NFL Teams Biggest Needs for 2009 Draft

This information is out of date. For an updated version click here.

Another post requested by Michael, the same Michael who has before been mentioned as our best commenter. This time he wanted a list of each NFL teams biggest needs as we look forward to the 2009 draft. I list each team with their top needs, listing 3 to 5 positions for each team. I tried to list them generally in order from their absolute biggest need and on down, but don’t hold me to it. There is still a lot of things that have to happen between now and the draft, but here’s an early look at what each teams biggest needs are in my opinion:

Arizona Cardinals – Running Back, Center, Offensive Guard, and Defensive End.

Atlanta Falcons – Offensive Tackle, Defensive Tackle, Cornerback, Defensive End, Outside Linebacker.

Baltimore Ravens – Wide Receiver, Strong Safety, Free Safety, Cornerback.

Buffalo Bills – Defensive End, Center, Tight End, Outside Linebacker.

Carolina Panthers – Offensive Tackle, Defensive Tackle, Defensive End.

Chicago Bears – Defensive End, Wide Receiver, Offensive Tackle, Quarterback, Free Safety.

Cincinnati Bengals – Defensive Tackle, Running Back, Defensive End, Wide Receiver.

Cleveland Browns – Wide Receiver, Outside Linebacker, Cornerback, Inside Linebacker.

Dallas Cowboys – Strong Safety, Free Safety, Inside Linebacker, Cornerback, Wide Receiver.

Denver Broncos – Defensive Tackle, Running Back, Offensive Tackle, Inside Linebacker, Wide Receiver.

Detroit Lions – Offensive Tackle, Defensive Tackle, Defensive End, Offensive Guard, Linebackers, Cornerback.

Green Bay Packers – Defensive Tackle, Defensive End, Outside Linebacker, Offensive Tackle, Cornerback.

Houston Texans – Cornerback, Offensive Guard, Offensive Tackle, Safety, Quarterback.

Indianapolis Colts – Defensive Tackle, Defensive Tackle, Cornerback, Cornerback.

Jacksonville Jaguars – Outside Linebacker, Offensive Guard, Center, Strong Safety.

Kansas City Chiefs – Quarterback, Cornerback, Defensive End, Offensive Tackle.

Miami Dolphins – Cornerback, Defensive Tackle, Wide Receiver, Linebacker, Free Safety.

Minnesota Vikings – Offensive Tackle, Quarterback, Tight End, Center.

New England Patriots – Offensive Tackle, Cornerback, Offensive Guard, Wide Receiver, Linebacker.

New Orleans Saints – Cornerback, Safety, Offensive Line, Linebacker, Defensive Tackle.

New York Giants – Outside Linebacker, Offensive Tackle, Defensive Tackle, Strong Safety, Corner.

New York Jets – Quarterback, Wide Receiver, Offensive Tackle, Offensive Guard, Defensive Secondary.

Oakland Raiders – Wide Receiver, Defensive End, Offensive Tackle, Offensive Guard, Defensive Tackle.

Philadelphia Eagles – Offensive Tackle, Offensive Guard, Free Safety.

Pittsburgh Steelers – Defensive End, Offensive Tackle, Free Safety, Cornerback, Wide Receiver.

San Diego Chargers – Defensive End, Wide Receiver, Offensive Tackle, Offensive Guard, Outside Linebacker.

San Francisco 49ers – Quarterback, Wide Receiver, Outside Linebacker.

Seattle Seahawks – Offensive Tackle, Wide Receiver, Strong Safety, Offensive Guard.

St. Louis Rams – Offensive Tackle, Outside Linebacker, Strong Safety, Cornerback, Wide Receiver.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Defensive Tackle, Defensive End, Wide Receiver, Cornerback.

Tennessee Titans – Defensive Tackle, Defensive End, Offensive Guard, Wide Receiver, Quarterback.

Washington Redskins – Defensive End, Cornerback, Defensive Tackle, Outside Linebacker, Strong Safety, Offensive Line.

As always, please feel free to leave a comment if you have any thoughts or questions. If you would like to submit needs for your favorite team to have them taken into account when I do my next mock draft send us an email to the address on our contact us page.


3 Responses

  1. Washington Redskins – Defensive End, Cornerback, Defensive Tackle, Outside Linebacker, Strong Safety, Offensive Line.

    I disagree with conerback being the second concern for the skins. Rogers/Springs/Smoot/Hall are collectively young enough and decent enough to hold down the secondary. The O and D lines are major concerns as is finding some to replace Marcus Washington. I think the need for DT is more than DE providing Taylor is healthy next year. I would rank the need as Off L Def L Out L Corner Saftey.

    When is the next mock draft from you?

  2. In my opinion DE is your biggest need way above everything else, because even if Taylor is healthy he’s 34 years old, by next season he’ll be 35, you need somebody else even if he is there, even if it’s just somebody who’s developing to step in and take his place when he’s injured or retired.

    The reason I have corner as your second need is because I just don’t see any of those guys developing into a #1 corner, a shut down guy that you can stick onto an opponents primary receiver and have confidence that he’ll be able to handle that.

    After that I’d say it’s a tie between like six positions: all three o-line positions, DT, OLB and SS.

    I was actually just thinking about when I should do another mock draft. If I can pull it off, I’ll put up my playoff predictions tomorrow and then put my mock draft up tomorrow as well, or on Saturday morning so that it will be out before the first playoff game kicks off.

  3. I really liked your blog with the Dolphins mention! A Super Bowl maybe this year?!?

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