Kansas Gets Caught Cheating

Kansas Head Coach Bill Self

Kansas Head Coach Bill Self

First thing first, Weller is in Montana for the week so if you tune in for his posts come back next Tuesday (or stick around and read mine.  I’d prefer that).

Now, as you may know, Bill Self, Head Coach at the University of Kansas, has been caught for illegal contact with a recruit.  The story goes that Self stood outside the locker room of top prospect John Wall after a game in Springfield, Missouri and the two had a brief conversation.  The conversation happened during the NCAA’s “Evaluation Period” when coaches are not supposed to have any contact with recruits.

While breaking the rules is obviously wrong, (I’m sure a secondary violation like this happens all the time) the real issue I have is with the blatant arrogance of the violation.According to the story, the reporter was waiting around outside the locker room to get an interview with the nation’s #1 recruit, John Wall.  The reporter also notes that Self must have recognized him as a reporter.  After Wall exited the locker room, Self said something to the effect of, “I shouldn’t be talking to you, but good game.”

Harmless? Yes.  Against the rules?  Yes.

First, Self tells the kid that he shouldn’t be talking to him.  He states that.  If that isn’t an indictment, I don’t know what is.  It takes a massive amount of arrogance to do something like that in front of a reporter.  A reporter who happens to live in the home state of your biggest rival.

I don’t know if the reporter is a Mizzou fan but  I’d have been a little more careful knowing that in the state of Missouri someone would be more than happy to turn me in for any sort of small violation.  I know I’d love to.

Second, why would you even risk this?  Apparently John Calipari was also at the game and didn’t attempt to talk to the kid directly outside the locker room.  Did he really think this little exchange would sway Mr. Wall to sign with the Jayhawks?  I’d imagine in a place like Springfield, everyone knew that Bill Self and John Calipari were in the building before the 1st quarter was over.

It’s also a risky proposition to break the rules while your team is already on probation for “lack of institutional control“.  I think I’d refrain from blatantly breaking rules until that period is over.

I asked the local compliance department if Kansas could expect any penalties.  Without looking anything up, she said that they should get automatic reduction in contacts with the player and probably a letter of admonishment to Coach Self.  Again, that is not official, that’s just what she thought off the top of her head.

Self has publicly confirmed the report.  He said he was waiting around to congratulate the coaches.  This excuse may have some truth to it, but it should be noted that the locker rooms are actually in a different building than the gym where the game was played.  Self would actually have to walk outside in the cold to stand around outside the locker room.  That’s why it was only the reporter and Self there.  It seems kind of silly to go congratulate a coach like that, but maybe that’s common.

Like I said above, this is a trivial thing.  I’m sure it happens all the time.  The reason this is becoming a big deal is because of the brazen way in which Bill Self went about it.  I guess it’s possible that I’m being too nice, though, maybe he’s just dumb.

Yeah.  I think I’ll go with that.

In the interest of full disclosure, I’m a Mizzou Alum.  Still, this was just stupid.

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  1. You just wanted to say you were an alum.

    And yes, it was stupid.

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