The Rams End Their Coaching Search

Steve Spagnuolo

Steve Spagnuolo

The only coaching vacancy that I have actually have a vested interest in was filled yesterday when my St. Louis Rams hired Giants Defensive Coordinator Steve Spagnuolo.

Spagnuolo had his name mentioned with just about every head coaching job this offseason and it was rumored that the Jets were going to snag him.  They hesistated, however, and the Rams pounced.

I’m not sure how I feel about the hiring.  I’ll try and figure it out as I type out the rest of this.On one hand, the 49 year-old Spagnuolo was the assistant coach that everyone was after .  He’s a defensive wizard who won a Super Bowl Ring with the Giants last year.  Previously, he was with the Philadelphia Eagles in various capacities from 1999-2006.  Prior to that, Spagnuolo coached in Europe and in the college ranks.

I like the idea of getting a fresh new face to try and revamp this flailing franchise.  Obviously, something wasn’t working since we’ve gone 5-27 over the last two years and will be picking second in the draft in consecutive seasons.  We have a couple good young players on the defensive side of the ball in Adam Carricker and Chris Long and I think Spagnuolo will help them along.

On the other hand, I don’t think anyone can help pull this team out of its spiral.  We had the hot assistant coach when we hired Scott Linehan and you see where that got us.  Cam Cameron in Miami is another good example of where the hot shot assistant coach gets a team.  Or Quin Snyder, for you fellow Missouri Tiger fans.  Anyway, this is such as dismal team that I’m not sure a first year time head coach will be able to do it.

I can look at the jobs that Ken Whisenhunt, Mike Smith, John Harbaugh, and Tony Sparano did at their respective positions, but I feel like they had more to work with.  Yes, even the Dolphins.  The Rams have the league’s 3rd oldest roster.  That’s not a good thing.

This rebuilding process is going to take a long time, hopefully Spagnuolo gets a fair chance at it.

I’ll end with this quote from the NY Daily News:

The Giants have a history of producing defensive coordinators who are very successful NFL head coaches: Tom Landry, Bill Parcells, Bill Belichick and John Fox.

That’s an impressive list.

2 Responses

  1. Sorry Bryan, no comment about the Rams search other than I hope it turns out well. I think the odds are in your favor. Now Weller this is what i texted you early:

    -dungy retirement post? where is it at?
    -can we see your big board? Also I wanted some more playoff predictions, little late now cept the big game
    -Coaching search info esp with the cowboys firing people and the Rams signing Spagnuolo
    -college basketball discussions?
    -When is signing day for college football

  2. -Weller’s Tony Dungy post got lost in his sulky mood after they lost. Apparently it never got found.

    -He’ll have to answer about a big board

    -The coaching changes are coming quickly and really, the Rams one was the only one I cared about, but I might do something in a little while.

    -I really don’t watch much College Basketball, only Mizzou and Tennessee when they’re on. I don’t like basketball all that much. Jet is much better at it than either of us, you’ll have to try and talk him into posting more often.

    -Signing Day is February 4th. I like following the recruiting, but I only have a Mizzou Rivals account, so it’s gets a little hard to follow all of them. Right now, LSU has the best class in 2009.

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