Mike Shanahan out in Denver

Broncos Shanahan Fired FootballEarlier today the Denver Broncos fired their Head Coach, Mike Shanahan. This came as a surprise to many, myself included. After this development I listened to several ESPN analysts say that Shanahan hasn’t been effective since John Elway retired. Then I read a couple message board threads about how no Rams fans should want Shanahan for the same reason. These comments kind of got me thinking, so I did a little research.

Elway retired after the 1998 Super Bowl win and the next year Denver went 6-10. Rarely mentioned is the fact that Terrell Davis, who rushed for 2,008 yards in ’98 tore his ACL in the fourth game of the ’99 season. So, add the loss of one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game with the loss of a 2,000 yard rusher and you have the makings of a bad season.

That was Shanahan’s worst season in his 14 years in Denver. After Elway’s departure in 1998, Shanahan coached the Broncos to a 91-69 record and four playoff appearances. Yes, they only won one playoff game in those four appearances, but as we know, the playoffs are a crap shoot and anyone can win. Other than 1999, he never finished below 2nd in the division.

By comparison, my St. Louis Rams have gone a combined 83-77 with five playoff appearances, one of those being in 2002 when we went 8-8. Yes, we did win a Super Bowl, but one more yard and we don’t have that. One missed kick and we have two. Again, the playoffs are a crap shoot. The Rams new coach will be the 6th that we’ve had since 1999.

Over the last three seasons the Broncos are 24-24, including a disappointing finish to this season. But, if you realistically look at this team they were overachieving at 8-8. I don’t really understand why Shanahan was fired in Denver, but I would welcome him in St. Louis or anywhere else where there is a current coaching vacancy.


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  1. I’m a Denver fan, so this came as a shock to me, I hope he turns up somewhere to coach another team to greatness (hopefully he doesn’t destroy Denver in any possible future matchups)


  2. So where do you think Shanahan goes now? What about other coaching positions in the NFL? Got any idea who will be filling in these voids?

  3. Thanks for the comments, guys.

    KC2: If I were a Denver fan, I wouldn’t be very happy. Especially if he ends up playing Denver in the future as you mention. Maybe if they can entice Cowher somehow, it would ease the blow. (Nice picture btw, H.I.M. is great)

    Michael: I have no idea where he will end up, but I would be all over him if my team had a coaching vacancy. As far as the other coaching changes go, I think Weller is doing something on those once all the decisions are made. I think a few are still up in the air.

    The Rams are interviewing some guy from the Packers who I’ve never heard of. Great.

  4. I was hoping you heard more information than I had just from the local news. Dang, keep me posted if you hear any more details on why he was fired. We were all pretty shocked here.

  5. I watched as the broncos lost year after year . the broncos changed players but nothing changed . It was time for shanahan to hit the road running . I always liked shanahan . It is time for a change . Bring on the field general ( Elway ). i would like to get back to watching the broncos play to win . Some times i think the league owner sit around and think . Who needs a new stadium . Then that team wins a super bowl . that team gets a new stadium and then never wins again .

  6. I actually really want Marty ball to come through Denver…he’d command the same kind of respect that Shanahan did, and I trust his experience over any new-comer’s “freshness”

  7. Kc2: I talked with my Dad about the Rams vacancy and he pretty much echoed what you just said. I agree with you. Marty got a raw deal in SD and would be a good fit with an already established team. That means not the Rams.

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