2009 NFL Mock Draft VI (1/03)

It’s been about three-and-a-half weeks since my last mock draft and the wild card round of the playoffs kicks off later today, so I figured I should get another one of these done before the post season gets into full swing. As with my past mock drafts I used my most recent NFL predictions to determine the draft order. As before I used reader’s inputs to determine positional needs for people’s favorite teams. Some of them are a little out of date however so I made very minor adjustments where I thought it was necessary. So if it’s been a while since you’ve sent in positional needs for your team, or would like to do so for the first time please let me know in a comment, or send and email to the address on our “Contact Us” page.

If you would like to see how things have progressed, I recommend checking out my first five mock drafts: (9/11) , (9/25) , (10/10), (10/15), and (12/10).

Rnd Pick Team Player Pos School
1 1 Detroit Andre Smith OT Alabama
1 2 St Louis Eugene Monroe OT Virginia
1 3 Kansas City Matt Stafford QB Georgia
1 4 Seattle Michael Crabtree WR Texas Tech
1 5 Cleveland Aaron Curry OLB Wake Forest
1 6 Cincinnati Michael Oher OT Mississippi
1 7 Oakland Brian Orakpo DE Texas
1 8 Jacksonville Malcolm Jenkins CB Ohio State
1 9 Green Bay Vontae Davis CB Illinois
1 10 San Francisco Michael Johnson DE Georgia Tech
1 11 Buffalo Brian Cushing OLB USC
1 12 Denver James Laurinaitis ILB Ohio State
1 13 Washington SenDerrick Marks DT Auburn
1 14 New Orleans Taylor Mays FS USC
1 15 Houston William Moore FS Missouri
1 16 San Diego George Selvie DE South Florida
1 17 NY Jets Rey Maualuga ILB USC
1 18 Chicago Darrius Heyward-Bey WR Maryland
1 19 Tampa Bay Knowshon Moreno RB Georgia
1 20 Detroit Brandon Spikes ILB Florida
1 21 Arizona Chris Wells RB Ohio State
1 22 Philadelphia Jason Smith OT Baylor
1 23 Minnesota Sam Bradford QB Oklahoma
1 24 New England Alphonso Smith CB Wake Forest
1 25 Atlanta Jermaine Gresham TE Oklahoma
1 26 Miami Peria Jerry DT Mississippi
1 27 Baltimore Jeremy Maclin WR Missouri
1 28 Philadelphia BJ Raji DT Boston College
1 29 Pittsburgh Max Unger OC Oregon
1 30 Tennessee Everette Brown DE Florida State
1 31 NY Giants Sean Weatherspoon OLB Missouri
1 32 Indianapolis Fili Moala DT USC
2 33 Detroit DJ Moore CB Vanderbilt
2 34 Kansas City Victor Harris CB Virginia Tech
2 35 St Louis Alex Mack OC California
2 36 Cleveland LeSean McCoy RB Pittsburgh
2 37 Seattle Eben Britton OT Arizona
2 38 Cincinnati Clint Sintim OLB Virginia
2 39 Jacksonville Clay Matthews OLB USC
2 40 Oakland Juaquin Iglesias WR Oklahoma
2 41 Green Bay Tyson Jackson DE LSU
2 42 Buffalo Maurice Evans DE Penn State
2 43 San Francisco Russell Okung OT Oklahoma State
2 44 Miami Dannell Ellerbe ILB Georgia
2 45 NY Giants Brandon Pettigrew TE Oklahoma St
2 46 Houston Tim Tebow QB Florida
2 47 New England Ciron Black OT LSU
2 48 Denver Javon Ringer RB Michigan St
2 49 Chicago Duke Robinson OG Oklahoma
2 50 Tampa Bay Evander Hood DT Missouri
2 51 Dallas Marcus Freeman OLB Ohio State
2 52 Arizona Conner Barwin DE Cincinnati
2 53 NY Jets Patrick Chung SS Oregon
2 54 Philadelphia Andy Levitre OG Oregon State
2 55 Minnesota Mike Mickens CB Cincinnati
2 56 Baltimore Rashad Johnson FS Alabama
2 57 New England Percy Harvin WR Florida
2 58 Atlanta Jamon Meredith OT South Carolina
2 59 Miami Hakeem Nicks WR North Carolina
2 60 Pittsburgh Herman Johnson OG LSU
2 61 Carolina Matt Shaughnessy DE Wisconsin
2 62 Tennessee Mark Sanchez QB USC
2 63 NY Giants Derrick Williams WR Penn State
2 64 Indianapolis Ricky Jean-Francois DT LSU
3 65 Detroit Greg Hardy DE Mississippi
3 66 St Louis Darius Butler CB Connecticut
3 67 Kansas City Antonio Coleman DE Auburn
3 68 Seattle Keenan Lewis CB Oregon St
3 69 Dallas Michael Hamlin SS Clemson
3 70 Cincinnati Jonathan Luigs OC Arkansas
3 71 Oakland Trent Williams OT Oklahoma
3 72 Jacksonville Mohamed Massaquoi WR Georgia
3 73 Green Bay Larry English OLB Northern Illinois
3 74 San Francisco Devin Moore RB Wyoming
3 75 Buffalo Chase Coffman TE Missouri
3 76 New Orleans Tyrone McKenzie OLB South Florida
3 77 Houston Brandon Graham DE Michigan
3 78 San Diego Kenny Britt WR Rutgers
3 79 Denver Nic Harris SS Oklahoma
3 80 Washington Rico McCoy OLB Tennessee
3 81 Tampa Bay Trevard Lindley CB Kentucky
3 82 Detroit Dallas Reynolds OG BYU
3 83 Arizona Eric Wood OC Louisville
3 84 Green Bay CJ Spiller RB Clemson
3 85 Chicago Greg Middleton DE Indiana
3 86 Philadelphia Louis Delmas FS Central Michigan
3 87 Minnesota Phil Loadholt OT Oklahoma
3 88 Miami Morgan Trent CB Michigan
3 89 Baltimore Bruce Johnson CB Miami
3 90 New England Gerald McRath ILB Southern Miss
3 91 Atlanta Trevor Canfield OG Cincinnati
3 92 Carolina Xavier Fulton OT Illinois
3 93 Pittsburgh DeAngelo Smith CB Cincinnati
3 94 Tennessee Brian Robiskie WR Ohio State
3 95 NY Giants Mitch Petrus OG Arkansas
3 96 Indianapolis Fenuki Tupou OT Oregon

