Post NCG Thoughts

First, it’s Weller’s 21st birthday, so I’m assuming he’s not coherent enough to know what happened in the football game.  Happy birthday, Weller.

I turned the game off with about two minutes to go, so I’m just going to assume Florida won.  It kind of went how I expected, but that doesn’t make me hate Tim Tebow any less.  Now I’m forced to watch pool on ESPN2 to avoid seeing the Tebow love-fest.  Anyway, follow the link for a couple reactionary thoughts.

Was that an odd combination of announcers for the game?  I don’t know who I was expecting, but certainly not Thom Brennaman and some guy I’ve never heard of.

I thought the comment, “If you’re lucky enough to spend 10-15 minutes with this kid [Tebow], you’ll come away a better person” was a little odd.  Not necessary.

Florida beats Oklahoma by 10.  Texas beats Oklahoma by 10.  Texas plays Florida and….oh who cares, we don’t need a playoff!  I’m sure Utah and USC would agree, too.

This puts to rest the Big 12 vs. SEC debate, I think.

Another issue I have is the huge layoff between the conference championships and the national championship.  32 days?  Do we really need that long?  Neither team played well in the first quarter. I have to think that if they had played the week or two after the conference games, we’d have seen a much better game.

Percy Harvin should have been MVP, I didn’t stick around long enough to find out if he was.

Nick Harris for OU is a dirty player.

That’s all.  Maybe something new will come to light over night and I’ll have a more formal write-up, but I’d prefer to just forget this game.

4 Responses

  1. Agreed.

    Hopefully Weller didn’t see the end of that game. Wouldn’t want to ruin his birthday.

  2. If I have to hear about his douche-bag, cry baby, ole-miss speech anymore I am going to vomit. I am actually glad he has done this well in college so that all this media love-fest for him has to endure and publish his widely predicted fall from grace in the NFL. I wish for nothing but bad things on him and his fake enthusiasm/overdone competitiveness shit. Makes me sick.

    What doesn’t make me sick is knowing Notre Dame has basically 10 more National Title then those guys.

  3. I turned the game off at the start of the third quarter. I agree, 32 days until the title game is a bit much. Both teams struggled. This one is in the books. Let us move on……

  4. Good thing I wasn’t coherent.

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