Braves Get A Slap In The Face

smoltz_john_ap_260As I watched the Tennessee basketball team lose (again), I saw a quick line on ESPN’s Bottom Line. It said, “Red Sox close to deal with P John Smoltz. Naturally, this didn’t make me very happy. Loyalty in sports is truly dead. I’m not going to crucify Smoltz until I hear the details about the signing. Maybe the Braves had the chance to match the Sox’ $5.5 million offer. Maybe not. Either way, it’s going to be extremely painful to see Smoltz in a uniform that isn’t Atlanta’s.

You can read some of the details here. The comments on the story are the best part. Braves fans have already jumped off the ledge and are never coming back. I’m upset, but I’m not writing off the season on account of a 42-year-old coming off of major shoulder surgery. I would guess that he’s not going to start. The Red Sox now have about 7 established major leaguers and two top prospects competing for the five rotation spots.

The Braves on the other hand have about three pitchers competing for five jobs. Great. I’m really hoping we make a run at Ben Sheets with a 2-year deal instead of going after Derek Lowe. The Braves have had one of the worst offseasons in recent memory after they failed to accomplish any of their goals. The Jake Peavy talks fell apart, they lost out on AJ Burnett, they haven’t acquired a power bat, haven’t really acquired an ace, and now they’ve lost John Smoltz.

This won’t be an offseason to remember for Atlanta fans.

3 Responses

  1. ouch. sorry kiddo, looks like a bad day for Atlanta.

  2. Aren’t you guys used to it by now? Hall of Fame pitchers love to slap you in the face.

  3. This is true. We kind of mutually cut ties with Maddux, plus he wasn’t a Braves lifer. The Glavine thing was rough, especially since he went to the Mets, but at least he struggled with the decision and eventually came back. Smoltz….I dunno. I’m just not happy.

    I also forgot to add the Furcal drama to the Braves’ offseason of greatness.

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