And again, please feel free to leave a comment, and if you would like to submit ratings for your favorite team’s positional needs that I can use for my next mock draft take a look at our Contact Us page, and shoot me an email and I’ll let you know what you need to do.

34 Responses

  1. Do you really see the Eagles going DT AGAIN with one of their top picks? Kenny Britt is waaaay too far down your draft also, and I could see him going as early at the end of the 1st.

  2. Kenny Britt def tooo far down. 1st 2nd round pick..


    Jersey all day!


  3. sweet minny getting sam bradford :) but they got john david booty last year so is that really gonna happen. I dont know


  4. Joe – With where they were, and who was available, I don’t know who else they would have taken. But we currently don’t have anyone submitting positional ratings for the Eagles, so if you’re a Philly fan, you should definitely do that… as for Kenny Britt, I just really don’t see him going that early. I think he’s definitely more of a third round pick, maybe in the second… who knows, maybe I just didn’t see him play enough, and will learn more about him once the combine and everything has happened.

  5. Sam Bradford to Minnesota? I am an Oky so I would like to see him go to the worst team (Lions) and bring them to at least the playoffs.

  6. These picks for the Vikings are rock solid

  7. Tebow is going to be a wildcard. Lord knows where he’ll go. Someone might take a gamble on him in the first, or he might drift way down. Heck, the dude might not even come into the NFL!

    And Titans taking that DE? I dunno. I think we’ll be picking a wide out for sure.

  8. Well, wide receiver is definitely one of your needs, but I think DE is a little bit bigger of one… though we don’t have anybody currently submitting ratings for the Titans, so if you’d like to, you definitely should let me know, and I’ll use them for my next mock.

  9. Why take Marks when there is a possibility for plenty of other talent to be there?

  10. Because he’s the best DT in the draft… if you don’t want him, can my Colts have him? lol

  11. You really think he is the best DT? What about Raji Mccoy Suh and Cody?

  12. Yes, I definitely have him as the #1 DT as of right now… followed by Peria Jerry and BJ Raji and then Fili Moala and Ziggy Hood are quite a bit of a drop off after that.

  13. NE secondary was NOT awful. Middle of the pack in virtually every statistical category. While they certainly could use a good cover corner (and Wilhite may be developing into that), it’s not a first-round emergency. The far more critical secondary need would be a durable “tweener” SS (6-2 or 6-3, 220-230) to replace Harrison. The smaller guys they’re using now just can’t cut the role.

