everybody still drools over DeRozan out at USC, but I have read some things about how scouts don’t know what to make of his inconsistent play. I don’t know much about Ricky Rubio other than I’ve heard his name and the Kukoc comparison – but Kukoc got picked with like the 30th pick – so idk there either.

    As for Monroe vs. Griffin they are essentially the same size (Monroe is 6-foot-11, 250 and Griffin is 6-foot-10 251) so if it were my team I wouldn’t be happy if they took the less productive Monroe over Griffin – even if you compare their freshman seasons Monroe’s production is less.

    Again, I have no idea, though. The NBA is usually pretty goofy with their draft picks. From what I’ve seen right now, everybody is saying Griffin is the top prospect if he comes out.

  4. Way I see it is Beasley was 6’10 or whatever in college too. If Griffin isn’t a legit 6’10” then i think he will fall.

    The fact that he has essentially peaked is my point. No one sees him as a 30-15 guy so there is no upside to his numbers. Regardless of if they’re good (20-10 is really good), it just doesnt wow people.

    I think last year Beasley was in the same boat and he fell. To make matters worse, he isn’t playing as well as a handful of others drafted so that whole “upside” will come into play.

    Rose jumped Beasley, u can say the bulls didnt need a PF, but they needed one moreso then a PG cuz Thomas and Gooden aren’t great.

    Meeks may be a stretch but I was only pointing to upside. You can’t argue that he can score just because he didn’t do it before, the guy is torching things and NBA teams will take notice. Tyler Hans at UNC has been doing it the last few years and I don’t see the NBA too concerned about that. So who knows…Gotta like an athletic 6’4” d-wade type with a stroke. Or I’d assume you have to.

    But as of “right now” I think it’s fair to say Griffin is at the top but come draft day I don’t think he will be.

  5. No doubts with what you are saying. Odds are Griffin probably won’t be the first pick, but I could easily see him being just like Elton Brand in the NBA. I do think attitude had a lot to do with the Bulls not taking Beasley. His whole prankster act thing and his presumed laziness on defense. I sure hope Griffin falls….that or the Bulls get the No. 1 pick again.

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