Jon Gruden Fired


John Gruden holding the Lombardi Trophy

As SportsCenter has reported about 9 times in the last hour, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have fired Head Coach John Gruden.  My first thought is that I want him to coach the Rams, but maybe I’ll have to look a little further into that.  Gruden coached the Bucs for 7 seasons and a victory in Super Bowl XXXVII.

Gruden was 57-55 during his tenure in Tampa, and went 3-2 in the playoffs.

Gruden started his career in Oakland under the watchful eye of Al Davis.  He went 38-26 in his four years there.

After Oakland, Gruden took over in Tampa Bay for Tony Dungy, who had taken the Bucs to the playoffs for three straight years.  He promptly won a Super Bowl and then had losing records for three of the next four years.

At 45, Gruden is still very young for a Head Coach and will certainly find work elsewhere (St. Louis!).

My question is this:  Had this happened mid-season, would Gruden be the new coach of the Tennessee Volunteers?  I think they would’ve made a pretty good push to get him to come to Knoxville.  His wife is a UT Grad and I’m sure wouldn’t mind the homecoming.  Of course, that’s all speculation at this point, but it’s a fun “what if”.

Enjoy your long weekend, WaBs.

2 Responses

  1. His wife wasn’t just a UT Grad, she was a cheerleader there, just to throw that out there… but my initial reaction is that this is ridiculous. For your sake I hope your Rams get him.

  2. Hey, and while we’re doing fun “what if” situations, here’s one that is horribly unrealistic, but fun to think about… imagine if we (Tennessee) had gotten Gruden, and then Monte Kiffin followed him as d-coordinator and we still got Lane Kiffin as o-coordinator, and then everything else fell into place the same way it has… our coaching staff would look something like this:

    HC Jon Gruden
    OC Lane Kiffin
    OL Jim Chaney
    QB David Reaves
    RB Eddie Gran
    WR Frank Wilson
    TE James Cregg
    DC Monte Kiffin
    DL Ed Orgeron
    LB Lance Thompson
    DB Willie Mack Garza

    That would be insane…

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