    Several offensive positions need just as much help. TE receiving production in 2008 was the lowest since 2001. Rush offense, while very good this year, is staffed primarily by guys going into their 9th-11th seasons (excluding Maroney and UDFA rookie BenJarvus Green-Ellis). Randy Moss is getting old (12th season) and the Pats don’t have a legit 3rd or 4th WR to draw coverage away from Moss and Welker.

    Lots of LB rookie prospects already on the roster and lots of really old guys, but nothing much in between. Pats probably pick up an established LB in free agency.

    So, early round priorities are probably SS, TE, RB, WR. CB, DE, LB and O-line would be later round fill-ins, UNLESS, of course, a “can’t pass this guy up” (Laurinaitis) prospect falls into their laps early.

  14. I like that fact you have the lions taking an OT first. Then ILB 2nd, Personally I think they would do better with Bj Raji DT. And I also think they would do better going after a QB like Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow, or Pat white. There most pressing need is to go after QB Matt Cassel. But still take a QB at the top 3rd or the 2nd rd
    Depending on if they get Cassel. But the rest of the picks make good sense. Truly they had a lot on holes to fill. But their main objective is there offensive & Defensive line.

  15. I see Detroit going OT then defense defense defense
    I hope they do not draft a QB at all but if Phil Loadholt is still sitting in the third round I take him for sure 2 book end OT
    will make whomeever the Lions have at QB very safe
    I see them going after a safety with the 82nd pick
    Nice mock for sure

  16. Ok colts, so you basically need a rundown of the Eagles needs?? Where do I post that?

  17. Joe: Weller has gone into deep depression after the Colts loss last night so I’ll answer your question. You can send us an email at wellerandbryan@gmail.com I believe he’s been having people just go by position on a 1-10 scale of need, (1 being don’t need at all, 10 being imperative). He’ll take that all into account when he puts up the next draft. Thanks for the help, try as we might, we don’t get a whole lot of Eagles games here in the Midwest, unless they’re stomping the Rams 38-3.

  18. Ha, ok. I sent the ratings in, hopefully they help you guys out.

  19. Maineman – I see what you’re saying, we don’t have anyone submitting positional needs ratings for the Patriots yet, if you would like to, you can follow the instructions that Bryan left for Joe (two comments above this one)

    Sportsfan – I’m glad to hear you say that. A lot of people seem to have the Lions taking a QB first overall and I’m glad that someone agrees with my thought process. Are you a Lions fan?

    Gowman – I’m glad you liked the mock and that you also agree with me on the Lions. Thanks again. Be sure to check out the rest of the site too!

    Joe – I just replied to your email, but I’ll say thanks again for submitting the needs for the Eagles.

    Bryan – Thanks for stepping in there for me. I really couldn’t be more indifferent about the rest of the NFL Playoffs now. Well, I guess that’s not entirely true, lol… but either way, the Sooners better win on Thursday.

  20. Thanks for the great draft !!
    The 49ers need an improved pass rush, a play making safety, a Right Tackle and a speed receiver

    A pass rushing DE sounds good at round 1
    But they took a DE on Round 1 last year
    I think they could go for Taylor Mays at FS

    An OT on Round 2 sounds great
    But, I hope they go WR instead RB on round 3

    Thanks for the list !!

  21. The falcons will address their defence you have them taking a TE, OT and OG with their picks they will be looking at DT, SS, FS, CB and maybe a TE in the third

  22. MSierra and SAM – Thanks for the comments! We’re always looking for more input from fans to help make necessary adjustments. If you want to submit ratings for the different positional needs for your team, I’d encourage you to email us at wellerandbryan@gmail.com we have a rating system that we use to help us figure out who should draft what and when. If you shoot me an email rating each position on a scale from 1 to 10 (1 being no need, and 10 being a huge need) then I will take those ratings into account when I do my next mock. Thanks again for the comments!

  23. I see only 2 things with the mock that I didn’t like, and so far I think this is one of the best. I don’t think Denver will take a back in rnd 2. Although Ringer might be good, they had 7 backs on the IR last year, and all are expected to be ready for training camp. I don’t think that they will use 7 roster spots on backs, let alone 8.
    The other thing I didn’t like is the Doak Walker award winner (best rb in college) was omited from this list. Shonn Greene will go in the first 2 rounds I believe. I’d look at Clevland, Houston, Cincinatti, San Diego, and Jacksonville.

  24. Dustin – I’m glad you liked it! And I really appreciate you saying you think it’s one of the best. There are a lot of them out there, so thanks for the props.

    It’s an interesting point you make about Denver, I looked at their RB situation and thought that it would mean that they would really want a new back because of all the injury problems they had this year, rather than it being the reason they wouldn’t want a new back. Both perspectives make sense, so it should be interesting to see what they do.

