More NFL Coaching Updates

herman-edwardsWithin the last 24 hours three important coaching changes have been made.  First and most important, the Kansas City Chiefs fired Herm Edwards today after a tumultuous three years.  He ended with a 15-33 record overall, including 6-26 over the last two years.  I know many Chiefs fans who wanted Herm gone after last year, so I’m sure they’re more than happy with today’s news.

Rumor has it that the Chiefs have targeted Mike Shanahan to take over.  I can’t figure out why Shanahan would want to take over such a major rebuilding project, but maybe he thinks they can have a quick turn around with new GM Scott Pioli.  I don’t see it unless they get a new Quaterback. 

Second on the list is the Lions hiring of former Rams Head Coach Scott Linehan as their Offensive Coordinator.  I really have no love for Scott a_reeves2Linehan since he coached my team into the ground.  He’s going from a 2-14 team to an 0-16 team.  Have fun, Scott.

The third and final little coaching bit is from San Francisco.  Apparently they have brought in former Broncos, Giants, and Falcons Head Coach Dan Reeves to interview for their Offensive Coordinator position.  Reeves hasn’t coached in the NFL since 2003, so that was kind of a blast from the past.

Tough to say if it would be a good hire since he’s been gone from the game for six years.  The game evolves, so it might be a tough adjustment period for him and the 49ers.

3 Responses

  1. This Shanahan talk seems crazy to me. Great coach but I fail to see how he’ll co-exist with Pioli after years as a gm.

    Pioli isn’t an upstart, the guy knows what he is doing, so a slight disagreement in talent can end this thing quickly in my opinion.

    At the same time, Shanahan is the best coach out there IMO. So why wouldn’t you pursue him? Not to mention sticking to the Broncos. I hate those guys.

  2. I think they should get chucky. How are we going to live without those glares on sunday? How about an updated mock draft? Do you need another writer for this website?

  3. Dustin-
    Gruden does have the best glare of anyone in the game today, that’s for sure. He’ll get a job somewhere, quickly.

    Weller will be doing an updated mock draft soon, we’ve got some ideas as the draft gets nearer. We’ll keep you posted.

    As far as another writer goes, we’re not really looking right now, but we appreciate the interest!

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