Update on NFL Coaching Searches

As of this minute there are five NFL Head Coaching vacancies. The Detroit Lions, St. Louis Rams, Cleveland Browns, New York Jets, and Denver Broncos are all beginning their search for new leaders. Let’s take a quick look at who the candidates are for each team. Continue reading

NFL Playoff Predictions – Wild Card

With the playoff seedings set and the first post season game kicking off in about 24 hours, I figured I should get my playoff predictions up. This was a lot harder than it probably should have been. Yes, bias played into these predictions, but not so much that I think they aren’t legit. I was frequently referencing my final power rankings, while also taking into account who’s hot right now and who seems to be putting everything together at the right time. After the wild card round I’ll put up a new set of predictions so that I’ll be able to revise the draft order for my mock drafts. Speaking of mock draft, I’ll try to have a new one up tonight or tomorrow morning. Without further ado, here are the predictions: Continue reading

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