    As for Shonn Greene, he would be the next back off the board in my opinion, but have him behind these six, and really I can’t say he’s behind all six of them because Moore and Spiller are entirely different types of backs.

    Thanks again for the comment!

  25. I am not too sure about the Packers selection. Although, I am a firm believer that Ted Thompson is a moron, I don’t see him wasting such a high draft pick on a DB when they have other holes needed to be addressed.

    They are definitely old and need to address the secondary, but I can’t see them wasitng the money and high pick on a corner. It backfired on Thompson before when he selected Ahmad Carroll in the first round.

    Woodson had a Probowl year and Harris has 2 more solid years left.

    I think they’ll look towards a D-line player, either a DT or DE. Both positions need depth and a dominant player to go along with Kampman.

    I wouldn’t be shocked if they lean towards a Mualuaga or a linebacker with their desire to shift to a 3-4 or a more athletic, blitzing defense.

    Hawk has turned out to be mediocre and Barnett is coming off injury. Poppinga is nothing special.

    I’d like to say they’d address the O-line at this pick but I see them waiting for the later rounds.

    Again, I would like to point out that although these moves make sense, it is Ted Thompson. He has no idea what he is doing in the first round of the draft. Later in the draft he has taken the Greg Jennings of the world, but outside of him, Thompson is horrendous at the draft.

  26. I’m also curious why you have Bey ahead of Maclin?

    Bey ran that 4.23 way back in 2006. He hasn’t gone repeated that time since. I give him the nod in the speed department but nothing else.

    Maclin had a 40 time of 4.32 before this past season and says he has increased it so it’s not like we are talking about a huge difference in speed. Both are blazing fast.

    Bey on the other hand, really hasn’t put up the numbers. Maclin has put up all kinds of numbers. I think that sould stand for something.

    A friend compared Maclin/Bey is almost a bigger Ted Ginn. Bey and Ginn were both just blazing speed without ever really being a receiver.

    Now, without trying to put Bey down too much. I think they are both great talents but eventually numbers have to speak for something. 1 inch of height difference and maybe speed difference don’t put you ahead of an actual record-setting WR.

    I just don’t see it.

  27. Nice work on a good mock draft. I like most of the Lions picks, but despite the need for D, if Alex Mack is still there at 33 Detroit should grab him. They desperately need to replace Raiola and Mack is said to be the best C prospect since Bruce Matthews, so you could argue he’s the BPA at a position of need.

    Otherwise, I couldn’t agree more with LT #1 and would love to get Brandon Spikes at #20. Hardy at #65 is a good pick, too.

    But they also need a run-stuffing DT more than a DE. They gave up 170 rushing yards/game, so a nose tackle is imperative. I’d put their needs on defense as MLB, DT, DE, CB, S in that order.

  28. More RB chatter…
    LeSean McCoy-
    He has said that he will be bypassing the NFL draft (ESPN 1-05-09). Granted He’s still got a week to change his mind. But i don’t believe you declare early unless you are going to be a first rounder, or age factors in. With as deep as last year’s RB class was, I don’t see more than 1 team taking a RB in Round 1. With that He stays.

    Donald Brown-
    University of Connecticut RB has declared. He’s rated by most as the 3rd or 4th RB (depending on how you feel about McCoy and Spiller). How does he not make this list?

  29. This whole posting questions thing is great. Here’s another.
    Why don’t you put your analysis with each pick. For instance I want to know why you think my team (The Bucs) are taking another RB. We already have 3 we really like. And the rook’s not too bad either. Don’t confuse us with the Patriots.

  30. Two Connecticut Huskies will go higher than expected here. There is no way Donald Brown lasts past the 3rd round and should be listed. Darius Butler will test EXTREMELY well at the combine and may end up projecting as a late 1st or early 2nd rounder. He can play man, return kicks, has time as a WR, is a very intelligent CB with natural instincts, and is ridiculously athletic even by NFL standards. Watch out for Darius in the months to come….

  31. I think the bills got what they already have taking OLB Brian Cushing, DE Maurice Evans, and TE Chase Coffman. first off we already have kawaki mitchell and Paul Posluzny at our linbacker spots and theres a few others so that didnt help. second our to pro bowl defensive end chis kelsay and Aaron Schobel dont need another person to sit on the bench for them, aand third a TE come on really? what about a lineman or a fullback?

  32. I didn’t realize the Bills had a depth chart stacked with Pro Bowl TE’s….

  33. Are you ging to do an updated mock?

  34. Thanks for sharing the information. I found the info incredibly helpful.

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